Sunday, 30 January 2011

Time to get organised!

Hi everyone, it has been ages I know.. You've probably all given up on me! Well I still have a heap to catch up on cause as usual I am way behind and always busy. So I am gonna try something different. From now on I will post when I can and put the photos up later. Cause I can post on my phone whenever I like and it's editing the pics that puts me behind lol. So at least you can catch up on what we are doing and then if you want to you can come back later to look at the photos. I will also be starting from this last week so if you want to catch up on Xmas and the floods you will have to keep an eye out. I will get there I promise! Lol

Well the boys finally started school again this week and Brodie had his first day at Kindy! Can't believe I have one in grade 3, one in grade one and next year they are all off my hands lol. The first day of school was a total mess! I was so organised. Got up early, by the time 8 am came I had the house tidy and we were ready to go. Jumped in the car and had a flat battery! Connor had been cleaning it and had left the accessories running!! Aaargh!! of course Greg was out of town and everyone else was busy so I called the Racq. It took them an hour to get here so we were an hour late on the first day! But we did get there and the boys settled in well to their classes. They both like their teachers and seem to be doing well.

Got Brodie to Kindy and he was off and running immediately. Had to chase him down to say goodbye.. Lol He loved it and and loves Miss Lucy and Miss Jenny. He has the same teacher as Declan had so I am happy.

Today we took the boys to the park and they had a ball. Brodie was so excited. He kept running back to tell me he had made new friends. Lol 'I got lots of friends now Mummy' lol.

Speaking of Brodes I am starting to think he is sleepwalking. He has been coming into our room at midnight for the last few nights and crawling into bed. Last night I was still sitting in the chair on the putter and he climbed into my lap and fell asleep. When I tried to carry him back to bed he seemed to wake up so I put him down and he turned straight around, climbed onto Greg's legs and fell again.... All without a word lol. Little rabbit our bed just ain't big enough for us all!

Anyway another busy week coming up. Declan starts scouts again and Connor is going back to Tai Kwon Doe and we may be hit by a cyclone! Just what we need after the floods! All without Greg as he is away all week! So lets hope it passes by and leaves Qld alone.  Hope you are all well..

Photos to come

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