Sunday, 29 June 2008

This weekend..

Well a fairly quiet weekend this weekend.. Greg got back from Brisbane on Friday night so the boys were happy cause they do miss him.. especially when he goes for three days at a time.. So he took them to a fishing expo on Saturday and had a little Boy time.. and I got a little peace and quiet!! Sandra and her boys came to visit on Friday night for Pizza and Movie night as Cees was away as well.. The boys loved it.. they love visitors!! We are certainly going to miss them when they go back to Holland..

Julius, Marnix and the boys.. loved watching Bee Movie while eating pizza!!

Other than that we have spent the weekend doing odd jobs around the house.. and I actually got some scrapping done.. We also took Declan to the doctor.. he is still getting stomach pains at night but the doctor seems to think it is just a virus.. so hopefully he will be over it soon and we will all get a good night sleep.. School Holidays have started so no rushing around tomorrow.. should be good!!!.. Ok well here are some lo's I have done.

This is the Lo I did for last weeks WC on the Boxx. I had fun doing some girly stuff on a lo for a change.. It is my Bro Brett and his partner Carla and their two beautiful girls.. Lainey and Claire..

This is this months Book of You (BOY) challenge which I just managed to finish in time.. It was about your favourite place so I decided to do it on the Boxx.. the old Scrapboxx as I love the girls on there and so appreciate their friendship.. It was good to do it now it has all changed too. Cause all the signatures etc are gone now!

I put everyones signature under their pic as well as where they are from and any nicknames!!

My little bling heart!
Well thanks for looking .. Hope you all had a great weekend.. and enjoy the hols.. I think our boys are more than ready for a rest.. cya!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

A New Addiction!!

Well my favourite and only Forum is moved.. The Scrapboxx is now just the Boxx and it is too cool... Problem is I've been spending too much time playing on there and not enough time scrapping.. lol.. But I am gonna be good tonight .. I am going to do some Playgroup stuff and get it out of the way and then I can scrap on the weekend guilt free.. sorta.. lol. There is a fishing expo on at Emu Park.. Maybe I can convince Greg to take the boys without me.. Cause despite what they may think I can think of better things to

Declan has been a bit crook this week. I am fairly sure he has that stomach bug going around that is causing cramps.. Luckily no vomiting or anything..just cramps.. which he is feeling mainly at night.. so of course both he and I are exhausted at the moment.. The only thing that seems to help is a hot pack.. so he comes in at all hours.. "this not warm any more Mummy!!" Oh I hope he gets over it soon.. for his and my sake..It doesn't seem to be that bad cause when he is distracted during the day it doesn't worry him as much.. I guess that is a blessing..

Connor had his Jump Rope for Heart on Tuesday.. He had a great time and did well.. and thank you to all of our lovely friends and family who sponsored him.. He was so excited everytime I told him he had more money.. He ended up raising about $253- all up, and the school raised over $10,000. so it went really well.. I am soo sorry I haven't rung a lot of you personally to thank you.. this last couple of weeks has been a shocker for lack of sleep and illness.. I just seem to be chasing my tail all day.. And Tori.. Please ring me when you get a chance.. I know I am supposed to and I am the slackest friend... but whenever I think of it it is too late or you are at work.. if you call me I have to talk.. and it feels like forever since we have had a chat.. and that goes for anyone else too..I have been soo slack at ringing lately.. I just never seem to think of it at the right time.. so please forgive me.. and call me.. I promise it is not that I don't want to talk to you!!

Anyway.. enough for tonight.. Better get this playgroup stuff done. Amanda was away today so I had better make sure I have done it all right before she gets cranky with me!!.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..

Friday, 20 June 2008

Weekend in Brissie!!

Well was hoping to put this up sooner but I been sick most of this week.. Had a buggar of a flu on Monday and Tuesday.. Greg then got Gastro on Monday Night.. Wed we were both OK and the I got gastro Wed night and Thursday.. Couldn't believe it.. First time I missed Playgroup all year.. and it was the Mini Trains excursion.. Greg dropped Declan off at Playgroup anyway and all the lovely ladies there looked after him for us and he took Brodie to work.. had a teleconference and said Brodes sat on his lap the whole time as good as gold.. See they can be good Anyway feeling better now, which is good and volunteered at Bingo for the school tonight.. that was interesting. People are very funny creatures anyway.. back to last weekend..

