Friday, 30 October 2009

Brodie's Birthday!

Well Brodie is now a 'big boy'. On the 19th Oct Our baby boy turned 3. He too got to opne some presents on his b'day.. he was soo excited to get his own Leapster.. He kept hugging it.. in fact he hugged all his Marnie and Pa came up fo the weekend and we took Brodie to the park with his friends.. they had lots of fun.. and I got lots of great

So I have finally caught up on all my I am going to try and keep it all up to date for now on.. oh well.. I will try.. Doing my best to get things under control around here.. My gorgeous friend Rach came over this week and helped me to start decluttering and tidying the house.. and OMG it is still clean.. well the bits we did I have also done up some charts for the boys in an effort to stop all the yelling and screaming around here in the And I have discovered a website.. Flylady.. which helps you to get and stay clean and organised around the home.. so cross fingers for me..

I have also found a replacement for me at Playgroup. I have to say it is such a relief.. I have enjoyed the last two years running it.. but it is a big job and just makes it so much harder for me to keep up with everything else. So next year I have promised myself I am not committing to any committees etc.. and I am going t0 have more time for me and the family..

Anyway.. Thank you for your patence while I caught That is if anyone is reading it any more.. Would love a comment or two.. Feel like I am talking to myself sometimes.. mind you I am used to that around here. Lol

Hope you are all well...

Connor's Birthday

Well can you believe it.. We have a 7 year old in the family.. Connor had his birthday on the 8th Oct and was very excited.. He got to open some presents on the 8th but he had chosen to have a TMNT party at the Bowling alley...

The kids had a ball.. it is hysterical to watch them bowl. They each had their own Connor was very excited as he got a strike 'AND I DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THE BUMPERS BALL THINGIES MUM!!!', You can see his excited jump in the Pics below. Lmao.. I guess Wii sports does have some benefits.. And at the end of it he got his own Bowling Pin which all the kids signed.. It was a very exciting day for a 7 year old!


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Jamie's Birthday

The second week of the school hols we had a quiet week at home.. the boys were tired and grumpy and I have to admit I was looking forward to school to start
But we did have some fun at Jamie's Birthday party.. and I had fun taking lots of

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Gold Coast and home

Before leaving Toowoomba we had a couple of stops to make. We took the boys to see the Twin's resting place. We have only just told them about their big brothers this year as I wasn't too sure if they were old enough or not.. anyway they of course asked a million questions which we answered. I am glad we did it.. I think it made it a little more real for them. And I love hearing them talk about their.. 'big brothers'.
We also dropped in to see Grandma, Greg's Grandma that is.. the boys were a little unsure at first as it has been a looong time since we have seen her. But we did manage to get them to give her a hug before we left.. and I really think it made her very happy.
We then headed off to the Gold Coast did a little Ikea shopping.. and booked into the Mantra Wings.. which was quite nice. After a nap.. of course the boys had to hit the pool.

I stayed upstairs and took these pics from our balcony on the 5th floor.. sooo loving my long

And Connor wanted me to take another pic of his burn.. looks a bit more dramatic here. He really was a brave boy about it all.

On Wed the first thing the boys wanted to do of course was get in the pool It was a beautiful morning but by mid afternoon this is what our view was like.. and no I haven't touched up the colour.. that is the dust storm that hit the Gold Coast.

I was supposed to meet Jodes but there was no way either of us was gonna try driving in that.. you couldn't see a thing. So I didn't get to see her :(
It was a relaxing afternoon though.. just kicking back.
On Thursday it was off to Dreamworld to spend the Day with Tanya, Michael and Talissa.. I took sooooo many photos as usual I thought I would save space and do a collage up..

The kids had a great day.. and were so excited to see their friends again. As was I.. But oh .. Dreamworld is sooo Brodie was asleep hugging his new Wiggles lunch box before we 5 mins down the road when we

But my Fav bit is the Tigers.. They are sooo beautiful.. and I got some gorgeous shots with my long lense.. sooo would love to have one of those meet the tiger experiences..

A long, hectic wonderful day..

Friday we started to head up to Mum's. And stopped in at Bribie Island to catch up with a few of my Boxx Chickies.. We went and had fish and chips at the park and decided we needed some pics.. of course.

Deb, Me, Tam and Elise.. Oh and the little perve that kept grabbing Deb's must take after his I think Deb wanted to chuck him in the Little Rabbit..
It was fantastic to see the girls again.. been tooo long.. so need a girl's weekend!
After that we went up to Mum's and stayed there until Sunday. Unfortunately Brendan (the Cockatiel) had died just before we got there.. was so very quiet.. and expected to hear his squawks and flutters all the time.. He will be very missed that bird!.
Greg and Col got to have a game of golf and we got to spend time with Granny and relax a little.. then headed home on Sunday..
I think I needed a holiday to get over our holiday. It was soo tiring.. but it was so wonderful to see everyone.. just wish it wasn't so long between visits..!

