Thursday, 21 April 2011

I am still here!!!

lol.. how slack am I .. haven't updated in months.. let me see what has been happening..?? Well I know what hasn't.. I haven't scrapped at all.. Oh and I miss it!.. Still trying to get me office/scraproom org and as usual it hasn't got done.. and I find it sooo depressing going in there to do anything let alone find the creativity to scrap... So need to kick myself in the butt and get it done..

In Feb I did a mad dash down to Melbourne to see my Dad's rellies.. My Nanna is not doing so well.. so took the opportunity to get down there and see her. It was great to see her and to catch up with my Aunt's and Cousins as well as meet a few online friends for the first time. It has been 24 years since I was last in Melbourne and other than Auntie Larry and Nanna I think that was about the last time I saw everyone! Unfortunately I was only able to go for about 4 days.. so could've stayed longer!

Here is a pic of Nanna and Larry.. aren't they gorgeous!
Got very cranky with myself though.. went and had coffee and got to see and meet a heap of people and didn't take a single pic.. grr!

After I got back it was finally time for Nettie and Gil to get married. After all the time I spent on the invites etc was so looking forward to seeing them walk down the aisle... but just my luck Declan started throwing up that day so I had to stay home.. was so upset.. It all went well for them so that is the main thing.. Will put up pics of my creations when I get organised. hehe.. yup haven't even edited any pics in forever!

Greg took Connor to Brissie to see the first Broncos game with Pa, Uncle Matty and Uncle Warwick.. He loved it! Greg has got the boys addicted to football with him now... Well the older two anyway. Lately Friday night Brodes and I snuggle in my room watching tv while we listen to the other 3 yelling and screaming at the

Declan has now lost his two front teeth.. he was so excited... wiggled the first one for ages then eventually got Daddy to pull it out.. lol .. the second one he managed to knock out at a party.. lol..

The boys also had Dance Fever on at school.. where they put on a concert to show everyone what they have been learning in PE.. They had a ball..

The boys did well at school and Kindy this term... We are finally getting Connor settled and working to his potential and Declan is reading way beyond his age and doing well. His teacher said his only problem is getting him to remember there is no need to shout all the Brodie is loving Kindy and Miss Lucy says he is doing well too..Again, like his brothers, he is advanced academically but still needs to learn self control!

Connor is still into his Tai Kwon Do and Declan is loving scouts.

We have had some more stress as my Stepfather has recently had a Skin Cancer removed from behind his ear for the second time. They think they have got it all but he and Mum are travelling back and forth from Brisbane for Radium so hopefully at the end of that he will get the all clear.

Speaking of Cancer, Greg and I are doing the Relay for Life this year with a group of friends.. should be fun with all the We are org a scrap/craft day on the long weekend to raise money so I am hoping we do well. If anyone would like to donate please  go to Rascals n Ratbags. It is a great cause!

Well I think I have finally caught up with most of it.. Hopefully Greg is taking the boys fishing tomorrow so a nice peaceful day for me..(school hols is killing then we are all off to Rydges Yeppoon to spend Easter weekend with Joe, Zoe and the kids.. Oh I sooo can't

Happy Easter everyone!!! xxxxx

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Tanya said...

Hey Donna, I remembered that you had said that you never know if people read your blog....well, I do! See you soon! ;)