Saturday, 7 February 2009


Ok.. so what has been happening up to today..I so cannot believe I am finally up to
Playgroup has been busy.. We are now up to about 60 odd members.. with new ones starting every week at the moment.. It is getting very hectic trying to keep up with it all. but we are getting
Zoe and the kids stayed over last weekend as Joe was away.. and we also had Annette's baby shower. I organised a few games for it.. Just a hint ladies.. If you have pregnant mum's coming to a baby shower.. It is not necessarily a good idea to do the melted choc in the nappy I made some of them feel rather nauseous.. pmsl..
Greg has been away a few nights over the last couple of weeks.. I hate it when he has to travel around for work. He is also studying and was very pleased with himself getting 83% on his first assignment.. His first exam is coming up next week so lets hope he does as well on that.
I do have a couple of lo's I have done this year to put up but I will do that soon.. Annette and Gil are due to arrive for a bbq so I had better get going.. Hope you are all having a great weekend..And thanks to the girls who have given me a blog award.. I am soo sorry I just haven't had time to do anything with them. I am very glad that not only do people actually read my ramblings but some of you even enjoy
Ok.. don't forget to leave me some blog love. I really enjoy hearing from you! Donna xx