Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holidays.. Marnie & Pa's

Ok.. I is gonna ramble again... I have decided to cut the holiday into its main parts so that its a bit easier for me.. I took nearly 1000 photos in the last week so forgive me for putting up a few of my favs.. don't forget girls.. you can skim..lmao!!!

I let the boys sleep in my bed the night before we left as Greg wasn't home.. and that way I could wash their sheets.. well after an hour or two trying to get them to sleepthis was how I found em.. and this is how they slept until I came to bed.. then without waking up Declan immediately snuggled up behind me.. They are soo cute.. when they are

This is the gorgeous little Katie.. They came for a visit on Sat andthe kids had a ball playing together..

Brodie evenutually warmed up to Pa.. going through that, 'I don't want anyone' phase!! lol.. I loved how he played with Pa's hair..and the difference.. such a cute photo..

Pa's Boys..

It's the drive-in gift!!

Gotta love a cuddle with Marnie..

All in all it was a good weekend.. the boys loved seeing everyone..

Trine, Harry and the kids dropped out on Sunday and she even delivered me some goodies.. love that personal service..pmsl.. Tanya and I had bought a heap of stuff off her site.. And we got to see some of our friends too when we went through Toowoomba.. It was great to see Clare, Tom, Marisa, Andrew and Mark.. We really appreciate all you guys making the effort to see us.. Miss you all sooo much!!

Well that's the first Are you ready for Dreamworld!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna

When I remember to I have a read of your blog and it's always nice to see the beautiful photos you take of the boys. They are all so different and cute. I loved seeing the ones of Nancy and Aidan - so sweet with the kids. Take care and keep up the great work with the blog - how you find the time I don't know,

love Kylie xo

Tam said...

LMAO, you did good on the update, lots to remember there mate, Well done! xxxxxxxxxxxxx