Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy New Years!

Just wanted to wish you all a Very Happy New Years.. Hope you have a blast on New Years Eve and be safe!! Looking forward to catching up with everyone in 2008!! Hope next year brings you all you could hope for and more!!


Thursday, 27 December 2007

I thought I would take 5 mins to put up the photos of the boys Stockings.. I am so glad they are all done now. I love them but boy were they hard work.. But I am pleased I managed to get them all done for them before they each had their second Xmas.. Didn't think I would make it with Brodie's but got there just in time.. Brodie 2007
Declan 2005

Connor 2003

We all got very spoilt here over Xmas.. the boys were impressed cause Santa left them what they had asked for.. Luckily they have only small requests at this point. God help Santa in a few years! I was very spoilt and got a digital photo frame.. It will be good to actually see some of the thousands I take.. now to just find the time to pick through them and decide what to put on there! Connor also picked out a little teapot for me so I can have a 'real' tea in the morning which was really sweet. Greg got the new Die Hard Quadrology among other things so he was happy. We hope you were all spoilt as well and had a wonderful day!

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it has certainly been one of those weeks.. We have had some great things happen and some not so great things and of course it all happened at once and the week before Christmas.. The best part of this week was all our visitors.. We had a girlfriend of mine come up from Highfields to visit with her 2 boys and it was absolutely fantastic to see them.. We also had Mum stop in on her way to Mackay.. Unfortunately my Uncle had passed away last week and Mum was heading through for the funeral. Because of everything else going on I couldn't get up as well but I was thinking of you all..

I then got a phone call on Wed arvo to say that the painters, that we had been waiting for since Sept, were finally coming.. On Thursday!! So I of course went into panic mode! Luckily they were only doing all the architraves and feature walls but they also had to do my whole craft/office room which was in a royal mess! ands still is!! We had our Playgroup Xmas party on Thurs morning as well so it was one hell of a day The boys made some gorgeous reindeer biccies I got off the Boxx and everyone loved them.. Even if they did look like they had been hit by a semi a few

Everyone was gone on Friday so I spent the day cleaning and trying to make the house look normal again .. and gee what a difference getting rid of the horrible colours make.. Will put up before and after photos another day when I have more time.. But we had 2 lots of visitors passing through yesterday and a party last night to go to. Today was supposed to be day for Greg to get into the fencing but I ended up with some sort of stomach bug so have spent most of the day doing nothing.. and no I was not Visitors tonight and tomorrow I will need to get stuck in and get ready for Christmas.. The plan is to have as little as possible to do on Xmas day. Whew no wonder I am tired!! and I have to say sorry to all those I have not had a chance to chat to this week. Now maybe you will understand and forgive me.

But I just wanted to say a Huge Merry Christmas from all of us here to all of you out there and I hope the day is fun and relaxing and full of joy.. Will see you in 2008 if not before!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Trip to Brissie

Well we had a great time away last weekend in Brissie.. We flew down to Brissie on Wed and the boys went off with Marnie to Caloundra for four days. Meanwhile Greg and I stayed in Brissie for a couple of days then went up to Noosa for his Work Christmas party..

It was wonderful.. I managed to get a lot of Brodie's stocking done in peace and quiet.. Shopped from 9 until 6.30 with two of my wonderful friends from Highfields and went out and ate lots of wonderful meals at night. I had a ball.. Mind you I think I came home even more tired than I normally am.. lol. The boys has a great time at the beach and loved seeing Marnie (Greg's Mum), Auntie Tania and Cousin Katie.. Plus my Mum picked us up and spent a couple of hours with the boys before dropping us off at the airport. Climbing up into the fort at the park and proceeding to slide down the slide with Declan.. lol. They love the fact that she does all that kind of stuff with them.

The boys absolutely loved it .. and to top it all off it was the big boys first flight on a plane as well ... I got into a little trouble for taking pictures on the tarmac but gee I loved the photos!

Well the tree and lights are all up now and I think I have finally got all my cards and letters ready to send out.. Now just to finish the cooking and organising and maybe I can stop panicking.. As soon as I finish that Stocking!! Anyway it is late and I am stuffed so catch you all next time! Maybe I might even have scrappin to show you.. Well a girl can dream..sigh!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Hi guys,

Well it has been another busy week here.. Christmas is getting closer and the boys are really starting to get excited.. Especially as they have now seen Santa twice.. Which leads to its own probs.. I am now getting the 'why are their two Santas?' question. It is gonna be hard keeping Connor from figuring things out next year I think.