Had a great time!!! Kylie was the only one I hadn't met yet and she was just gorgeous.. I am soo lucky to have met such a great bunch of girls... We had a blast.. and behaved.. relatively.. and we even scrapped... and I got the pics to prove it.. lol.. Well I was lucky enough to have Jodes and Kylie scrap for me.. They hadn't brought any pics to scrap so Jodes offered to do some of mine.. then I was kinda trying to steal some of Kylie's creativity when I was basically told to buggar off and she did it for me.. lol.. I am sooo lucky I now have a Jodes and a Kylie original to add to my Susan and DG originals.. getting a bit of a collection! lol.. And I am about to do a photo swap so soon I will have a Shona original too.. I am lucky they are all so talented and their work is just gorgeous..

Elise and Jodes earnt new nicknames on the weekend too.. Betty and Effie.. now if you want to know why you may have to ask them.. otherwise they may just kill me!! pmsl!! We had to share double beds and I slept with the beautiful Jodes.. Now that was an With the two of us in a bed we really needed a king But we had a ball.. a noisy, windy, chatty, hysterical time.. with lots of shopping, scrapping, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.. and I for one can't wait until next time! I mean come on .. what more could a girl want!!

Anyway enough rambling.. here are some pics of the gorgeous girls!!
My pics aren't the best but I am hoping Elise might send me copies of hers as hers looked better.. hint hint.. and I will be sending discs out as soon as I get a chance to get organised girls!!

My Roomies - Kylie, Elise, Me, Jodes and Tam

The lovely Peta came to do a bit of scrap shopping with us.. It was great to finally meet her as well.

Jodes and Kylie doing my scrapping.. what a score.. go away for a weekend and come home with two double lo's!!

Jodes Creation!! Connor and Greg making Connor's special box! and thanks Tam for the gorgeous stickers and buttons the girls used!!

Kylie's Creation - Connor and Declan helping Greg build our sandpit in Highfields.. sigh.. I do miss it so!!

A big thank you to the girls for doing these and to Tam for the stickers and buttons they used and also to Tam and Elise for letting us use all their tools.

I didn't realise the girls took these pics.. but I am glad they did.. I love em!!

Jodes and Tam

Jodes and Kylie

Jodes and Elise..

Seeing a pattern here.. can tell who was the ratbag can't ya!! lol

Well that's all the pics I will put up for now from the weekend .. got a few more but I have been told I am not allowed to put them anywhere in the public

Finally took a pic of the little goldfish I made Connor when I made Declan's Owl.. so thought I would stick it up too..

I hope you have all had a better week than I have and that you have great weekend planned. Chat soon!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another busy week..

We had a great long weekend last weekend.. Poppy came for a visit and the boys had a ball..
Adrian, Rachel, Tom and Bonnie came over for Dinner on Sunday night and Poppy made pasta and Risotto.. the kids loved it a you can tell from the
Here they are watching Tom and Jerry before our visitors arrived..
And Poppy and Brodie were playing chasie.. Poppy stood here while Brodie ran past him about 5 times.. not realising he was It was such a cack to watch..

Brodie enjoying Poppy's Pasta
Bonnie loved the rice!!
On Monday Poppy, Daddy and the two big boys went fishing out towards Yeppoon. I believe they caught one crab which Declan was very upset had to get thrown back as it was a Jenny.. They didn't catch much but boy did they enjoy it. We are so glad Poppy has been feeling well enough to visit.. the boys do love it.. Poppy went home that afternoon and on Monday night both boys werec rying cause they wanted Poppy to stay longer.. and because Daddy was going away with work for 3 days on Tuesday morning.
On Monday Afternoon I actually got to do a little scrapping.. for the first time I have actually dont the same lo for both boys.. they are simple ones of the boys Daycare photos from last year.. Had to blur all the other faces which is why the pics look funny..

Today was Superhero day at School.. Here is Connor and Michael dressed up in their costumes.. He was so impressed that Kyle let him borrow his Ninja Turtle costume.. and yes they wore them alll day.. They had a ball..

Also on Connor he is doing very well raising money for the Jump rope for heart..I always knew we had such wonderful friends.. and your support for him is just another reason why I am right..
Well I am off tomorrow to Brissie for my Scrapboxx weekend.. I am soo excited.. With Greg being away all week and me coming down with a flu I am stuffed.. A weekend with the gorgeous girls off the Boxx, chatting, scrapping and shopping is just what I need right now. Well I hope you are all well and have a great weekend.. I know I will!!!! Yeeehah... Only 13 hours and 11 mins until I fly out!!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jump Rope For Heart

“Can you please sponsor me for Jump Rope For Heart. If you do it would be good. Jump Rope for Heart is to raise money for the Heart Foundation. I have been learning to Jump Rope at school and I am going to try really hard and do my best. Thanks”


Hi everyone..

