Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Movie Night

We decided to take the boys to see "Hotel Transylvania" at the cinemas tonight. Gotta love cheap Tuesday.. And as the Hogs Breath Cafe is under the cinemas and kids eat free on Tuesdays, what better way to end the day! The Hogster even paid a visit but Connor was the only one game enough to get a photo lol.

It ended up being a rather educational night as we were sitting near a large group of Ugandan Orphans, that are travelling round Australia were at Hogs Breath as well. This led to discussions on why/how they may have been orphaned, as well as a discussion on the similarity in their looks and how our ancestors, and heritage are what gives us our differences in skin tones and hair colour etc. Love the way my boys are always so thirsty for knowledge.

Have a good one!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First week of the Holidays...

Oh what a wet and miserable week the first week of the hols was... It rained constantly all week and was freezing cold.. 

Monday I thought I would start sorting the boys rooms out... best laid plans and all that.. I had a lovely sleep in and woke up to Declan telling me someone had thrown up in the bathroom.. yup.. not in the toilet but all over the wall etc at the other end! and strangely none of the boys remembered doing it.. So after the fun job of cleaning up the mess I decided bugger it and went back to lie in bed and read a book... it was holidays after 10 Minutes later the boys came in to ask it they could play electronics.... After I said no Brodie climbed into bed and fell asleep... I think I know who was sick.. and I honestly don't think he remembered..  Anyways.. I put the book down to give him a cuddle and fell asleep too... lol.. so we had a very quiet day ... 

After discussing it at school I had booked the boys in to workshops run by the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc. (QAGTC) On Tuesday Declan did a 'Build a Bug' Workshop and Connor did 'Survivor: Outplay, Out-Think, and Out-Strategise' and then on Wednesday Declan did 'Bucketloads of Brainteasers' and Connor did 'Mind Challenging Puzzles and Games'. They Loved it ... had lots of fun and their leaders said they did very well. 

Meanwhile on Tuesday Brodes and I went to a Parent Information Session until about 11.30.. He was really good playing with the old iphone.. and then he got to go to Lollypops Playland with Liam, His best mate and partner in crime from Was quite nice chatting to Liam's Mum, Louise, while the kids ran amok..

then on Wednesday we had another Parent Information Session but this time I was unorganised and so to keep Brodes occupied I gave him my phone to play with. He was again very well behaved but when I got my phone back I found a dozen photos and about 8 

Rat bag! lol.. 

I left the Sessions feeling very confused, excited, guilty and Up till now I thought had very smart boys... but apparently there is a name.. 'gifted'.. and yup that is their technical term.. How gifted I am still unsure but after those sessions I think I need to find out. It was amazing that a lot of the comments I have had from teachers have been heard by many other parents too. I certainly have never been the type to push my kids.. I just want them to do the best they can and be happy at the same time... but I think to achieve that I need to do some more investigating and chat to the school so that we can help Connor in particular from underachieving. and make his life a bit better at the same time. Will see what happens when I have a chat to the school.. Hopefully it will all work out ... 

On Thursday I got stuck in and sorted out Brodie's room while the boys had a quiet day at home.. took me all day, got rid of about 3 bags of rubbish but gee it looks so much better... Now I just need to replace the flooring, window treatments, yellow glass, repaint and decorate... lmao .. but hey .. the first step is finally done! 

Anyway I am exhausted so that will do for today... Hope you are all surviving the holidays! 

Friday, 29 June 2012

Love a good BBQ

Sunday was soo busy... ran around like a loony trying to get the rumpus room visitor friendly lol. Was a mess of boxes, toys and other junk.. Got my small Expedit put up so I could organise all the dvd's and games. We then had a wonderful afternoon with friends Andy, Row and little Ewan. Greg made yummy Lamb chops with Babganoush for nibbles, then the most beautiful Rib on the bone in the BBQ with salad and Mushroom Skewers.  All followed with a Fruit and cheese platter and a delicious White Chocolate Cheesecake... Yup the diet kinda went out the window for the but oh it was good... a few wines, good company... what more could you want on a Sunday Afternoon.

I got the recipe for the White Chocolate Cheesecake from a good friend of mine and thought I would share:

Easy to make and yummy!!! Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, Connor's team had their first game on turf.. Against a team that had flooded them 8 nil last time they met. And I have to say I am soo proud of the boys. They lost 2 nil but gee they played a good game! Especially as turf is completely different to playing on grass! I got heaps of pics but on my proper cam so will have to upload some later!

And after a nice nap and some cleaning the madness in my house started.  lol..

A Photo a Day - June #24

Bent ~ My boy is bent! He pinched Daddy's Jersey to play with the taggy and when Greg wanted it back cause he wanted to wear it Brodes said no cause he was wearing it! I live in a madhouse I tell ya!

A Photo a Day - June #23

Bells and Whistles ~ Suncorp were very popular giving these out to kids at Beef week! Lol the sounds of Cow Bells ringing through Rocky! Mine is great for getting the boys attention when they downstairs.. And the neighbours too I imagine .. Lmao

A Photo a Day - June #21

Bargains ~ Got these baskets at Ikea.. $5 down from $13.. Love a bargain!! And getting slightly addicted to Ikea! 

A Photo a Day - June #20

Baked Goods.. ~ Haven't baked in a little while so thought I would put up a cake most wouldn't have seen yet.. Connor's 3rd Birthday in 2005.