Saturday, 28 March 2009

The last couple of weeks..

Ok.. it has been a very hectic couple of weeks.. as I got back from retreat late Monday ( thanks to my flight being delayed!!) and I think I could've slept for a week!! lol.. Had the usual Playgroup, chasing kids and catching up on the housework to do..

But heaps had happened while I was gone too.. My gorgeous friends Tanya and Belinda had both had their birthdays.. so on Friday we had a girlies lunch to celebrate..
Jodie and Ella, Zoe, Tanya, Belinda and Amanda at the front. We went to the Gracemere Tavern and it was really nice..

Then on Saturday we had to go to Connor's Soccer game.. Now he had had his first game while I was away.. so disappointed I missed it. And of course I had the camera so we didn't get any decent photos.. Greg said that Connor played really well and really enjoyed it. They lost 6-3 I believe but they also scored three of the other teams

Anyway so of course I took heaps of pics this weekend. Connor is enjoying it so much more than Football. None of that painful tackling! lol..
Then we had Joe, Zoe and the boys over for a sleepover.. I was so tired on Sunday that Greg took Connor to a birthday party for one of his schoolmates while Zoe and I had a bit of a slack morning..

Every time I think I am catching up on sleep I have a bad night and am back to square one again.. Brodie has been waking up nearly every night and climbing into our bed.. Not sure if it is habit or this nasty cough that has been sticking around.. but We are so tired at the moment we don't even wake up an more to take him back to his own bed. But you really don't seem to get as good a night sleep with a munchkin kicking you in the back.. fancy

This week has also been a maaaad week.. On Monday I did my usual reading with the kids at school.. Tuesday I spent the day at Declan's Kindy. It was great fun seeing how he interacts with his teachers and the other kids.. and seeing how fantastic his teachers are. I am really pleased we sent him there.. Mind you I am getting the 'he's a very bright kid.. and he certainly knows how to push the boundaries' comment just as I used to get with Connor.. oh help me!!

Wednesday we had 'Playgroup in the Park' for playgroup week. I didn't have any kids with me which was quite fun actually.. lol.. Once I got it all set up I could relax a bit and have a chat. Mind you I was still exhausted when I got home!

Normal playgroup on Thursday.. More new mums and a busy morning as usual. Soccer Training and then shopping for playgroup and Kindy afterwards..
Friday they had Grandparents day at school.. I must admit I stayed home.. I was too tired to go out with Declan and Brodie again.. So I babysat Jamie so it was easier for Zoe to go.. I think Connor understood. It can be so difficult to take a 2 year old to church.

This morning I went to Scrap'nScrap and did one of the gorgeous Nicole's classes. I was so lucky that Jodie and Zoe took my boys after soccer so I could. And Connor scored his first goal.. he was soo proud of himself! Greg is in Mackay helping Dad to clear his house and move in with my brother Shane.. He has finally realised that he can no longer live alone. He gets so tired etc so quickly.. and I feel so much better he is not driving half an hour to get to town any more. Anyway I loove my lo. It just beautiful.. she is one talented chickie.. I will upload it when I do all the others soon.

Well that has been my news.. Greg's is not so good.

He was heading out to Emerald on Wed to work when an unmarked police car decided to do a u-turn across the highway near Dingo.. straight in front of him. Luckily both he and George were not hurt.. and the cop in the passenger side only had minor injuries.. It could've been soo much worse. The funny thing was the guy the cops had just finished giving a ticket to raced back to give Greg his card in case he needed help proving it wasn't his fault. lol.. But the Driver took the blame so there is no worries there.. And my Brother wasn't too impressed either.. He is in traffic in Mackay and the unmarked car was due to be sent up to them in a week or two..

But my poor Pajero.. In 2 months... she was going to be mine.. We were going to pay out the lease and Greg would get a work vehicle and I was finally going to have more room for the kids.. 2 months.. Now .. we are not so sure.. Look at the poor baby!
He hit the other car with his front right side.

