Thursday, 25 November 2010

November update... Late as usual..

The end of the school year was as busy as usual. lol.. The kids had their end of year concert on the 25th of November. They had been practising at school and at home for weeks.. They did absolutely wonderfully we were so proud of them.. and they had a blast! It was a real credit to the teachers for getting all those kids organised without any major dramas. lmao!
We also had some fun watching. All the littlies were relatively well behaved under the circumstances and Greg and Sam had a lovely conversation about their Sam went over and pointed to the fish on Gregs shirt and after being told what it was etc. proceeded to point to his own shirt as if to say.. 'well look at mine.. isn't it cool too..' hehe.. was soo cute! Ella and Brodie were up to their usual mischief.. chatting and bossing each other around and Miss Bonnie was Jodes girl that Rhys and Lily were of course just their usual cute little

On the 4th of December we finally got organised to do the Santa photos.. They took about 25 pics and I don't think they were all looking in the same direction in one of But there were some cute and no dramas this year about sitting on Santas knee or smiling thank God..
On the 17th we decided to go for a drive to check out the river and the Barrage.. As you can see it was up quite high even then... and of course my camera shy boys had to get their photos taken as

Saturday, 20 November 2010

OK can we wipe this week..

What a week.. Started with Brodes having high temps and Headaches on Sunday night and Monday.. Which the other boys then got on Thursday night.. Luckily that was all they had so panadol eventually fixed them all up.

Was so looking forward to last night.. the girls coming over to scrap. Then Greg came home yesterday with a fever. Tanya, Nettie and Gil came over and I got started on Nettie and Gil's Wedding invites. But Greg ended up with the shakes, temps over 39C and miserable. So when the guys left I took the laptop to bed and kept looking for stuff online for the invites. Turned the puter off about 2.30am but was still awake at 5. Greg was moaning, sweating and I was waiting for him to have some fit or something from the fever! But of course he wouldn't let me take him to the hospital.

Anyway got to sleep after 5 and eventually woke up after 10 with a stinking headache and in a foul mood. Greg's temp had dropped slightly but then started going up again. So he has been to the hospital to see a doc and it seems he has a severly infected throat and middle ear.

Just to round off the day we were supposed to be going to Rydges at Yeppoon today for the Suncorp Xmas party. Staying overnight and coming home tomorrow. Was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Anyway Greg rang Rydges this morning to see about a refund or transferring the booking to another weekend. Couldn't see the sense in going with him sick. But the idiots at Rydges wouldn't even talk to him about it! Even though the room was in our name and the we paid for it, because Tracy from work had booked all the rooms they would only talk to her. I couldn't believe it. I was sooo ready to let fly. Luckily Greg was talking to them. He so more patient with these things.. I would have given them a gobful!

Anyway Tracey has talked to them and even if they don't refund us she and her hubby are going to take our room so we not out of pocket.. She such a lovely lady.  

So our relaxing weekend has turned into a miserable, rainy day with cranky kids, a sick hubby and a splitting headache!

So hope everyone else is having a much better weekend. And thanks for listening to me vent!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Check out this new Kit Shop!

One of my gorgeous Scrapping buddies has started her own shop selling kits.. She has put the first one up.. you gotta check it out.. It's gorgeous!

My Little Helpers

Well I am finally catching up I think..again..hehe.. It has been a busy few weeks as usual.. not helped by the fact that Greg seems to be away for work more than he is home. Last week he went on Wed and didn't come home until Sunday.

But luckily the boys have been pretty good which certainly makes life easier. On Sat after we got back from Cooberrie Park I threw a load of washing on and the boys decided they were going to help hang them out. I was on the phone when I went to check on them and just bout cacked myself when I saw them..

Declan had got the stool from under the water cooler and brought it out and Brodes had emptied all the clean clothes out of the basket and was standing on it to reach. But they did it all themselves.. and everything managed to stay clean Of course I had to take some

Also while Greg was away we got the news that we have a new little Nephew.. Zachary Willem. Congratulations Tanya and Warwick! As Greg was in Brissie he hired a car on Sat and went up to visit. How cute is this little man! 

So can't wait to give him a big cuddle and get lots of pics!

Well think I am finally up to date.. Have I said before I gonna keep it that

Hope all is well.. and would love to get some comments!! xxx

Cooberrie Park

On Saturday I took the boys to Cooberrie Park with Declan's Joey's group. The boys loved it. We had a wander around first and the boys thought it was so funny because three emus were racing around the Betong's Cage stirring them up.. It seems that they play together Declan wasn't impressed though when one of the donkeys tried to have drink from his water bottle.. lmao They got to pat the roos and the Koalas in the cages were so active and friendly the boys got to pat them.

