Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's started...

Well the silly season is upon us and the Xmas parties have begun.. We went to Rydges Resort, Yeppoon, on the weekend for Greg's Regional Xmas party.. It's quite nice there with heaps to do for the kids.. They were in awe at the huge pools, Waterfalls and even a water slide.. So we went down on Sat and had a look around Yeppoon before heading to the resort for Lunch. Connor then managed to convince Daddy to play PlayStation with him until his brothers woke up from their nap. I don't think it will be long and Connor will be teaching us how to use the games!!
Anyway after the other two got up we went down to the pool.. It was freezing!! Poor Mummy was not having a good time at all but it didn't seem to worry the boys of course. I got Brodie out after a little bit because he is still fighting off this cold but of course he ended up getting back in with Daddy before too long. Meanwhile the two bigger boys had a great time going down the water slide with Daddy.. If you ask Declan about it now you get a 10 minute epic of how you have to walk up, slide down and make a big splash at the bottom.. We really need to take them to the water park and soon! Of course I had forgotten to bring my camera down with me!!!

That night the boys had a babysitter in the room while Greg and I went down to the Xmas party.. Santa bought us some lovely smelly stuff and candles this year.. And the food was really nice. They started to do Karaoke in the bar later that night but you will be pleased to hear I refrained.. In a motel room with 7 other crazy ducks is one thing but in a bar in front of everyone.. I don't think so!
The next morning after a huge breakkie the boys and I were walking back to the unit, we'd done a little shopping in the gift shop, When Mummy's eagle eye spotted a snake.. We got someone else to run over and tell the staff while the boys and I kept an eye on it.
It was only a tree snake but the boys were fascinated watching it climb a palm tree. We ended up going back to the room and getting Daddy and he took them back down to watch it getting caught and relocated while I stayed in the room with the sleeping Brodie.
While we were packing up Connor decided he neeed to take some photos so he had a big play with Mummy's camera.. and so did Mummy.. He actually took some really nice photos of Declan and I ..
Then Daddy helped Declan take some of Connor and I..

Unfortunately Brodie was asleep but I did get one of the three of them when he woke up. And of course Declan had to include his new Baby animals.. More to add to the collection

We took heaps of pics to get a few good ones but we had great fun and it was nice to actually be in the photos for a change.. Sunday arvo was big nap time in this house I can tell you. It was a fun weekend but back to reality now.. Kindy, daycare and Connor has his Prep Orientation this week.. Getting closer!!

Well if you made it this far you did well.. Hmm I wonder where Declan gets his storytelling ability from!! lol Hope you are all having a great week..

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