Sunday, 27 July 2008

I'm So Mean!

This is a note I put up on the Boxx Forum.. I thought the rellies might get a giggle.. it is soo typical Connor. I think I am going to have to find a grumpy photo of Connor and scrap this. I'm sure I'll have one or two here

I just have to laugh at the moment. My boys favourite saying is.. 'You're soo mean Mummy..' But then when they are being good I get the 'noooo you're not mean' when I remind them of what they have said 5 mins yesterday was a total crack.. Connor was not playing particularly nicely on the playground after school so I said.. 'Right that's enough.. we're going home if that's how you are going to play..' Which off course was followed by the usual begging, whinging, pleading and sulking.. On the way to the car I then got ' You just make my life difficult Mummy'. I mean he's not yet 6 I had to stop myself from falling over laughing.. and then I asked him if he wanted me to really make his life difficult..which of course he said No..OMG.. I can't wait to see what is coming next!!!! pmsl

Nicole's Class..

Yesterday Tanya and I went to Scrap 'n Scrap and did a class by the Lovely Nicole P. We had a great time and it was great to get away and relax for a bit as Greg was away with work basically all last week.. Love those boys but gee they stress me sometimes..pmsl.. Took some yummies to eat so with Friends, chocolate, scrappin and chatting.. I was in heaven! And I actually did a lo on me and on Greg.. the first one I have done on him.. slack hey.. I got one finished today but I still have the other one to finish.. Also got a photo swap to complete so I am going to do that first than finish the other lo..

Here's the Lo I finished .. I love all the techniques I learnt in it.. So many things I would never have thought to do..

The gorgeous Nicole.. now what is it about me and tongues. rofl

Tanya, Nicole and I

I took some pics Sat morning of Greg and him and the boys as I wasn't sure which ones I would use.. there are some good ones but this is definitely the cheeky side of my boys..

Just a cute pic I had to share.. Murphy loves a cuddle at night time.

Hope you all had a great weekend..

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holidays... Visiting Granny Sunt and Poppy Col..

This is it.. the last instalment.. phew!! .. Have I bored you to tears

On Thursday afternoon we went up to Granny Sunt's. Greg and Col went and played golf on Friday while Mum and I stayed home and had a quiet morning with the boys.. After they got home Col let the boys have ride on his scooter.. he uses it sometimes on the golf course.. Well they loved it..

Connor had a blast and Granny put down these little witches hats for him to steer around..

Brodie was not in the least bit scared.. he would've hung on all day given a chance..

Declan had quite a grip.. and had a ball.

Poppy then let Declan have a steer.. which all went well until he ran into the wall.. pmsl.. grabbed the throttle a leetle too hard.. Luckily the only casualty was an old stool.. which should be back to normal as soon as Poppy puts a new leg on I only wish I had taken pics.. but of course I was too busy rushing over to think of the camera.. lol

Actually got a reasonable photo of Brodie and Granny

because he was not sitting still for one of these.. lol

And she also got a huuge tonguie good bye on Saturday.. He was even getting pretty good at saying 'cank koo Graggy' (Thank you Granny)

Well we packed up the car and headed home on Saturday.. Got home at about 7pm.. and boy was I glad to see home.. The boys were tired and very cranky.. I have had a cough for a week which is driving me nuts.. so between the car sickness, cough and I managed to get a toothache half way home.. I was pretty much in a what else is gonna happen mood.. lol.. It also meant that I was just not feeling up to the Cybercrop on the Boxx last night.. soo disappointed.. been looking forward to it for ages. Went to the docs this morning and of course there is nothing they can do. So I just gotta hope it clears very soon.. the boys are a littel fluey too so I am soo hoping they don't get worse.
Greg tooltheboys to watch Connor pla footy this morning and has been chasing them most of today while I tried to catch up on the 167 emails I had and the 900 odd photos I had to download..
Well I hope I haven't sent you all into a mind numb.. But its done One more job off the list.. Hope you all had a good week.. Catch ya soon!!

Holidays.. The Boxx girls..

Part 3.. The Boxx girls.. On Wed night the most fantabulous DG (Leeann) off the Boxx and her hubby and kids came over to our unit to meet us.. and she is just as wonderful as I thought she would be.. I met DG on the Boxx about a year ago.. but she lives in Kalgoorlie.. so this was a fantastic chance to actually meet her irl.. We yacked and yacked and drank a wine or two.. I think our boys were soo excited that they freaked out her girls a touch.. well I guess that is no All I can say is I am sooo glad I got to see her... It was like we had been friends for years..
I then met up with a few of the other girls on Thursday on our way through to Mum's.. I got to see the lovely girls that I have my Boxx weekends with.. and to meet some new Boxx girls.. it was great fun.. Greg took the boys off to the Museum and we girls had coffee and lunch at Southbank.. of course there was cameras everywhere.. so here are a couple of the more serious
The Scrapper Tree.. as Nikala calls it.. Unfortunately she is behind the camera!! Gotta love that view Peta!!!