This is the left hand side..
I am soo glad it wasn't worse.. as in no one was injured.. but my poor Paj!! As one of Greg's employees said to him.. with the amount of time he spends on the road it was prob not a matter of if he had an accident but when.. So glad we g0t out of it so lightly. I hate that he is on the road so much. Have always dreaded that phone call!

Anyway.. I have finally updated the blog.. and I think I am now going to collapse in bed and finish the last of the Twilight series with a cup of tea. Brodie is already asleep in my Don't have the energy to kick him out. Besides might save him waking me up later.

Tomorrow I intend to have a cruisey day with the kids.. after I clean up the pigsty that is my and Hopefully take pics of all the lo's etc I have done so I can upload them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.. and be safe on the roads.. Watch out for those unmarked cop cars chucking

Boxx Retreat!!!!

Well I went!! I actually got to the Boxx retreat.. I was sooooooo excited!!! I left home on the Wednesday and flew to Brissie to stay with the gorgeous Debbie and her family.. We talked.. and talked.. and and no not just me.. It was great to sit down and have a coffee and chat in person..

Then very early on Thursday morning we were off to the airport again to fly off with Tam, Peta and Jodes to Perth.. Unfortunately we couldn't all sit together on the plane but Deb and I shared.. a loooong flight.. I was so glad the girls had talked me into getting the Twilight Books.. I finished the first one before I got to Perth.. It felt soo good to read a book Meanwhile Tam and Peta were slightly excited to be able to watch the Twilight movie on the plane..pmsl.. When we got to Perth we finally got to meet Maria and a heap of the girls at the airport. It was like meeting old friends.. and I was officially the shortest there..pmsl.. and believe me there were some shorties there too.. oh well!! rofl.

Anyway, Jodes, Tatum, Tam, Peta, Bee, Deb and I went to our Motel and then got to go and have dinner with some more of the gorgeous Boxx girls..

Janet was soo cute.. when she got there she had a little slip of paper that she had drawn what our hair looked like so she could try and tell us Of course mine was the big curly

Elise came in late that night and the lucky thing got to share a bed with me.. Lucky I bought new pj'

Next morning the bus picked up Tammy from the airport and then us and off we headed for Augusta.. I couldn't believe when we got there.. (about 4 hours later) and they had put up a sign for the Boxx girls..

How cool is this!!!!

I got to share a unit with Anna and Debbie.. I couldn't have picked two better roomies! Mwah love you both!!!!

We got settled into our rooms and set off to see everyone.... There were 45 scrappers..4 of the Design team and Maria and her gorgeous girls.. I didn't know who to hug

That night we had a theme night and as it was Friday the 13th we all went Freaky

Aren't we gorgeous...pmsl..

Me and my two beautiful Roomies!!!! Anna and Deb

She got me!! ..pmsl.. I tried so hard to look like I was screaming but I couldn't stop laughing at Jodes..!

Bee the Goth Chick.. rofl.. She looked soo cool..

This was Tammy's outfit..rofl.. I was sitting next to her in the scrap room and every time I turned to talk to her I got a fright..pmsl.. Couldn't tell if she was looking at me or not!!!

Anyway.. we did actually do some scrapping while we were there.. Can you believe I actually completed 5 lo's! Two I did in the talented Mardi's class and 3 were challenges.. All weekend I scrapped, chatted, drank wine, ate great food and had the best company.. what more could a girl I still haven't taken pics of my lo's.. so I will do that tomorrow and upload a heap to show you.. Anyway on the Sunday we had to pack up.. it was soo sad.. and head back to Perth.. then on Monday I had to fly home to Rocky.. By this time I had finished the second book in the Twilight If you haven't read them then have a go.. they're great!

Here are some more pics.. I wish I could have put up all the pics I loved.. but I don't think anyone wants to see hundred or so pics..!

