Sunday, 26 October 2008

Marnie and Pa's visit- Lots of Pic's!!

Well it has been another big weekend. Marnie and Pa came up to visit on Friday so yesterday we went to the Rockpool with Zoe, Joe and the kids... We had great fun!.. and of course I got lots of
Declan playing with Daddy.
It did get a bit chilly so Marnie as ready with a towel and a big hug!

After lots of playing in the little pool we all had morning tea... All that running and swimming gives little boys a biiig appetite!

Then the bigger boys went with Daddy and Pa on the slides.. While Zoe and I played with Ella and Brodie.
Connor's first time at going on a big slide on his own.. he was so proud!

See you are never to old to have fun at a water park.. hey Pa!!!

I'm not sure who was enjoying themselves more.. Pa or the boys!

After the slides we had a yummy picnic lunch and an ice cream..yum..
Everyone was happy about that.. Declan and his cheeky grin..
But Ella and Brodie were classic.. I think they both wore more than they Then Ella decided it might be good for her complexion and decided to rub it in.. pmsl..

Brodie helped Pa eat some of his and the demolished his own.. what he didn't wear of course!

After he finished his and got cleaned up Brodie decided to try his luck with Ella... These pair are always feeding each other.. it is so cute.. I love the look on her face!

So of course Brodie had to give her a kiss to say thank you.. How cute are these two... Brodie adores being with her and asks for her constantly when she isn't around! Everyone was worn out and a nice big nap was in order for all of us.. Brodie is settling down again and sleeping well in his big bed.

Some how Pa then had enough energy to jump on the tramp with the boys.. they loved it!!

This morning we put Pa to work.. He helped Greg fix the floor on the cubby and build a sandpit.. Something I have been waiting for for ages... Pity he wasn't staying longer.. sure I've got a few other things he can motivate Greg to

They did a great job.. Can't wait to see the kids faces on Fri morning when they all come.

Well it has been a busy weekend.. so they are now all snuggled up in the lounge watching Tom and Jerry... Always Tom and Jerry..pmsl..

The boys are certainly going to miss them tomorrow when they go.. So am I..the boys have been so well occupied today I have actually got to scrap..pmsl.. Will upload another day.. The footy is on tonight so I get to keep scrapping.. Love it.. Hope you all had a great weekend..

Monday, 20 October 2008

Some creations

Thought I should get organised and put up some creations I have done recently..
Caz's WC
Connor's Achievement AwardSept Sketch Challenge

The Lo I created using my yummies for our treasure swap.. using DG's Sketch.

Ali's WC
Here are some of the beads I have been creating.. I would love some feedback on which ones you like or don't like.. or any other ideas.. I am still playing it is such fun..

Some of the felt I have been cutting out.. I used Ann Lederhose's Chippies as a template..

Hopefully I will get time to play with some more soon..

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Brodie's Birthday..

Whew.. well I made it. lol.. Last update, for Well my little boy is now 2... He had a great day.. He got heaps of presents and had some of his little friends over for a party.

This time we only invited our friends with littlies Brodie's age.. and their siblings of course.. And we still had 17 We are soo lucky to have so many wonderful friends up here.. but it makes it soo hard to have a small party..pmsl..

They had a great time, playing outside.. playing Pass the Parcel.. and chasing Bubbles.. Everyone was soo worn out by the time it finished up... including me..pmsl..Have to say I am soo glad the birthdays are over for another year.. Well anyway here are some pics of the spoilt little boy!!

Brodie's new scooter from Mummy and Daddy.. He loves it and is quite good at it already!!

So many presents.. our friends are so generous.. and we want to thank you again.. you really made today special by being here.

He loves playing ball.. Our little sportsman!!

Brodie's Froggy B'day cake!

and blowing out the candle.. When he cut the cake someone said don't touch the bottom.. which of course he did.. so the comment was made that e had to kiss the nearest girl.. Well the kids all yelled out Talissa.. so he leant over and gave her a kiss.. pmsl.. what a sweetie!!. Of course not expecting it I missed the photo op..pmsl..

A mouth full of red frog lolly and He was almost completely green by the time he'd Oh well at least he enjoyed it!!

Well a big afternoon nap followed and then he helped Daddy in the shed while the bigger boys relaxed on the computer and Xbox.. another big day!!.

Well hopefully now things will settl down a little and I will get a chance to catch up on all those things that have slipped..

Catch ya next tme!!

Lot's of fun!

