Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yeppoon Fishing Comp..

Well we all had a lovely weekend last weekend.

I got to spend it alone at home scrapping with the girls!! It was lovely, peaceful and fun. I spent Friday night watching a movie and relaxing, then after voting and doing a little shopping on Sat morning I got organised to scrap. The girls got here after lunch and it was great. The usual creativity, good food and laughter! I wil upload some pics soon.. still haven't taken

Where were the boys you ask.. Well Greg finally got the boat, Pic also to So on Friday he went out to Yeppoon to the Yeppoon Fishing Competition. After a little trouble with the fuel lines.. He was sooo not happy.. He managed to get some fishing in before the weather turned bad. So he came home, picked up the kids and took them back with him. Connor and Declan were old enough to be entered into the comp as well.. and Connor was very impressed when his no. was drawn out for his own straw hat and new tackle box with Hand reel and tackle inside.

They stayed in a cabin at Yeppoon and Greg took them out in the boat on Saturday. The boys had a great time and all of them caught fish. Declan caught a Spotted Cod, Brodie a Parrot Fish, (or a Carrot Fish if you ask and Connor caught a Golden Spotted Cod.. They also lost a few fish as they could not get them into the boat so Greg is going to get them some heavier rig. Brodes fish was the only one big enough to keep so he was very happy to have it for dinner on Sunday night.

Declan also had to take Penelope out on the boat too.. She is a puppy he brought home from Prep for Show and Tell.. so of course he had to get photos with her

They came home on Sunday morning and cleaned the boat then headed back to Yeppoon for the final Tally of the Comp. All in all they had a great weekend and loved every second of it!

Latest Update On Joshua

Hi all .. Here is Kylie's latest update on Joshua.. please keep your prayers coming! xx

"Sorry about the late turn in hospital all last week....

Josh is going well :)

He's now off nearly all the drugs, including morphine, and is coping beautifully! He is still on meds for infection, and is having nasogastric feeds, but has managed a few bites of food....mainly strawberries! Staying awake for longer periods... but only half an hour"

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Well yesterday was one of those After school we decided to pop into the pet shop to pick up some food for Declan's little friends.. The boys were very excited to get to handle a heap of mealworms.. yuck.. Brodie's first question.. 'Are they blood suckers?'.. lol. think he been watching too much animal planet..They were even more excited when they found out they had to chop the mealworms heads off. What is it with boys and gross Anyway.. we got that over and done with before bed last night. And yep the boys thought it was great fun!

Then as Greg was away, again, Brodie got to sleep in Mummy's bed. Normally he is very good and goes straight to sleep so I finished cleaning up and headed into the office to do some things. Well I came out at 9:15 to find Connor still reading, When lights out is 8:00.. grrr and then went into my room to check on Brodes. He was sitting in my bathroom doorway, playing with my makeup.. lipstick all over the carpet, looking very guilty. What the! I got cranky with him, told him he should be asleep and lifted the doona to tuck him back in. Well! Then I really blew up. Under my doona was some of my undies, The good ones too not just me old, Greg's Cologne, Books, New toys that were supposed to be hidden, and a pair of scissors! I do not know what goes through that boys head.. I am losing it and he is sitting there cying, telling me it wasn't him! That it was Declan, who mind you was the only one fast asleep! I grabbed everything, yelled some more, ( I was really cranky) and warned him that if he wasn't asleep in 5 mins he would be back in his bed. Yup I know I shoulda put him straight there but I was worried that if I laid a finger on him to put him in his bed I was gonna smack his bum... hard! Besides.. I think I scared the bejesus out of 

Boys!! they drive me nuts.. luckily nothing was cut up so I can laugh about it now.. kinda...

Hope your kids aren't sending you round the twist! ♥ 

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I have been Creating again..

I am loving our weekly scrap sessions with the girls.. I have actually been achieving

My darling Mother showing us all that you are never too old to have

Wasn't Brodie such a

Dad loved cooking with the boys and I wanted to do a lo to remind them of all the fun they had doing it!

This was the July sketch from Scrapability Sketches. Love how it turned out.

