Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Catch up..

ok.. I am finally starting to catch Here are some pics etc from this Month.

Greg cleaned out his shed while he was on hols.. and you will never believe what he found.. Brodie's Christmas present..pmsl.. We are such baaaad parents.. We put it in the shed to hide it.. and I Goes to show jus how many pressies these boys got! Anyway he found it on the 5th.. so Brodie got a little

And he loved it!

He has been riding it everywhere.. and of course Bubba (his clown has to go too) so where better than in the scoop..pmsl.. But he kept falling out so Greg had to put a seat belt in for

Bubba.. A clown my Auntie gave to Declan when he was born.. Brodie has become attached and now he goes everywhere with it.

Even from the bathroom to his bedroom after bath What a grin!

The gorgeous little Patrick was Baptised on the 11th as well..

Love this pic of him cutting the cake!!
Dad cam back from visiting the rellies in Melbourne on the 17th.. and my Cousin came up from Melbourne on the 18th.. I haven't seen her in about 22
I got Greg to get some pics of Poppy's and Brodie's morning ritual. Brodie started going to Poppy when he woke up and Poppy would make toast and coffee.. and they would have brekkie on the back patio.. I used to laugh cause I would get woken up by Brodie 'Look Poppy birdies; or some other discovery.. and Poppy in just as loud a voice 'shhh.. you'll wake your Mother'.. I didn't mind.. I actually enjoyed lying in bed listening to the pair of them enjoying each other's company.

And what a pair they

hmm.. what else has been happening.. Poppy went home on the Wed and took Lauren with him to Mackay. I have only done 2 lo's this month.. which I will put up later.. and I finally got the boys all organised for school .. I

Got soo sick of sewing though. I brought some Cars Material to make Declan some sheets and a pillow case for Kindy.. luckily I overestimated how much I needed cause then he wanted 2 baby pillows for Hippo and Thomas as well as a sheet. And a cuddle pillow for him at home.. so of course then Connor and Brodie both wanted pillow cases made.. and I had to make a library bag for Declan and Connor..

I don't know if I will be sewing on any lo's for a while..!

Ok .. well I think that is the most of it up to the Australia Day weekend.. I have been awarded a couple of blog awards from some lovely ladies but I will put them up later.. It is late and I am tired.. Greg is away again tonight so I will have to get up early with the ratbags tomorrow.. so hopefully I will try and get on tomorrow night and get completely up to

See all of you having a go at me to hurry up and catch up.. I am getting and I dare you to read it all!!! pmsl.. You won't do that again will you..haha !

Good night all.. I hope you and your families are all well..

Donna xx


Greg took a couple of weeks off after Christmas which the boys loved.. We took them to the Rockpool with some friends on the 4th and Connor was so excited because he is finally tall enough to go don the slides on his own.. yep my boy is now over 120 cms tall!! He absolutely loved it and I am sure he went up and down the different slides at least 100 times!
Declan and Brodie were almost as but Declan wore me out so I ended up roping poor Jamie in to taking him on a few slides for me..

Connor, Jamie and Declan.. Thanks Jamie.. you saved me from a heart

Brodie went with Daddy and absolutely loved it.. Even when the silly kid in the above pic didn't wait long enough.. it gave him a fright but he was keen to go straight back up again.. Mind you Greg had a few things to say to the kid!!
The littlies also had a great time on the play equipment.. Couldn't resist these pics..


and Wyatt.. aren't they the cutest pair.. and yep they are

A bit awkward..pmsl.. but he loved it!

Dad's Photos

As some of you know my Dad is currently battling Cancer. He wanted to get some photos of himself dressed in some of the 'uniforms' he has worn over the years.. Something for us to cherish in years to come.. Unfortunately he was not feeling up to getting them done on Boxing Day when we had the family ones done so the wonderful Rach was nice enough to do them on New Years Eve when they came over.. Here are just a couple of my favs..

Dad in his Chef's Clothes

In his 'cowboy' gear..

Dad in his Ball room Dancing clothes.. I think this would be the first photo of Dad and I since my wedding in 2000..

Thanks again Rach.. you are a wonderful friend who has given all our family a wonderful gift by taking these gorgeous photos.

New Years Eve..

