Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Home Again

Well I am home and back to reality.. Unfortunately Brodie has a bit of a flu and the boys are still a bit tired and cranky from the weekend.. I think they had a good time with Daddy and Poppy also stayed for the night on Sat so they enjoyed that. It was great to be the one the boys ran up to at the airport all excited to see me.. I rarely get to experience that. Connor & Declan nearly bowled me over in the rush! Well I have a couple of pics to put in from the weekend so lets see if I get it right!

Here are the girls looking at the windows that were falling out of the building across the street from where we were staying.. We come to town and the buildings start falling apart!

Waiting for the Ferry to go to Dinner.. Back - Char, Bec, Nikala, Me, Luke, Front - Ali, Jodes, Tam, Elise, Corrina and Mik

Where we met up with Roz and Leanne..

Room 72.. Elise, Char & Me..

The Nutters in Room 173.. Jodes, Tam, Ali & Corrina!

We had an absolute Ball.. It was fantastic to meet such gorgeous girls and I think some really special friendships were started that weekend.. Lub you guys!

Well got heaps to do and will have to go and pick up the boys soon so see ya next time!


Leeann said...

OMG ....HB you have a blog...woohooo... I love it.... you girls look like trouble!!!! lol... so glad that you all meet and had a ball...if only I was there too!!!... one day HB... you me and the wine!!!!

Jodie said...

I miss you gorgeous gals heaps and heaps, we had the bestest weekend hey, so when are we ready for another one LOL!!!

I'll give you a call soon chickadee

Lub you lots