Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Life is Always Hectic!

It's been hectic again.. as usual..lol.. Where to begin..

May was pretty much devoted to to the 'Relay for Life'. On the 1st of May we held a Scrap Day to raise funds for the Relay For Life. We had a great day with Raffles, Silent Auctions, lots of Food, Scrapping and great Company.. I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous Canvas made by Julie Heard in the silent Auctions. No thanks to my friends who kept upping my bids knowing how much I wanted it! Oh well.. all for a good cause and we managed to make over $600 for the day. So it was well worth the effort taken to organise.
Then on Thursday the 5th we had a little do at Kindy for Brodie and I for Mother's Day.. They had made us the cutest gifts and we had lots of yummy food.. of which the Chocolate Fountain was the most popular..lol.. then some dressing up, photos and Stories.

Brodes was so funny, he didn't want to get a photo with me taken by the photographer so I ended up with one of him half crying with his head buried in my chest..lol.. so need to get a copy. It was quite cute..Mother's Day itself was quiet one round here.. But the boys gave me some cute things they had made at school etc.

We had friends over on the Saturday night for Greg's Birthday. Was good to sit down and relax with everyone. Though we all must be getting old.. ended up being a fairly early night..lol

The most exciting news for May was that Rach & Adrian welcomed Pip Luci into the world on the 1Oth.. She is one gorgeous little girl and she is going to be one much loved little member of the family and our adopted extended family..lol.. Woohoo more girlie shopping for me!

hmm.. what next.. Greg and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary on the 13th. He actually managed to surprise me. I got flowers at lunchtime to say we were going out. He had colluded with the wonderful Jodes and Zoe and they took the boys for the night so we could go to dinner and a movie. Bit of a worry that my hubby and friends are so good at keeping things from me..lol

The weekend of the 21st and 22nd was a huuuge one.. Greg took the boys out Thunder Egg hunting at Mt Hay with the Scouts. They had a ball, bringing home heaps of eggs.. not sure what to do with em all now..lol Meanwhile I went and helped set up for the Relay for Life. Was not looking forward to it too much as I managed to not get to sleep until 4 am on the Friday night. lol.. typical me.

We had a pretty good time actually, checking out all the other stalls, doing our walk, remembering those that had gone, and all other affected by cancer. Must admit the candle ceremony brought a tear to  my eye especially as the boys wrote some lovely notes for Poppy on their candle bags. Walking over Declan looked at me and said ' I really miss Poppy Mummy, Wish I could see him again'.

The kids had fun playing and running around until we forced em to bed sometime round midnight..lol.. prob was I had to lie down with Brodes to get him to settle so of course I had few hours nap too..lol. But we made it .. right through to the last lap at 9am and despite some masssive blisters and a bit of damp from the rain it was a good night.. and all up we raised over $2500. for the Cancer Fund.

It was kinda fitting as it was Dad's Anniversary on the 28th. Still can't believe it's been 2 years.

Anyway its late.. At least I got some of it done. I soo need to keep this thing up to date .. yeah I know I say it all the time.. lol.. maybe if I keep saying it I may actually do it..lol.

Easter..and more

The boys decided they wanted Mummy to come fishing too so we all got up early and Greg had plans to go out to the reef. Well it was a little rougher than Greg had expected so after we were all soaked, my back had been compacted by a few cms and poor Brodes was crying with fear I managed to convince him that somewhere a little closer might be a better idea..lol

So we went over between Humpy and Keppel Islands where it was calm and lovely. And I finally got to see where 'The first Boat' ended up on the rocks..lol.

Have to say I'm not a massive fishing fan but we had lovely time. We all caught plenty of fish and the boys were quite excited to catch  few sharks as well. Unfortunately no keepers but that ok.  

The trip back was lot more comfy with the wind behind us and Declan and Brodie had fun playing Silly buggers at the front of the boat while Connor helped Daddy Drive.

All in all a great family day.

The next day started the Easter Break and we headed off to Yeppoon. Had lunch at a local Pub which was nice and then headed off to check in at Rydges. Even for a weekend the car was loaded, including the Easter treats the Boys and I had made.

We were supposed to meet Joe & Zoe there on the Saturday but unfortunately Ella had  been sick so they had pulled out. Had a lovely time anyway with the boys playing Soccer with some other guests .. seeing as Greg had to drive home cause he forgot the hanging clothes..lol.. Lucky we were close to home.  

So after a fun afternoon the boys went off to kids club and Greg and I actually got to have a lovely dinner on our own. Been far to long. The boys had a blast at kids club and when we went to get them they didn't want to come..lol

The next morning the boys were very excited to see that the Easter Bunny had come.  Before we even woke up both Connor and Declan had read huge chunks of their new books ..lol.. and eaten very few eggs... funny kids.. They sure made up for that the rest of the day though..lol

As Ella was on the mend Joe and Zoe brought the kids out for a visit... they all had a ball..and we managed to convince them to find a room for the night. I think the kids stayed in the pool and on the slide all day. Then Fish and Chips for dinner and not surprisingly everyone crashed rather early..lol.

On the Monday we packed everything up then took the kids to play mini golf and Lawn Bowls before we headed home. They loved it and it was quite funny to watch..


It was a lovely weekend but it was also very lovely when the boys went back to school on the Wednesday..lol..

