Friday, 26 September 2008

Welcome to Patrick..

Well he is finally here.. welcome to little Patrick William .. isn't he adorable.. and impatient too.. decided he didn't want to follow Amanda's plans so came early.. and isn't he sooo cute.. He was on 6lb 9 oz.. and he is just soo tiny.. I am soo excited.. as is Nicholas.. who I have heard is telling everyone that he is 'his' bubba.. so cute.. Congratulations Mark and Amanda.. I couldn't be happier for you.. and we all soo look forward to being a part of his life..
What a darling!!!
and lok how little those feet are.. I am already in trouble for taking too many pics of him.. I mean what did Mark expect.. How could I not.. mwah.. lubs ya too Mark..rofl.
Ok.. On the other news front.. lol.. We think we have finally beaten the nasty bugs in Connor's hair..My God they are horrid.. I soo hope we don't have to go through that again.. though that may be wishful
Today a few of the girls came over for morning tea, lunch, arvo I love Fridays.. We decided it has been so hot we would let the kids play in the hose.. and Jodie brought over her slip n slide.. We may have to get one of them.. the kids loved it.. They all had a blast.. and got covered in water and grass and god knows what else.. So here are some pics of the fun..
Connor and Jack.. double as you can see Brodie is following them.. he didn't want to wait his turn.. every time someone ran down.. he followed... pmsl.. generally to lay at the end on the inflated part.. or to drink the water out of the spray in the middle.. little dag he is..rofl..

Emma had as much fun as the boys.. Little Adam had one go.. but managed to hit his head on the ground.. so that was it for poor little thing..

Tom of course cut rank..

Even Ella joined in the fun.. with a little help from Mum..

Kyle and Lachlan really flew down the slide..

And Declan and Jamie.. well you can see how much fun they

Brodie than decided that the slide needed a little mow..pmsl..

After the slide we let them have a few water balloons.. Kyle got Tom a good

And of course when Declan got his cute little purple balloon he didn't want it busted.. He's a worry that boy.. he wanted to carry it around inside and couldn't understand why I wouldn't let

They had a great day playing and having fun.. I think Connor is really enjoying his school hols... anyway .. a busy weekend ahead.. We are off to say one last goodbye to Cees and Sandra before they leave for good next week.. we will certainly miss them..

Then we are going to see some of Greg's Family Friends that are up with a caravan group.. they are having an open day here in Rocky.. so it will be good to catch up with them..

Then a few of us are going camping.. in our back We decided we better check out all the equipment as it hasn't been used for so long.. and Greg bought a new tent.. so Rach, Adrian, Zoe, Joe us and all the kids are having dinner etc down the back..lucky we got looots of Though Zoe and I are being very slack and sleeping in the I know I am a piker.. but I am too old to sleep on the rocky ground down there when I will have a perfectly good bed 50 mtrs and Zoe agrees.. Anyway..still got the PG newsletter to finalise.. so I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..


Kathleen said...

Gosh your house looks like so much fun!!! Love the photo of Ella, thats just too cute!

And good to hear the bugs have disappeared!


TatumW said...

hey gorgeous....that slip and slide looks like soooooo much fun! looks like there are ALOT of boys in your friday morning group too LOL! Have a fabulous week! Tatum xx PS Glad to hear you beat those bugs too, they SUCK!!!!

Julie said...

oooo Donna he's gorgeous! quick we forget how little they are.
Good to hear those bugs have buggered off...finally!
Hey I'll send the kid's up ur way seen as ur house looks like so much fun! They'll be on flight 752 Qantas. ok don't forget!

Tam said...

He is gorgeous.......and that slide lookd awesome...I just wish we had a bit of a hill to use ours on! Mwah x