Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Easter..and more

The boys decided they wanted Mummy to come fishing too so we all got up early and Greg had plans to go out to the reef. Well it was a little rougher than Greg had expected so after we were all soaked, my back had been compacted by a few cms and poor Brodes was crying with fear I managed to convince him that somewhere a little closer might be a better idea..lol

So we went over between Humpy and Keppel Islands where it was calm and lovely. And I finally got to see where 'The first Boat' ended up on the rocks..lol.

Have to say I'm not a massive fishing fan but we had lovely time. We all caught plenty of fish and the boys were quite excited to catch  few sharks as well. Unfortunately no keepers but that ok.  

The trip back was lot more comfy with the wind behind us and Declan and Brodie had fun playing Silly buggers at the front of the boat while Connor helped Daddy Drive.

All in all a great family day.

The next day started the Easter Break and we headed off to Yeppoon. Had lunch at a local Pub which was nice and then headed off to check in at Rydges. Even for a weekend the car was loaded, including the Easter treats the Boys and I had made.

We were supposed to meet Joe & Zoe there on the Saturday but unfortunately Ella had  been sick so they had pulled out. Had a lovely time anyway with the boys playing Soccer with some other guests .. seeing as Greg had to drive home cause he forgot the hanging clothes..lol.. Lucky we were close to home.  

So after a fun afternoon the boys went off to kids club and Greg and I actually got to have a lovely dinner on our own. Been far to long. The boys had a blast at kids club and when we went to get them they didn't want to come..lol

The next morning the boys were very excited to see that the Easter Bunny had come.  Before we even woke up both Connor and Declan had read huge chunks of their new books ..lol.. and eaten very few eggs... funny kids.. They sure made up for that the rest of the day though..lol

As Ella was on the mend Joe and Zoe brought the kids out for a visit... they all had a ball..and we managed to convince them to find a room for the night. I think the kids stayed in the pool and on the slide all day. Then Fish and Chips for dinner and not surprisingly everyone crashed rather early..lol.

On the Monday we packed everything up then took the kids to play mini golf and Lawn Bowls before we headed home. They loved it and it was quite funny to watch..


It was a lovely weekend but it was also very lovely when the boys went back to school on the Wednesday..lol..

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