The beautiful Jodes!!

Me and DG!!! I had to try and scale her to get a pic.. she was too damn tall!!!! pmsl..

I wish I didn't live soo far away!!

Holidays.. Dreamworld

Well.. here is part two.. On Monday after we left Marnie and Pa's we went to the Gold Coast. On Tuesday we took the kids to Dreamworld. They loved it.. and as we got in there at 9 we had heaps of time before everyone else got in to take heaps of cool pics.. without strangers in the So here are a few of the hundreds I took..

The boys loved meeting the animals.. They were even lucky enough on the way back through that an Asian couple heard them asking us for animal food and shared theirs with them.. they had a ball feeding all the roos.. It was a really nice thing for them to do..

Declan made some new friends in the Gold Rush Country!

Brodie in Captain Feathersword's ship!

The Wiggles house.. the colours are magnificent!

We loved seeing the Tigers at Tiger Island.. this little girl is about 6 mths old.

and we got to see the 5 week old cubs have a bottle.. Declan has decided he wants to be a Tiger Keeper when he gets older!

Sultan .. He weighs over 200kg!!

Mohan.. just gorgeous.. and I won't be climbing trees if a tiger is after me!!

Meeting Dorothy.. Declan wanted to know why she wouldn't talk to

The boys wanted Mummy to come on the teacups with them.. the problem is I was sick the night before.. ad Brodie insisted on spinning the damn thing.. My God I nearly threw up on the Wiggles Teacups.. and yet Connor spun himself silly and loved it!!

Henry.. As you can see Brodie wasn't quite game to get too close to the

Love this pic of them on the Tiger.. Fake one of you can see Declan's Thomas.. he picked the littlest cutest tiger to get..he also got himself a Koala.. which he promptly lost the next day, they all got beautiful tiger shirts.. Brodie got a roaring Mohan and Connor picked himself out a Tiger Island glass.. they are very spoilt these boys.
By the time we left we were all exhausted.. we had left a few things to do the next day as we had a 2 day pass but unfortunately it rained all Wed.. so we went to the shops instead.. Luckily I gave the tickets to one of the Boxx girls .. so hopefully she will get good use out of them!
OK.. Part 2 done.. are you worn out I know I am.. but still got a bit more to go.. I soo want to scrap tonight!!

Holidays.. Marnie & Pa's

Ok.. I is gonna ramble again... I have decided to cut the holiday into its main parts so that its a bit easier for me.. I took nearly 1000 photos in the last week so forgive me for putting up a few of my favs.. don't forget girls.. you can skim..lmao!!!

I let the boys sleep in my bed the night before we left as Greg wasn't home.. and that way I could wash their sheets.. well after an hour or two trying to get them to sleepthis was how I found em.. and this is how they slept until I came to bed.. then without waking up Declan immediately snuggled up behind me.. They are soo cute.. when they are

This is the gorgeous little Katie.. They came for a visit on Sat andthe kids had a ball playing together..

Brodie evenutually warmed up to Pa.. going through that, 'I don't want anyone' phase!! lol.. I loved how he played with Pa's hair..and the difference.. such a cute photo..

Pa's Boys..

It's the drive-in gift!!

Gotta love a cuddle with Marnie..

All in all it was a good weekend.. the boys loved seeing everyone..

Trine, Harry and the kids dropped out on Sunday and she even delivered me some goodies.. love that personal service..pmsl.. Tanya and I had bought a heap of stuff off her site.. And we got to see some of our friends too when we went through Toowoomba.. It was great to see Clare, Tom, Marisa, Andrew and Mark.. We really appreciate all you guys making the effort to see us.. Miss you all sooo much!!

Well that's the first Are you ready for Dreamworld!!

I know!!

As per a couple of comments .. yep I rambled on.. but hey it is my I put heaps of details into some of the posts cause this is where I am gonna come when it is time to scrap .. and I got a memory like a sieve these days..lmao.. so I am using this as a way to keep alllll the info I might want.. pmsl.. soo girls.. skim!!.. ladies.. skim!! rofl!!!! Will put another huuuuge post up soon.. on our hols with heaps of pics etc. so remember to skim!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gummy grin!!