Maria hard at work as usual!!! She was wonderful over the weekend.. and her beautiful girls were so fantastic at helping her out.. She is obviously a great Mum!!

Missy P (Tam) does love me.. honest.. rofl!!

Tatum, Tam, Elise, Jodes, Mardi, Me and Bee!

Elise and Anna

Love this pic of Maria and I..

The view from our unit.. It was gorgeous.. and the view from the scrap room was spectacular!

All the Boxx girls!!!! A wonderful bunch of friends!!!

The bus home.. not good..!
All I can say is I am soooo glad I went.. I haven't laughed that much in ages..
and to all you Boxx girls.. Shhh f''kn shhhhh pmsl

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mark and Amanda's 30th Birthday Party

Well last night we went to Mark and Amanda's 30th Birthday party and we all had to dress up as a star.. The boys were so excited .. Declan went as Speed Racer.. Brodie as Captain Feathersword and Connor as Jack Sparrow.. I could not believe that Brodie kept his hat on all night.
I decided to go as Cleopatra if she had lived long enough to get old and fat..pmsl.. and as Greg hates dressing up I managed to convince him to go as Agent K from Men in Black.. Was a bit peeved when I found that the costume shop had given me the wrong wig.. it was more of a go go wig than Cleopatra.. Oh well..

Mark and Amanda were Shrek and Princess Fiona.. Amanda decided not to go the ogre as whenever Patric looked at Mark in his costume he Nichlas was Spiderman and little Patrick came as Harry Potter as a baby..scar and unfortunately I didn't get a pic of him.

Joe and Zoe were Batman and Bat Girl..Ella was a fairy, Lachlan was superman and Jamie was Spiderman. Joe looked very spunky in his costume especially with the thongs on his But gotta love Zoe's boots.. Nearly knee high with about a 4 inch heel.. I tried em on.. pity my calves are not quite made for

Tanya came as Dr Cuddy and Paul as Dr House.. Tanya made these gorgeous outfits for the boys so they could come as patients.. they looked soo cute!!!

Rach came as a Movie Star going to the Oscars, Adrian was another Men in Black.. Tom came as a Vampire and Bonnie as a Princess..
Doesn't everyone look fab.. There were a heap of other great costumes there too.. We all had a great time.. except I managed to fall over on a step when I first got there.. no I hadn't had a drink and i now have a twisted ankle.. So hoping it stops hurting soon.. Luckily it is not too bad.

The kids had a great time riding bikes around and pulling each other around in a big red cart.. The twins were so cute trying to follow everyone when they started dancing the Nutbush.. old aren't
And of course Lachlan, Connor and Declan had a great time tryin to pull Batman's Pants Typical..pmsl..
I so hope Mark and Amanda had as much fun as we did..
There is a cyclone heading down the coast at the moment so it has been getting a bit windy and we have got a little bit of rain. Mackay got a heap of rain today so hopefully there will be no flooding up there.. So hope it doesn't cross the coast..
And I am off on Wednesday.. Can you believe it!! It is finally time for me to head to Perth on Retreat.. I am getting soooooo excited.. Sure I will have heaps of pics to bore you with when I get back..
Anyway it is late.. Think I will crash.. Still have to figure out what photos to take to retreat to scrap but might have to do that tomorrow.
cya all soon!!! x

Why does he do it??

Ever since Connor was little he has had this habit of shoving things up his PJ shirt to sleep. It started with is gugglies.. then he occasionally put cushions or stuffed toys in there.. but I couldn't believe this one!!
He has his Gugglies.. a cushion.. and the light cover up his shirt!!!! Yep Greg needed to change the light in his room but didn't have the right flouro so left the cover off.. and Connor shoved it up his shirt!!! I so do not understand that boy sometimes.. but he does make me laugh!!!!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Wow I soo can't believe another month is over.. As usual it has been a madhouse around here..

