Sunday, 1 February 2009

Australia Day

Well the Australia Day weekend was typical for up here.. spitting.. muggy and stinking hot.. but we had fun.. lol.. Marnie and Pa came up to stay for the weekend.. so the boys were very excited to see them.. On Saturday we had a relatively quiet day. I took Marnie Shopping and the boys had a great time playing with Pa.. Greg and Pa then took Brodie out in 'Daddy's Boat' to put in some crap pots.. He loves going in the boat.. and talks about it for days afterwards!
So on Sunday Morning Pa and Greg took Connor and Declan out to check the crab pots and do some fishing.. they got totally But the boys loved it..
Meanwhile Marnie and I took Brodie to a birthday party at the Botanical Gardens...

These special boys turned two! Aren't they gorgeous!
No fish was caught on the trip but they were very impressed in these crabs they managed to bring home..

The smaller one was 1.55 kg and the larger 2 kgs..

What whoppers! So it was Crab sangers or dinner that There was enough meat for everyone!

I couldn't resist taking this photo of Brodie that night..

They are soo cute when they are asleep aren't they! pmsl..

Meanwhile Greg had fun beating up his Mother on the He is going to get a reputation
On Monday we decided that it was too hot and muggy to go to Yeppoon so we had a barbie at home instead. Adrian and Rach and the kids came as well as Annette, Gil, Elaine and Mike..
It was lovely.. very relaxing.. Gil is a pommy so we decided to teach him a thing or two about being an aussie.. Greg grabbed out his stock Unfortunately I missed a pic but we were laughing so much as he managed to whip himself on the bum.. pmsl..nice friends aren't
Elaine than decided to show us how it was done..

As well as give us girls a few tips on how to keep our men under control.. I love this pic.. talk about pressing the button at just the right moment..!

We stuck an akubra on Gil's head.. but unfortunately he still looks like a pommy git..pmsl! Thanks for a great day guys!!


Elise said...

Nice crabs Dons!!!! I just had a feast of Muddies tonight!!!! Brodie looks so cute !!! Chat soon...

Love Elise X

Julie said...

LOL geeez Don ur almost caught up!!!
I so love when they're sleeping...doesn't happen here much!
Thanks for the chat the other night catchya soon