Last Friday the 10th.. Joe Zoe and the kids came over for Pizza and Movie night.. which ended up with a Lucky we got heaps of beds..pmsl.. We had a great night.. especially after the kids went to bed.. playing cards and having few drinks.. it has been soo long since we have played cards. And the kids had a ball too.. The boys were dressing up so of course Ella wanted to have a go..
Isn't she cute!! I think she is a puppy
And of course get the camera out.. and out comes Declan's silly faces..
And he and Jamie decided that they had to have photos of them doing
Meanwhile Connor and Lachlan locked themselves in his room making the Biotechnic Lego thingies he got for his b'day. We had a great night..

I have to show you the Lego Dinosaur Connor made.. We gave him the kit for his B'day and he made this all by himself.. He was so proud.

As usual the following Friday Zoe and the kids came over. Well for some reason Brodie has decided that Friday is a clothes optional I don't know why.. we have no probs keeping clothes on him any other day..but for some reason on Friday's as soon as I dress him.. off it all comes.. nappy and all..

What a charmer.. Ella and Brodie love feeding each other.. but really.. he shoulda put some clothes

Brodie just loves Ella so much.. When Zoe was leaving by the time she and I got out to the car Brodie had set himself up in Lachlan's seat. And he was not moving.. After trying to convince him to stay home Zoe and I decided to see what he would do if she took off with him.. Well I pretended to strap him in.. and he started waving.. 'bye bye mummy'.. 'cya tomorrow'.. pmsl.. So Zoe backed down the driveway asking him if he was sure he didn't want to stay at home.. he just continued waving to me and said a definite 'NO!' cheeky buggar.. So eventually I had to pull him out and he was so upset... calling for Ella.. he only settled down when I told him he would see her tomorrow.. sigh.. Only 2 and already in love..pmsl..

That night we decided to set up Brodie's new bed.

He had lots of fun helping Daddy to put it together..

Well we are sooo proud of our little boy.. He looked a little scared last night and wanted Mummy to stay with him.. So I told him Daddy would sit with him for a minute until I did something.. by the time I got back.. Daddy was out .. he was awake but in bed and then he just fell asleep on his own.. didn't get up once!. Was a little upset in the morning cause Daddy had shut his door and he couldn't get out. So we make sure that doesn't happen again.

How tiny does he look in that big bed..

And can you believe he has had 2 afternoon naps in there too.. without us having to stay with him..
Last night Joe, Zoe and the kids were over again.. Zoe was helping me with the party stuff.. and he did get out of bed a couple of times.. but we just told him to go back to bed and he did.. eventually going to sleep on his own.. He is a good little boy..

Connor's Birthday Party - Sunday 5th

Well Connor turns 6 on the 8th and this year he wanted a Pirate Party. Luckily Tanya had stayed Sat night.. though I am not too sure so thought so in the morning.. The party wasn't until the afternoon so we thought we had plenty of time.. well we did until Declan woke up with NITS!! again.. I soo couldn't believe it.. So we got organised and started to do everyone's head.. just to be sure.. so yep.. six kids and two mummy's had to have that stuff that, in Connor's words, smells like poo in their hair.. Now that is a feat.. Tanya's 16 year old daughter was soooo not impressed.. she had been cuddling Declan in front of the tv the night before..pmsl.. Well if that wasn't enough.. next minute Greg is calling out.. SNAKE!!.. yep while we had been away a 4 ft Brown snake had taken up residence underneath the path around the house!!..

I always knew this place was a zoo but OMG.. this is ridiculous!! Believe me this pic was taken from a distance!

Well we finally got everyone settled down with shower caps on and had to try and catch up on all the things I hadn't done for the party.. like ice the cake..pmsl..But of course we had to get some pics first..lmao.. I am soo mean.. Somehow missed Connor though.. buggar!

Declan being Declan of course.. No matter what is going on!

Poor Michael and Talissa.. I was sooo not game to take Courtney's pic.. I think she woulda killed me!!Brodie was really good about it all. I think he actually enjoyed the nit comb.. especially as all week when I checked their hair he insisted I sit there for half an hour combing with funny kid!
Of course Tanya and were not silly enough to pics of

Well we finally got everything organised and it was time to Party.. unfortunately some people didn't bother to turn up.. or ring so I could invite others.. which was a real shame cause I had only let Connor invite about 5 of his mates.. Luckily with all the siblings though he still had lots of fun. Of course we had to dress up!

The pirate crew!!

The kids had a great time.. playing games and a pinata..

The cake .. not exactly what I had envisioned.. but Connor was

Tanya and were impressed with our little spider cakes though.. how cute are they!..

And of course the blowing out of the candles..

All in all it ended up being a great day.. despite the Connor had fun and was very impressed with his presents.. of course..