Sunday, 26 October 2008

Marnie and Pa's visit- Lots of Pic's!!

Well it has been another big weekend. Marnie and Pa came up to visit on Friday so yesterday we went to the Rockpool with Zoe, Joe and the kids... We had great fun!.. and of course I got lots of
Declan playing with Daddy.
It did get a bit chilly so Marnie as ready with a towel and a big hug!

After lots of playing in the little pool we all had morning tea... All that running and swimming gives little boys a biiig appetite!

Then the bigger boys went with Daddy and Pa on the slides.. While Zoe and I played with Ella and Brodie.
Connor's first time at going on a big slide on his own.. he was so proud!

See you are never to old to have fun at a water park.. hey Pa!!!

I'm not sure who was enjoying themselves more.. Pa or the boys!

After the slides we had a yummy picnic lunch and an ice cream..yum..
Everyone was happy about that.. Declan and his cheeky grin..
But Ella and Brodie were classic.. I think they both wore more than they Then Ella decided it might be good for her complexion and decided to rub it in.. pmsl..

Brodie helped Pa eat some of his and the demolished his own.. what he didn't wear of course!

After he finished his and got cleaned up Brodie decided to try his luck with Ella... These pair are always feeding each other.. it is so cute.. I love the look on her face!

So of course Brodie had to give her a kiss to say thank you.. How cute are these two... Brodie adores being with her and asks for her constantly when she isn't around! Everyone was worn out and a nice big nap was in order for all of us.. Brodie is settling down again and sleeping well in his big bed.

Some how Pa then had enough energy to jump on the tramp with the boys.. they loved it!!

This morning we put Pa to work.. He helped Greg fix the floor on the cubby and build a sandpit.. Something I have been waiting for for ages... Pity he wasn't staying longer.. sure I've got a few other things he can motivate Greg to

They did a great job.. Can't wait to see the kids faces on Fri morning when they all come.

Well it has been a busy weekend.. so they are now all snuggled up in the lounge watching Tom and Jerry... Always Tom and Jerry..pmsl..

The boys are certainly going to miss them tomorrow when they go.. So am I..the boys have been so well occupied today I have actually got to scrap..pmsl.. Will upload another day.. The footy is on tonight so I get to keep scrapping.. Love it.. Hope you all had a great weekend..


Tam said...

Always heaps of like they all had a ball..but wheres the pics of Mummy!!!!
Sandpit and cubby reno looks great xxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie said...

awww those 2 r so cute with their kisses...LOL love the ice-cream faces
Beaut pic's & yay for scrapp'n

TatumW said...

looks like an awesome time Donna! lots of special memories there for sure :) have a great week my sweet xx

Kathleen said...

Love the pickies, that one of Declan especially, cheeky indeed!!


Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Gorgeous photos Donna! Just stunning!

Leeann said...

Hey HB..... love all the pics... you guys look like you all had a ball.... you have to scrap the ice cream kiss!!!lol..... oh and I have scrapped a LO using your gorgeous beads.. best you come and check me out!!!! thanks mate... i really do love them!!!!

Anonymous said...

come on hop to it wheres the last week or 2's worth bit behind girl, PML