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I am still here!!!

lol.. how slack am I .. haven't updated in months.. let me see what has been happening..?? Well I know what hasn't.. I haven't scrapped at all.. Oh and I miss it!.. Still trying to get me office/scraproom org and as usual it hasn't got done.. and I find it sooo depressing going in there to do anything let alone find the creativity to scrap... So need to kick myself in the butt and get it done..

In Feb I did a mad dash down to Melbourne to see my Dad's rellies.. My Nanna is not doing so well.. so took the opportunity to get down there and see her. It was great to see her and to catch up with my Aunt's and Cousins as well as meet a few online friends for the first time. It has been 24 years since I was last in Melbourne and other than Auntie Larry and Nanna I think that was about the last time I saw everyone! Unfortunately I was only able to go for about 4 days.. so could've stayed longer!

Here is a pic of Nanna and Larry.. aren't they gorgeous!
Got very cranky with myself though.. went and had coffee and got to see and meet a heap of people and didn't take a single pic.. grr!

After I got back it was finally time for Nettie and Gil to get married. After all the time I spent on the invites etc was so looking forward to seeing them walk down the aisle... but just my luck Declan started throwing up that day so I had to stay home.. was so upset.. It all went well for them so that is the main thing.. Will put up pics of my creations when I get organised. hehe.. yup haven't even edited any pics in forever!

Greg took Connor to Brissie to see the first Broncos game with Pa, Uncle Matty and Uncle Warwick.. He loved it! Greg has got the boys addicted to football with him now... Well the older two anyway. Lately Friday night Brodes and I snuggle in my room watching tv while we listen to the other 3 yelling and screaming at the tv..lol..

Declan has now lost his two front teeth.. he was so excited... wiggled the first one for ages then eventually got Daddy to pull it out.. lol .. the second one he managed to knock out at a party.. lol..

The boys also had Dance Fever on at school.. where they put on a concert to show everyone what they have been learning in PE.. They had a ball..

The boys did well at school and Kindy this term... We are finally getting Connor settled and working to his potential and Declan is reading way beyond his age and doing well. His teacher said his only problem is getting him to remember there is no need to shout all the time..lol. Brodie is loving Kindy and Miss Lucy says he is doing well too..Again, like his brothers, he is advanced academically but still needs to learn self control!

Connor is still into his Tai Kwon Do and Declan is loving scouts.

We have had some more stress as my Stepfather has recently had a Skin Cancer removed from behind his ear for the second time. They think they have got it all but he and Mum are travelling back and forth from Brisbane for Radium so hopefully at the end of that he will get the all clear.

Speaking of Cancer, Greg and I are doing the Relay for Life this year with a group of friends.. should be fun with all the kids..lol.. We are org a scrap/craft day on the long weekend to raise money so I am hoping we do well. If anyone would like to donate please  go to Rascals n Ratbags. It is a great cause!

Well I think I have finally caught up with most of it.. Hopefully Greg is taking the boys fishing tomorrow so a nice peaceful day for me..(school hols is killing me..lol) then we are all off to Rydges Yeppoon to spend Easter weekend with Joe, Zoe and the kids.. Oh I sooo can't wait..lol.

Happy Easter everyone!!! xxxxx

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Time to get organised!

Hi everyone, it has been ages I know.. You've probably all given up on me! Well I still have a heap to catch up on cause as usual I am way behind and always busy. So I am gonna try something different. From now on I will post when I can and put the photos up later. Cause I can post on my phone whenever I like and it's editing the pics that puts me behind lol. So at least you can catch up on what we are doing and then if you want to you can come back later to look at the photos. I will also be starting from this last week so if you want to catch up on Xmas and the floods you will have to keep an eye out. I will get there I promise! Lol

Well the boys finally started school again this week and Brodie had his first day at Kindy! Can't believe I have one in grade 3, one in grade one and next year they are all off my hands lol. The first day of school was a total mess! I was so organised. Got up early, by the time 8 am came I had the house tidy and we were ready to go. Jumped in the car and had a flat battery! Connor had been cleaning it and had left the accessories running!! Aaargh!! of course Greg was out of town and everyone else was busy so I called the Racq. It took them an hour to get here so we were an hour late on the first day! But we did get there and the boys settled in well to their classes. They both like their teachers and seem to be doing well.

Got Brodie to Kindy and he was off and running immediately. Had to chase him down to say goodbye.. Lol He loved it and and loves Miss Lucy and Miss Jenny. He has the same teacher as Declan had so I am happy.

Today we took the boys to the park and they had a ball. Brodie was so excited. He kept running back to tell me he had made new friends. Lol 'I got lots of friends now Mummy' lol.

Speaking of Brodes I am starting to think he is sleepwalking. He has been coming into our room at midnight for the last few nights and crawling into bed. Last night I was still sitting in the chair on the putter and he climbed into my lap and fell asleep. When I tried to carry him back to bed he seemed to wake up so I put him down and he turned straight around, climbed onto Greg's legs and fell again.... All without a word lol. Little rabbit our bed just ain't big enough for us all!

Anyway another busy week coming up. Declan starts scouts again and Connor is going back to Tai Kwon Doe and we may be hit by a cyclone! Just what we need after the floods! All without Greg as he is away all week! So lets hope it passes by and leaves Qld alone.  Hope you are all well..

Photos to come