Tuesday, 13 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Gold Coast and home

Before leaving Toowoomba we had a couple of stops to make. We took the boys to see the Twin's resting place. We have only just told them about their big brothers this year as I wasn't too sure if they were old enough or not.. anyway they of course asked a million questions which we answered. I am glad we did it.. I think it made it a little more real for them. And I love hearing them talk about their.. 'big brothers'.
We also dropped in to see Grandma, Greg's Grandma that is.. the boys were a little unsure at first as it has been a looong time since we have seen her. But we did manage to get them to give her a hug before we left.. and I really think it made her very happy.
We then headed off to the Gold Coast did a little Ikea shopping.. woohoo..lol.. and booked into the Mantra Wings.. which was quite nice. After a nap.. of course the boys had to hit the pool.

I stayed upstairs and took these pics from our balcony on the 5th floor.. sooo loving my long lense..lol

And Connor wanted me to take another pic of his burn.. looks a bit more dramatic here. He really was a brave boy about it all.

On Wed the first thing the boys wanted to do of course was get in the pool again..lol.. It was a beautiful morning but by mid afternoon this is what our view was like.. and no I haven't touched up the colour.. that is the dust storm that hit the Gold Coast.

I was supposed to meet Jodes but there was no way either of us was gonna try driving in that.. you couldn't see a thing. So I didn't get to see her :(
It was a relaxing afternoon though.. just kicking back.
On Thursday it was off to Dreamworld to spend the Day with Tanya, Michael and Talissa.. I took sooooo many photos as usual I thought I would save space and do a collage up..

The kids had a great day.. and were so excited to see their friends again. As was I.. But oh .. Dreamworld is sooo exhausting..lol.. Brodie was asleep hugging his new Wiggles lunch box before we 5 mins down the road when we left..lol

But my Fav bit is the Tigers.. They are sooo beautiful.. and I got some gorgeous shots with my long lense.. sooo would love to have one of those meet the tiger experiences..

A long, hectic wonderful day..

Friday we started to head up to Mum's. And stopped in at Bribie Island to catch up with a few of my Boxx Chickies.. We went and had fish and chips at the park and decided we needed some pics.. of course.

Deb, Me, Tam and Elise.. Oh and the little perve that kept grabbing Deb's bottom..lol.. must take after his father..lol.. I think Deb wanted to chuck him in the ocean..lol.. Little Rabbit..
It was fantastic to see the girls again.. been tooo long.. so need a girl's weekend!
After that we went up to Mum's and stayed there until Sunday. Unfortunately Brendan (the Cockatiel) had died just before we got there.. was so very quiet.. and expected to hear his squawks and flutters all the time.. He will be very missed that bird!.
Greg and Col got to have a game of golf and we got to spend time with Granny and relax a little.. then headed home on Sunday..
I think I needed a holiday to get over our holiday. It was soo tiring.. but it was so wonderful to see everyone.. just wish it wasn't so long between visits..!

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mjsphoto6 said...

wow... love all of your pics sweets... it is lovely to share all of your so called 'break' with us... lol...
p.s i really do love your pics... just need to see you in more of them!!!
m xx