Friday, 19 February 2010

Hehehe.. What a week..

Well I had a great week last week... On Thursday Julie, Rach, Carien, Nettie and I all went to 'Puppetry of the Penis'.. OMG.. it was hysterical.. even the opening act 'Granny Flaps' had me laughing so hard my jaws ached! It was a great girls night out and we had a blast!

Then on Sat Connor had a training session with the Broncos in the morning, while his little brothers watched and then they went to the Shopping centre to get a heap of stuff signed by some of the players. Then that night Greg took the boys to see the Bronco's play the Storm here..

So we girls decided to have another girls and OMG Singstar was involved.. it was hysterical.. at one point I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks.. I have even got Tanya, Julie, Carien and Maddie recorded on my Iphone.. I just wish I could figure out how to upload it.. lmao..

It was sooo just what I needed.. Honestly I have a great bunch of friends up Even if they did force me to put up pics of myself as well..pmsl..

On another note we are working on Connor at the moment.. He has been better behaved at school so lets hope we get whatever is going on figured out and get him back on track..

Greg has been away a fair bit for work and the boys are missing him badly..

Was hoping to get to Brissie in March but I cannot find any cheap flights.. so now I am thinking I may head down in June for the Scrapbook Expo.. actually got some reasonably priced flights.. so cross fingers for me..

Hope all is well..


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I give up!!

Well it didn't last.. I got called to the Principal's office this arvo.. Connor got sent there after hitting 4 kids.. yep 4.. OMFG.. where did I go wrong! He is now officially 2 steps away from possible expulsion.. in grade 2.. What am I gonna do.. I am just so over it at the moment..
Greg and I explained the seriousness of it all to him today.. so I have to just hope it has got through.. We are also gonna get him to see the school councillor.. maybe he can get out of him why he is being such a horror.. I have tried and when I ask him why he is behaving the way he is I got 'I really don't know Mummy'.

They are really cracking down on these things at school.. which is a good thing... but I sure don't want to be on the receiving end!

Oh I wish someone would give me a manual on these kids.. cause nothing I have tried seems to work.. If anyone knows a secret I would love to know it!! grrrrrrrrrrr

Australia day and the first day of school

We had a lovely day on Australia day.. Rach, Adrian, Julie, Steve, and Nettie and Gill all came over with the tribes.. And As usual.. the whip came out.. lol.. starting to become an Aussie day tradition around here. The kids all had a good time.. though Maddie wasn't too impressed when she managed to whip herself in the poor kid.. but she was very brave and came back for another And Rach reckons she has found a new love.. so watch out

Then the next day was the boys first day back at school.. Declan was very excited as it was his first day at prep.. He looks like such a big boy now.. Of course trying to take photos of my 3 boys together is asking for

They have all settled in really well and so far have really attached to their teachers.. but Declan managed to break Connor's record and was sent to the principal's office on day 4.. Oh I am sooo proud.. sigh.. He tells me someone told him to hit another boy in the face.. no excuse.. he got the big lecture on not doing the wrong thing no matter who tells him too.. so lets hope that is the first and last time Mr Barker has to deal with him.. Oh I dooo hope so..

Connor is settling in well and so far has not been in too much trouble.. I was very pleased when his teacher told me he actually got up and moved away from someone who was trying to distract him.. so I do hope that continues as well..

And Brodie is settling in well to his new room at Daycare.. He gets to play with his mate Lachlan all day and is really having fun..

The rest of our Hols...

Well I am finally trying to catch up on this blog..
We had quite a relaxing time for the rest of our hols.. Greg got in the habit of taking the boys to the Beach first thing in the morning.. home for some quiet time and an afternoon rest and then into the pool for the afternoon..
We also had a couple of other visitors while we were there.. and Chrissie, Jane and the boys also came down for a couple of days.. that worked out very well.. We let Greg go off fishing by himself for the morning and then he looked after the kids and one arvo we went shopping and the next we went to see Avatar at the movies.. It was a great movie and it was wonderful just to spend time with Chrissie again. I really miss seeing her.

We also had David & Hayley and come to visit with their four girls too.. The boys loved catching up with everyone and we loved the distraction it Got to relax and have a few drinks..yeah..

We ended up getting the boys a boogie board and didn't they love it... Connor and Declan did really well but when Greg first Brodie on it he started him too far out and let him go.. so he ended up head first in the sand.. Got the pics below but I didn't get one of his final dump.. legs in the air as I was too busy screaming at Greg to get him.. After that I had to take him to the park as he was soo not into the ocean.. luckily he got over it the next day and was happy to go swimming but there was no way he was getting back on that boogie board.. lol poor kid..

We also took the boys to Underwater World.. and they had a great time.. checking out all the sharks and stingrays and they absolutely loooved the Seal show.. We went downstairs to the seal viewing area and 'Portia' the star of the seal show took a liking to the boys.. She kept coming to them and copying what they were doing.. it was soo funny.. She was just so gorgeous..

Chrissie and the boys come to visit!

At the beach..

and the park..

Brodie's one and only Boogie Board attempt..

Underwater World..

So over all we had a great time.. and have already prebooked to go back in the Sept Hols.. we have decided that that will be our yearly hol from now on..