Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Playgroup Conference..

Well it was a fantastic weekend.. besides the 3 hr delay at Townville airport on Sunday afternoon.. Amanda and I learnt heaps and have come back full of ideas for playgroup now.. I just wish it had been longer.. There is soo much more I wanted to know and so many wonderful ladies with great ideas.. I think we could've talked for a month.. not like me hey!! lol

Greg and the boys seemed to have survived me being away.. Though I think they gave him a bit of a hard time..Hate to sound mean but I find it very hard to come up with any sympathy.. lol.. More a matter of welcome to my world..lol.

Poor little Brodie's got a very runny nose at the moment... and boy is he sulky.. hopefully he will get over it all soon.

Our craft morning was wonderful last Wednesday. Great company and I even got one and 1/2 LO's done.. This was last weeks WC.. It needed to be neat and straight edges..

This was Declan's first taste of Fruit Salad Yoghurt Dessert. Not the best pics but had to scrap that face..

Connor had his first Sports Day today.. He had a great day but I will tell you more about it later this week when I get time to download the pics..

Well it is getting late.. am soo tired and still got more playgroup stuff to do. Catch you all later.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Its a big week this week.. Off to Townsville on our Playgroup conference this weekend and I have some friends over for a scrap/craft/coffee morning tomorrow..I am going to love having some scrap and chat time.. feels like forever.

This is the little owl I stayed up doing for Declan on Sunday Night.. It is supposed ot be a cushion bu I just shrunk the pattern and made a few adjustments. I also did a goldfish for Connor but we can't find it at the moment so I couldn't take a picture.. maybe next time.. They are already asking for me to make more ..cause I have nothing else to do of course!

Was up till 12.30 again last night.. more playgroup stuff but at least its done.. hopefully an early night tonight. I am soo tired.. Gotta go now and clean up my room for tomorrow.. What a mess..lol.. Hope you have a good week..

Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Weekend..

Hi everyone.. hope you all have had a lovely weekend.. We had my Brother and his family visiting and the boys just loved it.. They adore playing with their cousins and Brodie took a real shine to Uncle Shane.. eventually..lol.. Sue and I even got in some scrap shopping and some scrapping.. gotta love it. Connor played footy this morning and had a great time.. loved it that he had his own little support team on the sidelines.. After he told me excitedly that it was a great game cause they tied!! lol.. not sure of the score as they don't really keep track at this level.. but I do love the attitude.. Greg just needs to have a little chat to him about the rules of tackling players without the ball.. On both his and the other team..pmsl.

Am getting a little excited at the moment.. Playgroup is going soo well.. we have a wonderful bunch of Mum's and we raised far more than expected in our Mother's day Raffle.. not bad for our little group.. Especially as we managed to scrounge all the prizes!! gotta love it. Oh yeah.. what I am really excited about is Amanda and I are off to the Playgroup Conference in Townsville this weekend.. Hopefully we will learn some new ideas etc.. and a weekend away.. Woohoo.. plus it is all payed for by the govt.. gotta love it. I am really hoping it is worthwhile.. I just soo want to see our little group going from strength to strength.. and being a great support to all the Mum's out there. Mind you we are not that little in Playgroup terms.. We now have around 30 families paid up this year and around 20 turn up each week. We got 3 newbies just last week. As I said we really have a great bunch of girls and I can't remember being in such a large group where so many people jump in to do what they can to help and all get along so well.. Can you tell I am just loving it.. It has been more work than I expected but I am soo glad I volunteered.

Anyway .. got four grubby boys in the shower.. they have been doing a little more fencing.. which is almost finished..yippee.. and still got plenty to do .. so better get going..

Here is the Mothers Day Lo I did for this week's WC.. It was fun to actually have someone to scrap with for a change!

I finally got to use the overlay I have had sitting here forever.. and the sticker for the title.. I love the flowers representing me and my boys.. and got to use a Little pink.. yippee.. the title is actually a hot pink but the colours seem bit off..

Hope you had a great weekend..

