Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gummy grin!!

Well last night Connor lost his first top front tooth.. Chucking a bit of a tanti while Greg was brushing his teeth and the loose tooth fell out.. and Daddy caught it! Stopped the tanti in a and yes the Tooth Fairy did come.. and boy inflation is a shocker.. I used to get 50c for a front tooth and 20c for any other tooth.. and these days its $2 for any other tooth and $5 for a front one.. Connor was impressed anyway.. more spending money for Dreamworld next

Now Poppy came down far a couple of days last week and as we had to do some make up lessons at swimming convinced him to get in with Brodie.. So glad I did they had a ball. Now I did the obvious thing and stood on the pool side to take pics.. and this is what I got..
So then I had to hide behind their front counter.. taking pics through the glass wall and around corners people thought I was a nut..pmsl.. anyway the pics aren't the clearest but I do love them..

You can tell they are having fun can't you.. Wish I could had video of Poppy singing Sizzling and loove that hair. lol
Now as yet I had been unable to get Brodie to 'Crocodile' along the edge to the slippery slide.. he usually walks.. trying to get there as quickly as he could.. so imagine my surprise to see this.. and again they are both loving it..

I mean it is an unclear pic.. but the joy is unmistakeable.

Now Brodie is absolutely loving swimming lessons.. This week he even crocodiled for me.. lol.. and he is now knowing what to do as soon as you say it.. he waits now and jumps when he is supposed to.. kicks and blows bubbles and even leans backwards himself and is 'singing' his version of 'I'm a little pancake' with me. and when he is backwards on the side of the pool he throws himself backwards as soon as you 'chop' him in the right spot.. But this week he decided he needed a new trick.. now at one point in the class they give us sinking rings to put between our toes, put our leg straight and the kids go out to get them.. obviously with my short legs this is not much of a challange. So after he did this the first time he has since been putting the ring between my toes for me and also between his.. which he thinks is great fun.. But this week he took it one step further.. he started to throw it .. and as it sunk I 'swam' him under water to it so he could grab it.. Well.. he loved it.. and threw it again and again. each time ducking underwater, kicking and reaching to grab it.. he even tried to push his instructor Shelly out of the way cause she was standing to close to it and he couldn't get it. lol.. I am soo impressed! and so was A real little fish he is.. He, Nicholas and Lachlan are all improving so much in the pool lately.

Well Connor has had hols the last two weeks and it has been nice to have him home..especially when his brothers are at daycare.. he is a real pleasure to be around when he is on his own.. then we pick up Declan...!! lol.. anyway we haven't done too much out of the usual.. He made a little bead flower of his own while I did some.. and he was lucky enough for Tanya to take him with Michael and Talissa to the Heritage Village yesterday for their holiday fun.. He also went on his first playdate to Tanya's last Thursday after playgroup.. she took him own and brought him home that night.. first time without Mum or Dad.. or his brothers!!.. and today we had playgroup at the Botanical gardens again and then Tanya, Michael and Talissa came over for a play.. Tanya was a wonderful help with chasing kids, tidying the house and helping me pack.. I am so lucky to have met such wonderful friends here.. I keep telling her I am going to have to start paying here.. the house always seem cleaner after she I bought her and the kids dinner tonight instead... still think I got the better deal!!!

Anyway I have prob bored you enough.. hope you all have a good week next week. and catch you soon!!


Tam said...

Now thats an update....LMAO!!!!!
See you soon baboon!

Nicole said...

how gorgeous are your boys,

I wish I lived closer to town, C and Z would love swimming,

and those flowers on the post below are fantastic.

and the sneaky comment about me too LOL. you may not of been to a class but neither have I AND I've never taught either so you have to be gentle.


Renee said...

Big read :)

Swimming piccies are great, its good you can take photos! At our pool there is big signs saying NO PHOTOS.

Hopefully when my sister gets Miss M to lessons, we can sneak one or two in!

My ribbons arrived the other day - and Im in love
Thanks for organising that one xx