Sunday, 11 November 2007

Girls Weekend!

Well I am sitting at the airport waiting for the plane to take me home! Gotta love Virgin Lounge! Definitely worth the money when you have a looong wait. Anyway I had the best weekend with the girls from the Boxx (Scrapboxx). We stayed in 2 units and spent the weekend Shopping, Eating, a few drinkies and can you believe it Singing!! One of the girls bought the PS2 karaoke game singstar and we were blasting out the songs on Sat night... I always told Greg I could sing...The game said I was a superstar!!! What a crack..

I have been talking to these girls for the last 6 mths on the forum and it was absolutely fantastic to finally meet some of them. They are all such beautiful 'ladies', ahem, and we all clicked as if we had spent the weekend with long lost friends.. Having a warped sense of humour definitely helps and I laughed until I had tears pouring down my face.. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much.. Now what happens on camp stays on camp so I definitely can't tell you everything we got up to but boy did I get some fantastic photos.. OOh I had better get some good Chrissie presents or else there will be some extortion going on!

We also met up with a few of the other Boxx girls for dinner and it really is fantastic to be able to meet some of the talented ladies I see on the Boxx all the time!

I will put some photos up some time next week but some are definitely not for publication..I am giggling now just thinking about it.. I also got one of the girls to take some new photos of me so I will be able to put a decent piccie up on here. I am great at taking piccies but not at being in them. And I got some gorgeous photos of the bridge at night etc.. it was fun to take some nice shots for a change and not just the usual family stuff. its been ages since I've had time to play with my camera.

Well about an hour and a half until i get on the plane so might be time for another Latte. I could go on and on forever about my weekend but I guess you get the idea. I had a ball..

Chat soon xx


Ali :-) said...

Hey mate!

It was just so AWESOME to meet you - you are an absolute CRACK-UP!!! Why is Rocky so bloody far away!!!???

Hope you have a safe flight home and can't wait to catch up in chat one night soon!!!

Take care!!!
Ali :o) xoxo

Char said...

Hey Roomie, lol!! It was great to meet you IRL too....Had such a ball you all you gals, so we are gonna have to do it again!! Thanks again too for our little pressy you made for are a real sweetie!!