Sunday, 1 March 2009

Some Creations..

Just realised I haven't put up any of my creations so far this year so here they are.. Not many unfortunately...

Some cards I recently made..

Two little owls I made for a swap..

And a beaded flower I created for the same swap.. Managed to do this all on on piece of wire.. love how it turned out..

Sheree's WC I did earlier in the year.. we had to use 10 or more pics. I managed to fit on

Connor's first day in Grade 1.. I finally manged to use one of the little owls I made.

I did this Lo of Brodie and I for the Dec/Jan BOY Challenge.

The hidden Journalling reads.. 'Everytime I tell Brodie I love him or ask him if he loves me I always get a Noooo! and a big grin..'

This is the Lo I created during Sheree's Class 1 of her Intermediate Classes. So glad I joined up.. we do it on a Monday night and I actually got this one done and another nearly finished.. This week we are going to do 3 lo's.. Woohoo.. I actually get to scrap.. lol Sheree is sooo talented and I loove her lo's.. and I got to do a girly one..rofl..
Well.. told you there wasn't much.. hopefully will have more to upload soon!

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Nic said...

Love the girly layout.. and those cute owls!! Glad I'm not the only one not getting enough scrapping done :-) Life just gets in the way sometimes...