We had a lovely time between Christmas and New Year. My Niece Sarah stayed down with us and I really enjoyed having her around.. We did some crafty things together and took Declan and Connor to the Movies to see Madagascar 2 .. It was Declan's first time at the movies.. and he loved it. I think I will have to try and take them on the school holidays from now on. I wish I could do it more often but the prices are getting ridiculous!

I took Sarah shopping for an early Birthday present at spotlight and got her a heap of beading things.. She promises me she will keep doing it at home.. lol..
On New Years Eve we just had some friends over. It was relatively quiet.. well as quiet as us and our friends but it was good kicking back with good friends.. Only one piccie to show you.... and Brodie were having a great time running around in my shoes all night.. and I couldn't help taking this pic.. pmsl..

What a grommet.. lol.. I think he is wearing high heels and half his

Friday, 23 January 2009

Boxing Day

Here are some of my other Fav pics from Boxing day.. Of course the Wii got a workout.. Greg said he had great fun beating up his
They are playing Boxing on Wii
Here is the gorgeous Rach and her three lovely munchkins and Connor..Not the best pic cause I was on the

Granny giving Sam a cuddle.. He is so gorgeous my little man.. and getting soo

Sammy did a great job giving him a feed.. and putting him to As you can tell.. he is one popular little

I love this pic Rach took of me and Brodie.. he was trying to see what I was taking pics of.. So need to scrap this!
Basically we had a great relaxing day.. after all the pics were playing with the kids.. playing wii.. and chatting.. Just what Boxing day is all about I reckon..

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Family Photo's

On Boxing day my gorgeous friend Rach came over with Adrian and the kids and while she was there took some family pics for us..

Here are jsut some of my favs.. there were so many.. She did sucha great job considering.. all the kids were grumpy.. Poppy was getting very tired and none of us are that keen on having our pics

Greg and I..

Mum, Me, Brett, Dad and Shane.. Now there's a pic you don't see very often!

Poppy and Granny and all the grandkids!

Connor and Declan.. Love this one of the two of them!

Connor.. That tooth has nearly finished

The whole family.. Well nearly.. Greg is in there.. but despite being told to move a dozen times by Rach.. he is still hiding behind Granny!! Their is always one isn't there!

hmm.. I think the boys were getting rather sick of it by now..pmsl..

Claire, Brett, Carla and Lainey

Sammy and Sarah

What a cutie my Brodie is? not that I am biased or anything..

Sarah, Shane, Sue and Sammy

I love this pic!

The three ratbags!

Declan all over.. lol..

This is a gorgeous pic of Claire and Lainey!
I just want to say thank you to Rach.. She was so patient.. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was very busy and started very early..
Can you believe the no. of presents under this tree.. There were some very spoilt children in our house this year.. Though I suppose there is 3 families here.. but still!!!

The boys pressies from Santa.
When they first woke up.. the boys were allowed to open their Santa pressies.. well most of They loved their very noisy Christmas animals.. Especially Brodie.. he kept turning his chicken on ad following it around the room so cute.
All the rellies arrived over at 7 for breakfast and then the kids were allowed to open their presents. Sammy and Sarah helped Poppy dish them all out.. It took a while I can tell you..

We told them to sit and wait till their name was called.. they all lined up and waited.. almost patiently.. lol
That is one Biiig present for a little girl.. lol.
Poppy and Brodie..
The mad house..

Claire and the Dora twin we gave her..

Lainey and her twin.. they loved them..It was fun shopping for girlies for a change!!

Just some of the mess! ...

We also got a Nintendo Wii from Santa.. everyone had great fun trying it out!
Poppy cooked a fantastic lunch.. It really was nice to have Mum, Dad and all of us together for a change.. It will prob be the last time ever.. so I know I tried to enjoy every minute of it.
All in all Christmas Day here was what Christmas should be.. Family, kids, food, toys and lots of fun!

Girls Decorations..

OK Finally got Blogger to let me upload the pics of the decorations I got to put on the tree for the boy's And for some reason the photoshopping I did is corrupted .. don't have time to do it again.. so here they are full
Lainey's Decoration

Sammy's Decoration

Claire's Decoration

Sarah's Decoration

Katie's Decoration

Sienna's Decoration
Connor helped pick the one's for Sienna and Katie.. This way we have a little something to remind us of them when we can't be with them at Christmas time..