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


My God!!.. what is it with boys?? I just had to take Connor up to the hospital to get a small bead removed from his ear.. It was one of those cut plastic tubing things.. and he decided to shove it in his ear.. So of course with Greg away I had to pack all 3 boys in the car.. went to 2 hospitals to find someone to help and finally got it removed! This all at 7.30 when I was just about to get them into bed and crash myself.. We didn't get home until 8.40.. I finally got dinner at 9.20.. not my fault Amanda!!!! after I rang my brothers whose birthday was today! Yep Both of em. Shane is 40 and Brett 39.. good timing on Mum's behalf hey.. lol.. So Happy Birthday to you both!! sorry for the quick phonecalls! Anyway My eyes are hanging out of me head and I am off to bed.. they are all finally asleep.. Hope your day was better!

Sunday, 11 May 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful day today and all you Mum's got shown the appreciation you deserve..

I have been rather spoilt!

It all started at School on Friday when we had afternoon tea with the kids.. They had made a video of why they loved their Mum and drawn pics of us and a list all about their Mum on the back. This is the Pic Connor drew of me.

Too cute.. and here is a sample of the things he wrote and said..

She is 40 yrs old.. ?? Not yet!!

She is tall and weighs 50 kgs .. I wish!!

She has dark red hair, brown eyes and a nice smile .. What a sweetie..

She likes to eat vegetables and drink wine .. so now everyone knows I'm a lush..lol

My Mum's favourite household job is cooking me food .. hmm have to think about that one.

If she could go anywhere on a trip she would go to Fairbairn Dam and take fishing rods with her .. Hmm who is he talking about now..lol

Her favourite Tv show s kids shows .. again I think he might be talking about him not me..lol

I like it when my Mum plays with me .. Me too!!

It was soo gorgeous.. and they sang the Hi 5 song Love and did the actions.. Connor started at the back of the pack and slowly moved his way to the front cause he knew I had my camera.. and kept pointing at me when he sang I love you..

Not the best photo of me.. but then hey such is life!

Greg also got me a new Mobile phone which he gave me Fri night.. I can take piccies with this one and it actually works properly!!! Woohoo.. have had fun playing with it I can tell ya..

As it was Greg's B'day on Wednesday we decided to go out to dinner last night at Hog's Breath with the kids.. As we were dressed up we thought it was a good opportunity to get a rare photo with all three boys and Mummy.

How cute are they!!!

I love this pic.. though I do wish Connor didn't have that silly look on his face.. but I guess that is Connor.. The only thing I was disappointed with was we didn't get any pics of Greg and the boys.. because it was soo hard getting the pics we did.. OMG they never smiled at the same time.. and Brodie kept doing a runner, we ran out of time and had to get to Dinner.. I guess though we often get pics of Greg and the boys..

This morning I got brekkie in bed..and all the boys helped Daddy and I got spoilt with these pressies the boys did at Daycare.

Declan's pressie

Brodie's Pressie

Then we went to the park where we met some friends.. home for lunch and an afternoon nap.. and this arvo I got to scrap while Greg played with the boys outside..and Greg cooked a lovely Roast Dinner. I told you I was spoilt..

Well I am sorry to rabble on so long... I really need to update more often so I don't have to put in soo much.. and I really can't resist showing off all the wonderful things that make me happy! anyway I hope you had a wonderful day and will catch up soon!!

Some Layouts..

I have actually done some scrapping over the last couple of weeks.. We have started a challenge to use our stash before we get more.. hmm I have a few things here to use up..lol.. Anyway I put down that I would do 15 lo's before I started using new stuff.. I could do a lot more but I would be here forever..lol. Of course I have got some new things since then.. Who can resist a sale but I have not even put it away yet to resist temptation.. let's see how long that lasts..lol.

This weeks Weekly Challenge.. WC.. Had to use old photos and have 4 or more on a page. We also had to use some stitching and ripping.. A first for me.. and I used paint on bubble wrap on both the pp and background. So I did Declan's First Bath.. It is called Little Piglet cause he squealed like a piglet every time we put him in water for the first few weeks.. Luckily he loves a tub now..lol.