Well last night Connor lost his first top front tooth.. Chucking a bit of a tanti while Greg was brushing his teeth and the loose tooth fell out.. and Daddy caught it! Stopped the tanti in a and yes the Tooth Fairy did come.. and boy inflation is a shocker.. I used to get 50c for a front tooth and 20c for any other tooth.. and these days its $2 for any other tooth and $5 for a front one.. Connor was impressed anyway.. more spending money for Dreamworld next

Now Poppy came down far a couple of days last week and as we had to do some make up lessons at swimming convinced him to get in with Brodie.. So glad I did they had a ball. Now I did the obvious thing and stood on the pool side to take pics.. and this is what I got..
So then I had to hide behind their front counter.. taking pics through the glass wall and around corners people thought I was a nut..pmsl.. anyway the pics aren't the clearest but I do love them..

You can tell they are having fun can't you.. Wish I could had video of Poppy singing Sizzling and loove that hair. lol
Now as yet I had been unable to get Brodie to 'Crocodile' along the edge to the slippery slide.. he usually walks.. trying to get there as quickly as he could.. so imagine my surprise to see this.. and again they are both loving it..

I mean it is an unclear pic.. but the joy is unmistakeable.

Now Brodie is absolutely loving swimming lessons.. This week he even crocodiled for me.. lol.. and he is now knowing what to do as soon as you say it.. he waits now and jumps when he is supposed to.. kicks and blows bubbles and even leans backwards himself and is 'singing' his version of 'I'm a little pancake' with me. and when he is backwards on the side of the pool he throws himself backwards as soon as you 'chop' him in the right spot.. But this week he decided he needed a new trick.. now at one point in the class they give us sinking rings to put between our toes, put our leg straight and the kids go out to get them.. obviously with my short legs this is not much of a challange. So after he did this the first time he has since been putting the ring between my toes for me and also between his.. which he thinks is great fun.. But this week he took it one step further.. he started to throw it .. and as it sunk I 'swam' him under water to it so he could grab it.. Well.. he loved it.. and threw it again and again. each time ducking underwater, kicking and reaching to grab it.. he even tried to push his instructor Shelly out of the way cause she was standing to close to it and he couldn't get it. lol.. I am soo impressed! and so was A real little fish he is.. He, Nicholas and Lachlan are all improving so much in the pool lately.

Well Connor has had hols the last two weeks and it has been nice to have him home..especially when his brothers are at daycare.. he is a real pleasure to be around when he is on his own.. then we pick up Declan...!! lol.. anyway we haven't done too much out of the usual.. He made a little bead flower of his own while I did some.. and he was lucky enough for Tanya to take him with Michael and Talissa to the Heritage Village yesterday for their holiday fun.. He also went on his first playdate to Tanya's last Thursday after playgroup.. she took him own and brought him home that night.. first time without Mum or Dad.. or his brothers!!.. and today we had playgroup at the Botanical gardens again and then Tanya, Michael and Talissa came over for a play.. Tanya was a wonderful help with chasing kids, tidying the house and helping me pack.. I am so lucky to have met such wonderful friends here.. I keep telling her I am going to have to start paying here.. the house always seem cleaner after she I bought her and the kids dinner tonight instead... still think I got the better deal!!!

Anyway I have prob bored you enough.. hope you all have a good week next week. and catch you soon!!


Well I am having a ball at the moment.. mind you I am lacking sleep but oh well!! used to that.. here are my latest little creations.. saw some beaded flowers and decided I could do that.. so I did.. They take me about an hour depending on the no. beads etc.. and how I am but I am really enjoying it. I have also started making scrolls and other shapes in beads as well.. I have sent most of these to the girls in my latest Ribbon Swap. I so hope they like them and can use them. Going to keep experimenting and see what else I can come up with..
Here is the page I did for Connor using this months Sketch Challenge. The same as the one I did for Declan just using different papers .. etc.. and made a different Scroll in beads.
I am going to do my first scrap class this month.. One of the girls on the Boxx is doing a class at Scrap'n Scrap. Her work is gorgeous and I can't wait to have a go.. and even better Tanya is coming with me.. I am soo loving havin a scrappin' partner!!

Introducing Samuel Luca!!!

Well as promised here are the pictures of the gorgeous little Samuel. He is soo gorgeous and such a quiet little thing. These pics were taken when he was about 5 hours old.. what a little doll!

Monday, 7 July 2008

What a weekend..