Brodie is really starting to walk so well too.. and the look of excitement and pride he gets on his face is just classic! He is getting into everything now and is a real climber.

We had Connor's orientation day for Prep last week.. He loved it.. He didn't want to come home.. a good sign for next year. So after we left Prep he really enjoyed being a 'big boy' and coming shopping with me for some of his school supplies.. A good opportunity while daddy looked after the other two boys. He was soo well behaved.. we had a really fun time.. if only they were like that when they were together at the shops..sigh! a mother's dream!

We went to my aunt and uncle's on the weekend for Sunday lunch and the boys loved it .. they had a great time checking out the shed and all its big boys toys.. and it was great to catch up with some of the Rellies. It feels like forever sometimes between seeing family. At least we have some wonderful family living relatively close. Now to just get better organised to catch up more often!

Christmas tree goes up this weekend which is really going to get the boys excited. I have nearly finished Brodie's stocking but I had better hurry.. not too long to go! The boys have also made their Xmas decorations for the tree. Every year I try and get them one special decoration each and this year the two older boys made their own.. I think they look pretty special!

And I have actually done some scrapbooking this week. I know I promised myself I wouldn't until I finished the stocking but I happened to pick a photo at random to have a little play in the windows editing. Pushed a few buttons and voila.. I discovered you could see me in Declan's eyes. What are the chances I would pick that photo! You can also see Greg in the other eye but it didn't come out in the print. I just had to scrap it and for once the page just seemed to fall together.. Must have been fate..
Well I hope you are all having a great week..

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sept BOM

Well I am in Total shock!! Every month I am trying to do the Book of Me Challenge on the Scrapboxx forum.. Simply so I actually do some scrappin about me instead of just for the kids and unbelievably in Sept I won!! I can not believe it.. The other ladies on the Boxx are sooo talented I didn't think I had a hope.. I am soo excited!! Can you tell! lol

The layout started with the arrows that a darling friend Linda had sent me and grew from there. I simply journaled what I hoped the boys would learn in order to be decent young men.. A mother can dream that they would learn it all can't she?? Well here is the lo I did.. The colours aren't that crash hot but it is basically all black white and red. With the gold I..

And I get a prize.. woohoo what more can a girl want!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's started...

Well the silly season is upon us and the Xmas parties have begun.. We went to Rydges Resort, Yeppoon, on the weekend for Greg's Regional Xmas party.. It's quite nice there with heaps to do for the kids.. They were in awe at the huge pools, Waterfalls and even a water slide.. So we went down on Sat and had a look around Yeppoon before heading to the resort for Lunch. Connor then managed to convince Daddy to play PlayStation with him until his brothers woke up from their nap. I don't think it will be long and Connor will be teaching us how to use the games!!
Anyway after the other two got up we went down to the pool.. It was freezing!! Poor Mummy was not having a good time at all but it didn't seem to worry the boys of course. I got Brodie out after a little bit because he is still fighting off this cold but of course he ended up getting back in with Daddy before too long. Meanwhile the two bigger boys had a great time going down the water slide with Daddy.. If you ask Declan about it now you get a 10 minute epic of how you have to walk up, slide down and make a big splash at the bottom.. We really need to take them to the water park and soon! Of course I had forgotten to bring my camera down with me!!!

That night the boys had a babysitter in the room while Greg and I went down to the Xmas party.. Santa bought us some lovely smelly stuff and candles this year.. And the food was really nice. They started to do Karaoke in the bar later that night but you will be pleased to hear I refrained.. In a motel room with 7 other crazy ducks is one thing but in a bar in front of everyone.. I don't think so!
The next morning after a huge breakkie the boys and I were walking back to the unit, we'd done a little shopping in the gift shop, When Mummy's eagle eye spotted a snake.. We got someone else to run over and tell the staff while the boys and I kept an eye on it.
It was only a tree snake but the boys were fascinated watching it climb a palm tree. We ended up going back to the room and getting Daddy and he took them back down to watch it getting caught and relocated while I stayed in the room with the sleeping Brodie.
While we were packing up Connor decided he neeed to take some photos so he had a big play with Mummy's camera.. and so did Mummy.. He actually took some really nice photos of Declan and I ..
Then Daddy helped Declan take some of Connor and I..