School Holidays ~ Visit to Toowoomba

On the Monday 21st Sept we headed off to Toowoomba to catch up with some friends.. We got to have Morning Tea with Tom, Clare and Dhugal.. Our old neighbours.. gee we miss you guys! and then off we went to Chrissie's place.. The boys were sooo happy.. It has been so long since they have seen the boys.. and they had a Some pics I got of the boys having fun...

Mitchell & Ruben.. love this action shot.. can you believe it didn't end in

Connor, Mitchell & Ruben... they all went nuts..!

But Declan decided it was too been up in Rocky too long I think, and spent most of the time on the side of the

As did Brodie.. he had great fun throwing the noodles in the pool and making the boys go get em for
It was such a lovely afternoon.. I was really sad to go.. Got to see the boys Chrissie and Granny Carol.. and I miss you guys sooo much too..
After we left there we to Andrew's and Marisa's house for the night.. The boys thought it was great cause they got to play with Mark's and they love playing with Andrew and Marisa.. It was a shame though we didn't get to see Mark as he was away..

The boys pretending to be tigers and Attacking
It was a lovely night catching up.. It all made me soo homesick.. I miss everyone and the

Thursday, 8 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Zoe's Christening

On Sunday Morning little Zoe was getting Christened.. Greg was very proud to stand up as his Godfather. And as usual I took far too many

Sienna.. so pretty..

Katie was very attached to and of course he insisted on wearing his new tie again!

The proud parents and Godparents.

She was just sooo beautiful!

I love this pic of Tanya and Katie.. as Warwick and Tanya were heading off on their honeymoon Katie just didn't want let Mummy Tanya go! Nearly brought tears to me eyes!

We had a lovely lunch afterwards and the boys were very impressed with the beautiful

It was a lovely morning.
Everyone else left Marnie and Pa's after lunch so it was just us left.. a bit more relaxing but we all miss seeing everyone.. we don't get to see them enough!.

And after a rest of course the boys wanted to ride the motorcycles.

Pa and Declan.. I'm not sure if you can see his expression properly but I think he was pretending he was Evil

And I am not sure Brodie could see at

With the Training wheels on Connor was off on his own.. I love the look of concentration on his face!

For those that haven't seen it..this is Brodie's fav position when he is getting tired. Thumb in mouth and a grip on the tag of his He loves tags. to the point that he will no longer wear certain shorts 'cause the Taggie don't work Mummy'! lol.. Funny thing he is.
Of course because Connor had a ride on his own the other two wanted a go..

Declan did really well.. until he nearly ran into a so Pa decided it was safer to walk with him after

And even Brodie did ok.. mind you Pa kept the hand on the throttle.. Both boys gave him a bit of exercise running to keep up with them..

Greg then decided to have a ride with the boys as well.. I know he used to ride this bike as a kid but looking at the back tyre I'm not so sure he still should

Connor then got Pa to take the training wheels off.. He did really well and took off round the property like he'd been riding all his life. Unfortunately at one point Pa stepped out to get him to stop.. and Connor pulled up without gearing down.. and the bike tipped over. Of course not having listened to his Mother he was not wearing jeans.. so ended up with his first exhaust burn..
He was really quite brave about it really. And after he got over the shock and pain quite impressed with the perfect bolt imprint in the typical boy!

Here is poor little Brodie at the end of the day.. he was sooo tired.. and just needed a cuddle from Marnie..
All in all another hectic day and a lot of fun..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Warwick and Tanya's Wedding

On the first week of the school holidays..we headed off to Marnie & Pa's for a visit.

As there was a few family functions on the first weekend it was really good because we got to catch up with Greg's brothers and their families as well as heaps of his rellies.

The kids had a ball.. on Saturday morning they played with their cousins.. rode motorbikes and generally run amok.
Connor, Sienna & Katie

Declan, Katie & Sienna


Sienna & Katie.. Love this pic!

Greg and Zoe.. isn't she gorgeous..Our first chance to meet her.


Zoe .. What a gorgeous, smilie little girl!
Then that afternoon we had Warwick's and Tanya's Wedding..

The boys were asked to hand out the booklets.. and they did such a good Connor was soo impressed that we found him a shirt with a tie..'Just like when you go to work hey Daddy.." lol

The Six Leahy Cousins.. Brodie, Sienna, Zoe, Connor, Katie and Declan.. I so hope the photographer got a better pic.. Brodie was looking around in every one of

The new Leahy Family.. I do hope you have a wonderful life together guys!

Warwick and Tanya gave everyone bubbles to blow when they got out of the Church.. The kids loved it..
Cutting the Cake
We had a great time at the wedding.. it was lovely.. It was a little deja vous as they got married in the same church and had their reception at the same place as Greg and I did nearly ten years ago