As you can tell from the above Connor is doing Jump Rope for Heart at his school on the 26/06. This is his first time at fundraising for a charity so I am hoping he does really well to encourage him to do it again. As we don’t know that many people around here We have turned to all our friends from near and far. And as I want him to be involved in raising the money I had him tell me what he wanted to say to you all. If you can spare a dollar than it would be appreciated but there is no pressure.. If you click on the link below it should take you to his online sponsorship page.. If you have any probs than please give me a yell..

Thanks and chat soon!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I need a Holiday!!!

Hi all,

Despite what some of the Boxx girls may say (you know who you are!!) I do update when I can.. lol!! It just seems that there is always something going on around here! and I haven't been feeling 100% lately so have not had the energy or inclination to get on here when I shoulda .. anyway so what's been happening.. Well I have finally got to upload some pic's from when my brother and his family came to visit a couple of weeks ago.. Here is Shane, Sue and Sammy coming to cheer on Connor at Footy..

I love his attitude.. after the game Connor came running off saying 'guess what'.. ' Both teams won.. isn't that great!' So glad they don't keep score on these And here are my two beautiful Nieces ..


and Sammy being attacked by Declan!

Last week we also had the St Joeys sports day.. The Preppies played some ball games and also had some 60 mtr running races. They all got a matter where they came.. After Connor got his he came rushing over to me saying "Mummy, I never expected to win!!" It was soo cute.. I had to explain that he didn't actually win..but he got ribbon for doing really well.. He actually came last I think.. but he doesn't need to know I just keep telling him he did really well!! A little white fib never hurt anyone.. did it!! lol

Here is a pic of Kyle, Michael and Connor with their ribbons.. Kyle got first in his race. hence the blue ribbon..

They all had a great morning and then Connor got to go back to the school on a big bus and I picked him up from there.. They had the afternoon off cause they were all very tired!

Here is a lo I finished this week.. Brodie loves Chippies and this day we were at the park with friends and everytime the older boys dropped a twistie Brodie was there to scoop it up before we could stop him.. Lucky for him young Marnix was dropping heaps! The Monster pic I found online.. someone had made it but I couldn't go back and find it again to ask if I could use it.. So I hope I don't get in trouble..It was just too cute.

Ok so what else have I been up to.. well we did our sausage sizzle last weekend to raise money for playgroup.. and it was a great success.. Dad came down to help cook and despite the rain!!.. we did really well.. sold heaps and had a lot of fun doing it.. We had lots of help from the fantastic Mum's.. We are really soo very lucky to have such a great bunch of Gals..

And today is the Rocky Show day.. Luckily no rain today so off we went. The boys had a ball.. They played the clowns and ducks and Daddy won Declan a Camel in the rifle range. Went on a few rides and Mummy and Daddy both had a go on the Dodgems with them. Of course the highlight was the show bags.. We got Brodie a Thomas one, Declan got Hot wheels and Connor got TMNT.. They are all really impressed with their hauls.. Connor had to pay for half of his as well. Big boy with his own wallet and money to spend. All Declan wanted was a little cute animal.. as usual.. and as we couldn't find one in the show bags he was very impressed when he won a little puppy at the clowns.. By Lunch I think Mummy and Daddy were the most worn out .. though Brodie was stuffed as well.. but they were well behaved and had a great time.. All I can say is I'm glad it is only once a year.. I don't think the finances could handle it more often.. We really didn't do that much and spent a fortune.. The boys will have to start saving now for when they are bigger and really want to do a lot of things! Anyway here is a pic of Greg and the boys having fun on the teacups.. Daddy was soo

hmm have I lost ya well last but not least here is a couple of pics I just couldn't resist putting up from May..

Brodie having a bubble bath!

Declan and Murphy having a cuddle in bed.. He never sleeps with them but he does like to go in every now and then before they are asleep for a pat..

OK well that's me for today.. hope I didn't bore you too much.. gotta go and do the Playgroup newsletter, type a few letters and other fun playgroup Also need to clean my office.. what a mess... Oh a Mother's work is never done.. hope you are all well..