Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy as usual...

Well life has been a bit hectic as usual.. so where to start...

The kids..
Connor is trying very hard at the moment.. We have started a new reward system here where if the boys behave they get to pick a card from the reward box and they earn things such as bubble baths, Stories with Mum and Dad, Getting to choose dinner... etc... and it has been working fairly well..  They still have their moments.. but at least life isn't a misery as it was getting to..
He also hurt his ankle at school on Friday afternoon.. It isn't swollen or bruised that I can see but he is enjoying pushing himself around the house on an office We will see just how bad it is when we go to a birthday party this afternoon.. If anything is gonna get him walking sitting down at a party all arvo

Declan is absolutely loving Prep at the moment.. He is getting so involved and is settled in really well..

He took a couple of Rhino Beetles in to show his classmates and they are now residing in a small tank in class and Mr Carrington has even decided that they can study the life cycle of the Rhino Beetle rather than the butterflies they normally

We still have 3 at home and Declan and I are going to clean out his tank and set it all up properly with plants etc this weekend.. He has decided now, after 2 years of wanting to be an archiologist that he now wants to be an entomologist.. lol.. Boys and bugs.. Will put a pic of the tank up when it is finished..

Brodie is his usual active self.. I think he kinda likes the fact that he has Mummy to himself now though he does miss his brothers when they are at school.. We haven't been to playgroup much as he is prefering to go to friends place's on a Thursday morning where he get to play with just friends his own age. He can be such a good boy when it is just me and him.. But the devil does emerge after we pick the boys up from

Greg as usual is flat out between work, home and study.. He has been going out of town a lot which the boys hate but I keep crossing my fingers that it will settle down! And he has been doing really well at uni so that is good.. he has also been getting a game or two of golf in on the occasional weekend which he is slowly He is no longer on the lowest handicap you can get!! rofl! 

And me.. well.. I am my usual hectic self.. Slowly working my way through this house decluttering, and organising and the girls have been wonderful in helping me to do my Craft room/study.. Will put some before and after pics up when it is finally It is great having Julie and Carien over on a Wed to scrap and chat.. and And I think we have convinced Tanya to join us as well.. I love my little bit of me time with my friends.. keeps me sane. And I have booked my flights down to Brissie for the June long weekend to go to the papercraft show!! woohoo.. get to catch up with my gorgeous Boxx friends and Tori as well.. I can see lots of shopping, chatting and fun coming up.. so looking forward to it!

Next weekend I am also organising a girls night.. We are having a tupperware party then a few drinkies and breaking out the singstar I soo can't wait.. Adrian and the kids are coming to stay here with Greg and we are having it at Rach's and I am sleeping over.. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends here.. They keep me sane.. kinda..lmao..

Last weekend we went off to Brissie to see ACDC! We dropped the kids of at Mum's and stayed in a motel with Nettie and Gil.. It was a great night.. they still have it!! The boys behaved quite well for Mum which is good as she isn't feeling 100% at the moment. Even Col didn't get grumpy at them.. lmao.. I offered to sell me ticket and stay with the boys but Mum wouldn't let me.. Ain't she lubbly!!

Ok.. think I have caught up on the general news for Sorry for the long post.. but hey .. you used to that by now hey..lmao..

Love to all!!

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