After lunch the staff gave us a wildlife show and the boys got to hold and pat lizards, birds, koalas and snakes. Brodie wasn't too keen lol.. But of course Declan got his hands on any animals he could. I can't put the pic up because of the other boys in it but we had about 7 little boys in  row holding a 3 mtre long Python. It was 'awsome', in Declan's Connor wanted to hold the head but as soon as it moved he changed his mind so of course Declan jumped in. No fear whatsoever. The boys had a choice between getting something from the shop or holding an animal. Declan and Brodes decided on a toy each but Connor wanted to hold a baby croc.. He was so excited about it.

It was a lovely day and the boys were well behaved for me which always makes it

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Swimming Carnival

Last Thursday Connor had his school swimming carnival. He entered into the 15 mtre freestyle and the novelty events.

I think after his 15 mtre event I should've entered him in the 30 He left the 3 kids behind and finished half a length in front of He was happy as he got a Blue ribbon. He also won the kickboard and Noodle event as well.

All the boys did well having a go even if they weren't strong swimmers. Made us Mummies proud!

Had to take some pics of Lily~Rose.. How cute is she!
As his events finished at lunch time we all then went to Jodes place and the kids had fun playing in the hose and with Water Balloons... Rach and I weren't to happy as we got roped into filling and tying the water balloons.. I think we got as wet as the kids

All in all the kids had fun and it was good to sit down and chat to the Mum's.
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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Declan's a Joey!!

When I took Declan to Scouts on the 19th his Leader, Wattle, said he could be inducted. He was just a little excited..
This meant he got all his basic badges, could now wear his scarf and Woggle and was allowed to use the official Scout Salute and He listened intently while she explained the scouts beliefs etc and then presented him with all his badges. Took him a little bit to get those fingers the right way for the and he thought the left handed handshake was quite

Of course I didn't have my camera on me so only got some very average pics on the phone.. Oh well at least I got something!

So I finally got all his badges sewed on.. what a task that is! and had to get pics of our little Joey! And of course his brothers had to get in on the Brodie was funny trying to copy his big brothers salute!

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Brodie's Birthday

On the 19th of October our Little boy turned 4!!! How time has flown. Because Greg was away the morning of his birthday we saved his pressies until that afternoon after Daycare. He loved his new Chef's Apron and hat.. Just like Poppy's! lol.. Unfortunately Greg had to go out again that night so he stayed with Connor and Brodie while I took Declan to Scouts. It wasn't a very exciting day for the poor little man but he enjoyed making cupcakes at Daycare and playing with some new toys.. Luckily it was only a few days till his party..

As Greg was basically away all week except for an hour or so on Brodes Birthday, the Sunday before they both went to the shop and he helped pick himself out a new Big Boy's Bike. His little one was still the right size for him but he wouldn't ride it anymore cause it was too small.. It didn't seem to matter that the bigger ones he couldn't touch the ground properly.. anyway he loved his new Shark Bike!

For his party he wanted to go to Victoria Park to ride his new bike. It was a lovely morning.. all our good friends, kids everywhere, and Brodes loved his Monster cake! I didn't realise until I started looking through the photos that I didn't get pics of half the bigger kids, Connor included, because they were too busy off playing and we didn't see

It was a lovely day and Brodes got spoilt rotten with Presents... We really are lucky to have such wonderful friends here!
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Connor's Birthday

Catch Up time again.. I am soo slack with this Blog aren't I!

Our big boy turned 8 in October...and instead of a party he decided he wanted to have a sleepover with a couple of his mates.. Well I told him two.. which ended up being 4 and then back to As he wanted to sleep in the tent.. with no adults.. He also wanted a camping cake. Well.. do you think I could find a tent small enough to fit on a so I had to make one.. that was fun! I think it turned out ok.. and Connor was happy with it which is the main thing.

All the boys came over on Saturday morning and had a great time playing with Connor's presents and running around the yard under the hose.. just as boys do. Then they had to help Greg set up the tent and get their beds organised. They were just a bit excited! I let Connor have no adults in there but we set the tent up right outside my window so I could hear

Pizza for dinner and the quietest time we had in the day was when they were eating and watching a 6 boys in the house makes for a lot of noise! Poor Kyle was falling asleep on the couch so after  the movie we cut the cake and sent them all off to bed. Connor and Lachlan were talking and playing with their little torches I had given all the boys until about 10.30. But they weren't too loud so I let em go. Kyle and Jamie Was very impressed though. Not one of them got scared at all.  


Unfortunately though they were all awake by 6 am. Luckily Greg is an early riser! They packed up the tent and camping gear and then it was off to the Bowling Alley.  The boys had a great time. And they were all well behaved which was a Declan is getting too big too.. he started off with the ramp to bowl but then decided he was big enough to bowl without it and did really well!  Connor was so happy as he managed a strike.. Then it was time to drop the boys home and Mummy to


It really was a good weekend and the boys had fun.. plus sooo much easier than a
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