Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holidays... Visiting Granny Sunt and Poppy Col..

This is it.. the last instalment.. phew!! .. Have I bored you to tears

On Thursday afternoon we went up to Granny Sunt's. Greg and Col went and played golf on Friday while Mum and I stayed home and had a quiet morning with the boys.. After they got home Col let the boys have ride on his scooter.. he uses it sometimes on the golf course.. Well they loved it..

Connor had a blast and Granny put down these little witches hats for him to steer around..

Brodie was not in the least bit scared.. he would've hung on all day given a chance..

Declan had quite a grip.. and had a ball.

Poppy then let Declan have a steer.. which all went well until he ran into the wall.. pmsl.. grabbed the throttle a leetle too hard.. Luckily the only casualty was an old stool.. which should be back to normal as soon as Poppy puts a new leg on I only wish I had taken pics.. but of course I was too busy rushing over to think of the camera.. lol

Actually got a reasonable photo of Brodie and Granny

because he was not sitting still for one of these.. lol

And she also got a huuge tonguie good bye on Saturday.. He was even getting pretty good at saying 'cank koo Graggy' (Thank you Granny)

Well we packed up the car and headed home on Saturday.. Got home at about 7pm.. and boy was I glad to see home.. The boys were tired and very cranky.. I have had a cough for a week which is driving me nuts.. so between the car sickness, cough and I managed to get a toothache half way home.. I was pretty much in a what else is gonna happen mood.. lol.. It also meant that I was just not feeling up to the Cybercrop on the Boxx last night.. soo disappointed.. been looking forward to it for ages. Went to the docs this morning and of course there is nothing they can do. So I just gotta hope it clears very soon.. the boys are a littel fluey too so I am soo hoping they don't get worse.
Greg tooltheboys to watch Connor pla footy this morning and has been chasing them most of today while I tried to catch up on the 167 emails I had and the 900 odd photos I had to download..
Well I hope I haven't sent you all into a mind numb.. But its done One more job off the list.. Hope you all had a good week.. Catch ya soon!!


Renee said...

Heya Donna!!

To vote for me, you need to join. .as its a new forum setup, and slowly embellished will be totally moving to the new one!

Its a quick joining process too, makes it easier!

Looks like your boys had heaps of fun on the scooter!! Classic :)

xx R

Tam said...

The kids always have so much fun at the grandparents place hey!!!!

They are such cute pics Don, its great to hear they had fun, love the rugged up in the car shot xxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie said...

Hey Donna,
looks like the kids had a ball @ granny & poppy's place.
Love the pic's of thekids @ the wiggles...Michall & Jorja would be very jealous!
PMSL @ u feeling sick on the tea cups!
hope u've had a great weekend chickie :o}