Sunday, 18 January 2009

Family Photo's

On Boxing day my gorgeous friend Rach came over with Adrian and the kids and while she was there took some family pics for us..

Here are jsut some of my favs.. there were so many.. She did sucha great job considering.. all the kids were grumpy.. Poppy was getting very tired and none of us are that keen on having our pics

Greg and I..

Mum, Me, Brett, Dad and Shane.. Now there's a pic you don't see very often!

Poppy and Granny and all the grandkids!

Connor and Declan.. Love this one of the two of them!

Connor.. That tooth has nearly finished

The whole family.. Well nearly.. Greg is in there.. but despite being told to move a dozen times by Rach.. he is still hiding behind Granny!! Their is always one isn't there!

hmm.. I think the boys were getting rather sick of it by now..pmsl..

Claire, Brett, Carla and Lainey

Sammy and Sarah

What a cutie my Brodie is? not that I am biased or anything..

Sarah, Shane, Sue and Sammy

I love this pic!

The three ratbags!

Declan all over.. lol..

This is a gorgeous pic of Claire and Lainey!
I just want to say thank you to Rach.. She was so patient.. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.


Tam said...

Hey chickie....some great pics there Missy....looks like the boys were over it in the end :)
Chat soon XXXXX

Kylie said...

Gorgeous pics Don!!
Looks like it was a wonderful festive season for your family!!

Anonymous said...

Great picks Dee

Nic said...

Wow Donna, gorgeous pics alright! I want a friend like that!!! So many photos for you to treasure there...

Kathleen said...

Awww, gorgeous pic's Donna! Especially love those cheeky grins!

Also, I've popped a little something on my blog for ya! Come visit!


Julie said...

beautiful pic's Love the one of u & greg....whooo hooo
Maybe by school goes back u'll be caught up LOL

reneemaree said...

hey donna,
love your pictures
cheers renee xxoo

jo said...

nice shots...your family looks lovely