Just had to do a lo of the fun we had at our Scrap for Cancer Day.. the pics still make me laugh. I do have some maaaddd

I have also been doing a few Invitations, Thank you cards etc for friends so I thought I would share.. actually really been enjoying it.. As you can see they have started out quite simple but I am

I made Leon's using a kit I purchased from Scrappin Doodles. Loved how they turned out.

Thanks for looking.. Leave me some blog love if you have time! xx

Last Weekend..

We had a huge day last Saturday.. started with Leon's first Birthday!.. I can't believe he is one already!! The kids all had a blast playing jungle animal bowls and getting their faces painted by Julie.

Leon looked so cute in his little Tarzan outfit the clever Tanya made for him.

Then on Saturday night we had another grls night at Rach's. For a bit of fun we had a Diva night so we all had to get dressed up and took heaps of pics.. It was hysterical.. I do so love my girls up here..

Aren't they all gorgeous!

Well I think I am finally up to again.. just got to do one more post with my latest creations..

Hope you are all well and please spare a thought or prayer for my Cousin's little boy Joshua! Mwah!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Some more Pics

The beginning of August has been busy as usual..

Brodie and I love Thursday morning Playgroup with our friends.. The week before last we went to the Botanical Gardens for a play.. the kids loved it.. and so did all the 'Aunties'. Of course I had to get some gorgeous pics of the kids.. Not like me at

and this week we were back at Tanya's as usual.. It is getting a little sad as at the end of this month Olivia and Saphira will be leaving us to head to Brisbane.. We had a small Baby Shower for Olivia this week giving her a basket of goodies for the Baby. Unfortunately she has to hide it all as we all know what she is having .. but Hubbie doesn'

And Declan got to bring 'Boris' the bear home from Prep last weekend. They take it in turns to bring him home and then have to write in a book what they did with him and draw a picture.  Declan took him to the Zoo with Daddy and his brothers.. I stayed home as I was a little tired.. (more about that in the next But the kids had a blast and I think they really enjoyed having Daddy to themselves as he has been away quite a lot with work lately.

Connor at the moment is doing really well. His behaviour has vastly improved even to the point that he got the Gold star Student of the Day award in his class last week. He was so proud of himself. Last week I asked his teacher if he still needed to be separated from the class, He had been sitting right up the front so he wouldn't be distracted or distract others. She told me that he didn't but when she asked if he wanted to move back with the others he said..'No thanks.. I will stay up the front as I get my work done better there'. I was so proud of him. We finally have our gorgeous boy back. We knew he was there we just couldn't find him under all the

Declan is doing really well in Prep too. As Qld has to catch up with the rest of Aus for the new Country wide Curriculum standards they have really started to push reading and writing etc. It has only started this term and Declan is reading so well. His teacher confirmed that he is currently reading on a par with some of the grade 2 children. If we could only get him to settle down a little in class and stop being so excitable and at times annoying and distracting to the class..he will be way ahead by the time he hits grade one. So we are working on that

Brodie is also growing up too quickly and showing his brains as well. He can now count to 10 and loves to learn. Unfortunately he is also trying out a big boy attitude as well. So we are getting a lot of backchat and defiance. Hopefully we can curb that before he hits Kindy next 

I am getting busy trying to start planning the boys birthdays for the next couple of months.. and have actually been scrapping a bit and creating invitations etc for the girls. Will put up some pics soon. 

As I said Greg has been away a lot.. So he is keeping busy trying to juggle work and home.. not always successfully.  Unfortunately the boys really miss him.. so we all hope that maybe it will settle soon.. Though I don't think it will.

End of July..

Well I am behind but then you wouldn't expect anything different would ya..Well lets see what happened at the end of July..

On the 22nd the Boys at their Sports day.. It was Declan's first so he was very excited..

The Preppies Had Egg and Spoon Races, Sack Races and Ball games.. all of which Declan's team did really well in.. Winning most of them.. Which made him very happy.. lol.. and then he had a 40 mtre sprint in which he came about 5th.. and got a good effort Ribbon for.. he was so proud he didn't come

Connor had Ball Games, Relay and I think it was a 60 mtre sprint.. He got second in his sprint and even though he had to swap teams to make up numbers for the relay he was very proud of his first

And of course we mums all had fun socialising on the sidelines.. lol.. when I wasn't taking pics that is!..

