Sunday, 19 October 2008

Brodie's Birthday..

Whew.. well I made it. lol.. Last update, for Well my little boy is now 2... He had a great day.. He got heaps of presents and had some of his little friends over for a party.

This time we only invited our friends with littlies Brodie's age.. and their siblings of course.. And we still had 17 We are soo lucky to have so many wonderful friends up here.. but it makes it soo hard to have a small party..pmsl..

They had a great time, playing outside.. playing Pass the Parcel.. and chasing Bubbles.. Everyone was soo worn out by the time it finished up... including me..pmsl..Have to say I am soo glad the birthdays are over for another year.. Well anyway here are some pics of the spoilt little boy!!

Brodie's new scooter from Mummy and Daddy.. He loves it and is quite good at it already!!

So many presents.. our friends are so generous.. and we want to thank you again.. you really made today special by being here.

He loves playing ball.. Our little sportsman!!

Brodie's Froggy B'day cake!

and blowing out the candle.. When he cut the cake someone said don't touch the bottom.. which of course he did.. so the comment was made that e had to kiss the nearest girl.. Well the kids all yelled out Talissa.. so he leant over and gave her a kiss.. pmsl.. what a sweetie!!. Of course not expecting it I missed the photo op..pmsl..

A mouth full of red frog lolly and He was almost completely green by the time he'd Oh well at least he enjoyed it!!

Well a big afternoon nap followed and then he helped Daddy in the shed while the bigger boys relaxed on the computer and Xbox.. another big day!!.

Well hopefully now things will settl down a little and I will get a chance to catch up on all those things that have slipped..

Catch ya next tme!!


TatumW said...

looks like Brodie had an awesome day! The cake looks awesome, Charlotte had the same for her 2nd Bday. Love his big boy bed, don't think we'll be moving Bastian 'til #4 arrives! Hope u get a chance to pop ur feet up and relax this week gorgeous. Tatum xx

Tam said...

LOL...great cake, and happy birthday little man!

Now go to bed xxxxxxx

Julie said...

cute cake chickie
Sounds like a huge day for all...hope u recover well...LOL

Elise said...

Recovered Yet???? Glad he had a great day ...same day as me!!!!

Sheree said...

oh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous frog.

I want one.

Sept 23.

Plenty of time thank you ;) lol

Be good chick