Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Movie Night

We decided to take the boys to see "Hotel Transylvania" at the cinemas tonight. Gotta love cheap Tuesday.. And as the Hogs Breath Cafe is under the cinemas and kids eat free on Tuesdays, what better way to end the day! The Hogster even paid a visit but Connor was the only one game enough to get a photo lol.

It ended up being a rather educational night as we were sitting near a large group of Ugandan Orphans, that are travelling round Australia were at Hogs Breath as well. This led to discussions on why/how they may have been orphaned, as well as a discussion on the similarity in their looks and how our ancestors, and heritage are what gives us our differences in skin tones and hair colour etc. Love the way my boys are always so thirsty for knowledge.

Have a good one!