Unfortunately Brodie was asleep but I did get one of the three of them when he woke up. And of course Declan had to include his new Baby animals.. More to add to the collection

We took heaps of pics to get a few good ones but we had great fun and it was nice to actually be in the photos for a change.. Sunday arvo was big nap time in this house I can tell you. It was a fun weekend but back to reality now.. Kindy, daycare and Connor has his Prep Orientation this week.. Getting closer!!

Well if you made it this far you did well.. Hmm I wonder where Declan gets his storytelling ability from!! lol Hope you are all having a great week..

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Home Again

Well I am home and back to reality.. Unfortunately Brodie has a bit of a flu and the boys are still a bit tired and cranky from the weekend.. I think they had a good time with Daddy and Poppy also stayed for the night on Sat so they enjoyed that. It was great to be the one the boys ran up to at the airport all excited to see me.. I rarely get to experience that. Connor & Declan nearly bowled me over in the rush! Well I have a couple of pics to put in from the weekend so lets see if I get it right!

Here are the girls looking at the windows that were falling out of the building across the street from where we were staying.. We come to town and the buildings start falling apart!

Waiting for the Ferry to go to Dinner.. Back - Char, Bec, Nikala, Me, Luke, Front - Ali, Jodes, Tam, Elise, Corrina and Mik

Where we met up with Roz and Leanne..

Room 72.. Elise, Char & Me..

The Nutters in Room 173.. Jodes, Tam, Ali & Corrina!

We had an absolute Ball.. It was fantastic to meet such gorgeous girls and I think some really special friendships were started that weekend.. Lub you guys!

Well got heaps to do and will have to go and pick up the boys soon so see ya next time!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Girls Weekend!

Well I am sitting at the airport waiting for the plane to take me home! Gotta love Virgin Lounge! Definitely worth the money when you have a looong wait. Anyway I had the best weekend with the girls from the Boxx (Scrapboxx). We stayed in 2 units and spent the weekend Shopping, Eating, a few drinkies and can you believe it Singing!! One of the girls bought the PS2 karaoke game singstar and we were blasting out the songs on Sat night... I always told Greg I could sing...The game said I was a superstar!!! What a crack..

I have been talking to these girls for the last 6 mths on the forum and it was absolutely fantastic to finally meet some of them. They are all such beautiful 'ladies', ahem, and we all clicked as if we had spent the weekend with long lost friends.. Having a warped sense of humour definitely helps and I laughed until I had tears pouring down my face.. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much.. Now what happens on camp stays on camp so I definitely can't tell you everything we got up to but boy did I get some fantastic photos.. OOh I had better get some good Chrissie presents or else there will be some extortion going on!

We also met up with a few of the other Boxx girls for dinner and it really is fantastic to be able to meet some of the talented ladies I see on the Boxx all the time!

I will put some photos up some time next week but some are definitely not for publication..I am giggling now just thinking about it.. I also got one of the girls to take some new photos of me so I will be able to put a decent piccie up on here. I am great at taking piccies but not at being in them. And I got some gorgeous photos of the bridge at night etc.. it was fun to take some nice shots for a change and not just the usual family stuff. its been ages since I've had time to play with my camera.

Well about an hour and a half until i get on the plane so might be time for another Latte. I could go on and on forever about my weekend but I guess you get the idea. I had a ball..

Chat soon xx

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well Here 'tis

Well hi everybody,

This is my first attempt at a blog so here goes nothing.

Brodie my youngest boy has just started walking last week. He is just over 12 mths and trying soo hard to catch up to his older brothers..

Connor, the eldest, started getting pocket money when he turned 5 this mth and he has been saving it, some birthday money and dug into his money box and today bought himself a toy BBQ.. I am very proud of him as he hasn't whinged or anything about not being able to get it straight away and has just been patiently saving until we had enough. He just seems soo grown up.

I can't wait until this weekend.. I am flying down to Brisvegas to meet some girls off the Boxx and a weekend without Greg and the kids seems like heaven at the moment. A bit nervous though. I haven't met any of the ladies IRL yet so I kinda feel like I'm going on a blind date.. or starting a new school. Excited but nervous. I know the ladies are all lovely so I'm not too nervous..

Anyway that's it for my first post.. As usual I have plenty of work to do and need to get organised for this weekend as well. Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings!