Monday, 7 July 2008

I've been Tagged..

Ok I been tagged by two lovely ladies.. the first one was Bee.. but I have already done that one - the what was I doing 10 years ago.. so if you wanna have sticky go back to past and the second is the lovely Nay

Ok it is 7 Weird Random Facts about me:

1. When I was preg with Brodie I measured around my belly. And I was about 5 cms smaller around the belly than I am high.. SO Greg had great fun with the 'as wide as I am tall' jokes!
2. I am a slight perfectionist.. When I am doing things I get very frustrated if they are not just so.. an issue I am learning to deal with now I have 3
3. For years when I was little I believed my middle name was spelt Marie not Maree????
4. When I did ballet as a 5 yr old my ballet teacher used to call me the baby elephant.. cause I was knock-kneed and couldn't get my legs into just the right position.
5. I don't like t0 eat anything that is looking at me.. Hate whole fish etc.
6. At school I loved to put chips on me sandwiches.. didn't matter which chips o which sandwhiches but BBQ chips on Vegemite was always good!
7. I still sleep with a teddy.. one of the soft baby ones I have had for over 10 years.. When Greg used to have a go at me I'd tell him to stop cuddling a pillow and I'd stop cuddling my Teddy.. Happy Bear is still here!!lol

OK well there are 7 things you never really wanted to know about Now who will I tag...

1. Tam
2. Toni
3. Kylie
4. Tara
5. Bee
6. Tatum
7. Tammy

Ok you can find their blog's down the side.. Have fun girls!!


Tam said...

Bugger...thanks for the to do it now!!!

LMAO at your 7 random things, too funny!

Toni said...

Thanks donna!!!