Well so what has been happening..
Had to share this pic of Brodie.. He discovered the little backpack that came with his port and in it it had an eye cover.. A wallet and a passport cover.. So he decided he had to go to work.. lol.. He got dressed up and rode up and down the hall.. every time he left the lounge it was ' Bye Mummy off to work' and when he came back it was ' Mummy I'm home..' lol.. He cracks me up. This kept him occupied for nearly an hour! And of course we ha to have the obligatory 'tag'! Always finding shirts all over the house from him!

Dad came to stay for a couple of days before he headed off down south to visit his family again..
While he was here he turned 67! As it was also Mike's birthday a couple of days before Annette, Gil, Elaine and Mike came over for Dinner and Annette organised a cake for '2 special dads'. It was lovely.

Speaking of Annette and Gil.. Here's a Pic of Harrison Adam Robert!! Born on the 24th..

Isn't he gorgeous! Looks like Gil with a squished up nose..pmsl..

What else do I have to share..
While Dad was here my Brother Shane also came down. He came over in one of the police patrol cars for Dinner.. the boys had a great time getting locked up in the back and listening to the Siren.. Don't know what the neighbours thought

Connor is still doing really well at school.. His reading is coming along wonderfully and he is still enjoying homework.. Of course now Declan insists that he has to do homework too.. So we have to read his library book each week.. pmsl..

I was so proud of my boys when we discussed the Victorian Bushfire Tragedy. They both decided they wanted to become firemen so they could go down and save everyone.. and Declan wanted to save the frogs too..He also went to Kindy and told everyone else they had to become firemen too..

Connor actually asked me if instead of getting his pocket money one week he could give it to the Bushfire Victims.. So we took it to school where they are collecting money.. Sometimes the boys amaze me at their take on the world and where they fit and how they can help others.

Brodie is just turning into such a little man. His latest thing is 'What's that?' at everything.. and when you give him an answer he always says 'Oh Yeah'.. pmsl.. This can go on for hours.

Greg is quite pleased with himself.. He got a Distinction for his subject at uni.. Between his study and travelling around he has been pretty busy..

Well as for me.. I have been doing the Reading at school with Connor.. Playgroup now is up to around 80 families!! So that is def keeping me busy.. We had a Sausage Sizzle the other week and managed to raise some great money for Playgroup and also donate $400 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

This weekend has been a bit hectic. We had Elaine's 60th birthday on Friday night.. then I went out for a Playgroup Mum's night out last night.. I am sooo getting old..pmsl.. and this morning we had Kyle's Birthday party. I was sooo tired. lol. And I finally managed to get my hair done today.. It has been since before Christmas and was looking a

Oh well I'd better go.. Dinner is ready and I have about 4 loads of washing to fold up and iron tonight. Oh the joys..
Hope you are all well..

Oh and it is only 11 days till I am off to The Boxx retreat in WA!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
And thanks to the Gorgeous Tanya I actually have all 60 tags

Some Creations..

Just realised I haven't put up any of my creations so far this year so here they are.. Not many unfortunately...

Some cards I recently made..

Two little owls I made for a swap..

And a beaded flower I created for the same swap.. Managed to do this all on on piece of wire.. love how it turned out..

Sheree's WC I did earlier in the year.. we had to use 10 or more pics. I managed to fit on

Connor's first day in Grade 1.. I finally manged to use one of the little owls I made.

I did this Lo of Brodie and I for the Dec/Jan BOY Challenge.

The hidden Journalling reads.. 'Everytime I tell Brodie I love him or ask him if he loves me I always get a Noooo! and a big grin..'

This is the Lo I created during Sheree's Class 1 of her Intermediate Classes. So glad I joined up.. we do it on a Monday night and I actually got this one done and another nearly finished.. This week we are going to do 3 lo's.. Woohoo.. I actually get to scrap.. lol Sheree is sooo talented and I loove her lo's.. and I got to do a girly one..rofl..
Well.. told you there wasn't much.. hopefully will have more to upload soon!