Friday, 19 February 2010

Hehehe.. What a week..

Well I had a great week last week... On Thursday Julie, Rach, Carien, Nettie and I all went to 'Puppetry of the Penis'.. OMG.. it was hysterical.. even the opening act 'Granny Flaps' had me laughing so hard my jaws ached! It was a great girls night out and we had a blast!

Then on Sat Connor had a training session with the Broncos in the morning, while his little brothers watched and then they went to the Shopping centre to get a heap of stuff signed by some of the players. Then that night Greg took the boys to see the Bronco's play the Storm here..

So we girls decided to have another girls and OMG Singstar was involved.. it was hysterical.. at one point I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks.. I have even got Tanya, Julie, Carien and Maddie recorded on my Iphone.. I just wish I could figure out how to upload it.. lmao..

It was sooo just what I needed.. Honestly I have a great bunch of friends up Even if they did force me to put up pics of myself as well..pmsl..

On another note we are working on Connor at the moment.. He has been better behaved at school so lets hope we get whatever is going on figured out and get him back on track..

Greg has been away a fair bit for work and the boys are missing him badly..

Was hoping to get to Brissie in March but I cannot find any cheap flights.. so now I am thinking I may head down in June for the Scrapbook Expo.. actually got some reasonably priced flights.. so cross fingers for me..

Hope all is well..


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