 I ended up taking photos for about 10 Mums and all up I think I took over 600 pics.. Couldn't work out why my arms were sore the next day.. hehe..

All up it was a well run, fun day and the kids had a blast even though their team (Daly) didn't win overall.

For those that don't know Brodie has an addiction to Taggies.. yup the tags on anything.. Toys, clothes, linen.. makes no difference as long as it is the right kind of Taggie.. He is constantly walking around with his hands in the back of his pants or behind his neck playing with his Taggie.. especially when he is It is even to the point that he will not wear clothes that don't have the right kind of Taggie.. lmao.

Anyway.. Connor was sitting on the puter one night and his brothers were watching him. Next minute I hear..'Can I use your Taggie?' and turn to find Brodie sitting behind Connor fiddling with the Taggie on Connor's PJ' Just had to take some pics.. I really do have some strange children.. lmao.

Oh and I have finally got some pics of the boat to share after its little 'mishap'..

New one should be ready next week.. this time fully named etc.. so lets hope Greg has better luck with

Quick update on Joshua..

I am hoping to update all the blog today but wanted to put a quick update in on Joshua..

Here are the last 2 updates from Kylie..

Update Friday 13/8

Joshua is OFF the ventilator!! As of approx 6.40pm friday :-) he is still very sleepy but doing well!! Keep the love and prayers coming please, still battling!

Update Wed 11/8

Josh is doing well... although he has a bit of a temp at the moment... due to a secondary infection, and he's had withdrawels coming off some of the meds.. (morphine/medaz)... they are going to start waking him over the next couple of days... all going well!!!!! YAY!!! He is a bit more aware now.. they had to splint his arm to stop him pulling the tubes out...and 'cos he was pushing the nurses arm away when trying to wash his mouth with yucky mouthwash!! Go Joshie!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXX♥♥♥

Thank you to everyone who is praying and thinking of Joshua and his family.. I am so proud and consider myself to be so lucky to have so many wonderful friends IRL and online that have taken the time to pray and support a complete stranger.. I do so love you all!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Please we need your prayers and thoughts!

I know I have a lot to catch up on on the Blog but I just wanted to put this in.. I received an email from my Cousin today and wanted to share it with all the gorgeous people that read my Blog.. My Cousin's little boy is very sick and we really do need all your thoughts and prayers for him..

Kylie says it perfectly so here it is..


My son, Joshua Webb is 7 years old. He has always been a very active little boy. He is loving and kind, thoughtful and considerate, and a sweet child, popular with all his family and friends, and loved dearly by his parents and sisters.

Today he is lying in a hospital bed on life support, in an induced coma. This is day 8....

(induced 30th July 2010).

7 weeks ago he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. After 4 weeks of chemotherapy, he had two weeks off before the next intensive phase of treatment was to start, but that week, almost 2 weeks ago, he caught an infection in his lungs. In the space of 5 days he was admitted to hospital, then to ICU, and now in an induced coma because his little body was exhausted, and could not cope with the work it had to do just to try to breathe.

Joshuas family is requesting prayer please, from as many people as possible around the world. His mother Kylie, elder sister Sharnhi, (10), younger sister Nikkisha, (19 months), and his father Glenn, as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family and friends, would like people to pray for Josh on August 8th, around 6.15 pm, Melbourne standard time. I know many of you are already praying for Joshua, which is greatly appreciated.

Its not so much the time that is important, but the supportive prayers of many going up that is comforting to our family.

Please, take a moment to pray for Josh.... even if its not something you would normally do, your voice is needed. He needs all the support we can possibly give him.

Joshua is a beautiful little boy, and has a whole lifetime of love to give and we, his family, would like your help in prayer during this very critical time please.

Thank you so much,

from Joshua and his family.

Any prayers and thoughts at anytime would be so appreciated..

Thank you so much.. xxxx♥♥♥