Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Australia day and the first day of school

We had a lovely day on Australia day.. Rach, Adrian, Julie, Steve, and Nettie and Gill all came over with the tribes.. And As usual.. the whip came out.. lol.. starting to become an Aussie day tradition around here. The kids all had a good time.. though Maddie wasn't too impressed when she managed to whip herself in the poor kid.. but she was very brave and came back for another And Rach reckons she has found a new love.. so watch out

Then the next day was the boys first day back at school.. Declan was very excited as it was his first day at prep.. He looks like such a big boy now.. Of course trying to take photos of my 3 boys together is asking for

They have all settled in really well and so far have really attached to their teachers.. but Declan managed to break Connor's record and was sent to the principal's office on day 4.. Oh I am sooo proud.. sigh.. He tells me someone told him to hit another boy in the face.. no excuse.. he got the big lecture on not doing the wrong thing no matter who tells him too.. so lets hope that is the first and last time Mr Barker has to deal with him.. Oh I dooo hope so..

Connor is settling in well and so far has not been in too much trouble.. I was very pleased when his teacher told me he actually got up and moved away from someone who was trying to distract him.. so I do hope that continues as well..

And Brodie is settling in well to his new room at Daycare.. He gets to play with his mate Lachlan all day and is really having fun..

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