I love this photo of Brodie having a cry to Mark when Daddy went to the shed without him.. This was Sheree's WC - an outside photo and a new technique. I sanded the photo and PP which I have not done before.

Layout I did from when Poppy came to Grandparents day at school.

Pirate Day

They were learning about the ocean at school and on the last day they had a pirate dress up day.. After a rough week the week before with his behaviour at school I promised him dress up costume if he was good all week.. And he did it.. and has been pretty good ever since too I might add.. Here is a pic of him and his little mate Michael after they had their face painted at school.
They had a great day with a pirate ship Cake, cupcakes and gold chocolate coins. Connor was also impressed cause he got his first gun. It is a pirate pistol and came with the sword etc.. Well I guess it had to happen one day.. luckily it doesn't look very real or mean Mummy wouldn't have let him have it. pmsl
Brodie is growing every day.. He is now 12 kg and Declan is only 15 kg.. I have a feeling the tow others are going to leave Declan behind in the size department.
Brodie is eating anything.. and everything.. we eat.. we often joke he has 5 course meals cause he will eat his and then come back and try and eat all ours.. He is also starting to talk a lot more.. he is saying things like Pear, Chair, and a very definite No Daddy came out today.. well what else did I expect for his first sentence.. He is getting a real personality now.. some soo cute and some absolutely painful..lol.. He loves to throw things.. everything.. Toys, books, food.. constantly.. some days he drives me mad.. once again.. what did I expect! But he is also getting rather cuddly and has the cutest grin.. The joys of boys!!
It was Greg's Birthday on Wednesday.. he went to work so it was a quiet day.. but the boys made him some piccies and we gave him a cd and a pocket knife he was after. I took him to lunch and got him a chocolate Mudcake for that night. The boys of course insisted on singing to him. I think he had a good day..so he tells me..

Monday, 5 May 2008


Well I have promised myself that I will try and update the blog more often but as usual life gets in the way. So here is a catch up of What I have missed this month.
We had a lovely visit from our friends the So Choy's earlier in the month. They were on hols and stayed at Yeppoon for a couple of nights. It was great to catch up with them. Especially as it was Easter last year when we saw them last. And the family has grown since then. Julie and I even got to do some scrap shopping which was soo much fun. I finally got to check out a few of the shops I hadn't been to before.

I took some really cute piccies of Declan at Playgroup the other week. He has a little girlfriend called Ebony. They go to daycare together and playgroup and also want to see each other on other days as well. Last time he got his haircut I told him he had to get it done to look spunky. He replied. 'I got to get my hair cut to look 'punky cause me and my girlfriend Ebony gotta go to a party tonight and we are gonna dance allll night'. It just sooo cracked me up. I have no idea where he got it from. Anyway I did the terrible Mummy thing and got him and Ebony to have a cuddle to get a few pics.. They are sooo cute.

Horrible aren't I .. But honestly could you resist the opportunity for such cute pics!
We went to Fairbairn Dam on the Anzac Weekend. Poppy came down for the week before and we met some of Greg's Rellies and his parents out there. It was great to catch up with everyone and the boys absolutely loved it

Brodie's first trip in a boat.

Connor loves fishing with Daddy

Poppy decided he needed to take a photo of himself as he was the photographer.

We had lots of Rainbow Lorikeets and Kookaburras visit us over the weekend.

The boys loved playing in Pa's boat at night time.

This weekend we didn't go anywhere. We cleaned up on Sat and had some friends over on Sunday night. We had a great time. It is so good to socialise again. We intend to do it far more often. Well in case I don't get on here before then I would like to wish all you Mum's out there a very Happy Mother's day. And Tori.. I am sooo sorry I missed you Birthday.. I was thinking of you. Hope you had a great day! Will call soon..ok.

Well night all.. more work to be done. Until next time..Keep well.