Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mark and Amanda's 30th Birthday Party

Well last night we went to Mark and Amanda's 30th Birthday party and we all had to dress up as a star.. The boys were so excited .. Declan went as Speed Racer.. Brodie as Captain Feathersword and Connor as Jack Sparrow.. I could not believe that Brodie kept his hat on all night.
I decided to go as Cleopatra if she had lived long enough to get old and fat..pmsl.. and as Greg hates dressing up I managed to convince him to go as Agent K from Men in Black.. Was a bit peeved when I found that the costume shop had given me the wrong wig.. it was more of a go go wig than Cleopatra.. Oh well..

Mark and Amanda were Shrek and Princess Fiona.. Amanda decided not to go the ogre as whenever Patric looked at Mark in his costume he Nichlas was Spiderman and little Patrick came as Harry Potter as a baby..scar and unfortunately I didn't get a pic of him.

Joe and Zoe were Batman and Bat Girl..Ella was a fairy, Lachlan was superman and Jamie was Spiderman. Joe looked very spunky in his costume especially with the thongs on his But gotta love Zoe's boots.. Nearly knee high with about a 4 inch heel.. I tried em on.. pity my calves are not quite made for

Tanya came as Dr Cuddy and Paul as Dr House.. Tanya made these gorgeous outfits for the boys so they could come as patients.. they looked soo cute!!!

Rach came as a Movie Star going to the Oscars, Adrian was another Men in Black.. Tom came as a Vampire and Bonnie as a Princess..
Doesn't everyone look fab.. There were a heap of other great costumes there too.. We all had a great time.. except I managed to fall over on a step when I first got there.. no I hadn't had a drink and i now have a twisted ankle.. So hoping it stops hurting soon.. Luckily it is not too bad.

The kids had a great time riding bikes around and pulling each other around in a big red cart.. The twins were so cute trying to follow everyone when they started dancing the Nutbush.. old aren't
And of course Lachlan, Connor and Declan had a great time tryin to pull Batman's Pants Typical..pmsl..
I so hope Mark and Amanda had as much fun as we did..
There is a cyclone heading down the coast at the moment so it has been getting a bit windy and we have got a little bit of rain. Mackay got a heap of rain today so hopefully there will be no flooding up there.. So hope it doesn't cross the coast..
And I am off on Wednesday.. Can you believe it!! It is finally time for me to head to Perth on Retreat.. I am getting soooooo excited.. Sure I will have heaps of pics to bore you with when I get back..
Anyway it is late.. Think I will crash.. Still have to figure out what photos to take to retreat to scrap but might have to do that tomorrow.
cya all soon!!! x


Anonymous said...

Love the photos you took! Will definately have to get a copy!! Yes we had a fantastic night. Hope the ankle is ok by Wednesday for the trip! Amanda xx

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the retreat won't you!!!

Julie said...

Love those pic's....even a red carpet to walk down. Looks like it was a great party.
Have a ball chickie!!!!!

Nic said...

Everyone looks fantastic! Enjoy the retreat!!