Well what was going to be a quiet weekend ended up being quite exciting.. Got to bed about 2am on Fri night..told you I was sleeping less.. lol... and then Greg woke me at 6.15 to say my girlfriend Rach was in labour and we needed to go look after the kids.. OMG.. I threw on some trackies and rushed over.. unbrushed hair and all. OMG It has not been long enough and the memories of the pain came flooding back as I watched her have a contraction..Definitely no more kids for Anyway... felt totally useless.. it is really horrible watching someone you care about in pain and not being able to do a thing about it.. Even when you know it is for a good
Anyway sent them of to the hospital and brought Bonnie and Tom home to our place.. I was sooo full of nervous energy waiting for that phone to ring I cleaned the house.. chased the kids... I couldn't stop.. Was just lying next to Bonnie and Declan trying to get them to sleep, thinking ..I can't sleep need to get up soon, when I got the call.. It was a little boy!!! Samuel Luca.. and both were fine.. well the funny thing was I put the phone down.. told Bonnie,who just smiled and nodded, she's 2...and I reckon I fell asleep before they did.. lol..
Anyway took them up to see Rach and Sam that night.. he is soo gorgeous.. I almost got but the hospital is a shocker.. she was sharing with 4 other women in a tiny room.. it was disgusting.. anyway I won't get on that soapbox.. but she came home today and both are doing well.. will upload a pic soon.. better let the mum see them

Then on Sunday we went to the park in the morning with Tanya, Michael and Talissa and they then came over after rest time.. it was great . Tanya and I scrapped and the kids played.. everyone was

This morning I took the boys to get our haircuts at my friends place.. no I haven't cut Brodie's and then we were supposed to go to swimming lessons.. well Connor threw a toy at Declan and put a hole in his head.. a lot of blood but not too much damage thankfully.. so we cam home and had a quiet day..

So between Poppy visiting last week.. School Hols.. and everything else going on.. it is a pretty tired household at the mo.. speaking of everything else I had better stop rambling on and get off and do my playgroup work.. still hoping to scrap tonight to.. well we'll Hope you are all well. and hope I haven't bored you to death.. Was a little excited about the gorgeous little Sam.. chat soon!

I am on fire!

Well for me I I have actually done 2 lo's this week.. can you believe it I have just been soo motivated that I am sleeping a lot and scrappin a lot more.. I loove it.. Ok well here are the two latest..

This was a photo I took last week of the kis walking back to the car from playgroup in the park.. I couldn't resist.. I had y arms full of stuff.. juggling it all and trying to take that would've been a funny pic in itself..anyway last weeks WC on the Boxx was to do something unusual with the background.. I was just about to put an orange bag in the stuff to take to school for the kids when I started thinking.. so there it is on the background of my lo.. and I made the beaded flower and painted the alphas with texture paste.. oh and I made he little alphabet words too.. that was a touch fiddly but soo glad I did.. I am really pleased with it..

and this was this month's sketch challenge.. I have never done the sketch challenge before but it was so simple and gorgeous I thought it would be perfect for the pixis photos. So I have done this one for Declan and will do another for Connor using different papers.. Had a blast with this as well. made the beaded scroll and used ink and a paint brush to get the letter stickers just the right colour.. also used the ink, paintbrush, silver glitter pen and a stencil to do the doodle.. I told you I am on fire..

and I have also won last month's technique challenge.. the lo of Poppy with the painted tape background..woohoo.. I won

I've been Tagged..

Ok I been tagged by two lovely ladies.. the first one was Bee.. but I have already done that one - the what was I doing 10 years ago.. so if you wanna have sticky go back to past and the second is the lovely Nay

Ok it is 7 Weird Random Facts about me:

1. When I was preg with Brodie I measured around my belly. And I was about 5 cms smaller around the belly than I am high.. SO Greg had great fun with the 'as wide as I am tall' jokes!
2. I am a slight perfectionist.. When I am doing things I get very frustrated if they are not just so.. an issue I am learning to deal with now I have 3
3. For years when I was little I believed my middle name was spelt Marie not Maree????
4. When I did ballet as a 5 yr old my ballet teacher used to call me the baby elephant.. cause I was knock-kneed and couldn't get my legs into just the right position.
5. I don't like t0 eat anything that is looking at me.. Hate whole fish etc.
6. At school I loved to put chips on me sandwiches.. didn't matter which chips o which sandwhiches but BBQ chips on Vegemite was always good!
7. I still sleep with a teddy.. one of the soft baby ones I have had for over 10 years.. When Greg used to have a go at me I'd tell him to stop cuddling a pillow and I'd stop cuddling my Teddy.. Happy Bear is still here!!lol

OK well there are 7 things you never really wanted to know about Now who will I tag...

1. Tam
2. Toni
3. Kylie
4. Tara
5. Bee
6. Tatum
7. Tammy

Ok you can find their blog's down the side.. Have fun girls!!