Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jump Rope For Heart

“Can you please sponsor me for Jump Rope For Heart. If you do it would be good. Jump Rope for Heart is to raise money for the Heart Foundation. I have been learning to Jump Rope at school and I am going to try really hard and do my best. Thanks”


Hi everyone..

As you can tell from the above Connor is doing Jump Rope for Heart at his school on the 26/06. This is his first time at fundraising for a charity so I am hoping he does really well to encourage him to do it again. As we don’t know that many people around here We have turned to all our friends from near and far. And as I want him to be involved in raising the money I had him tell me what he wanted to say to you all. If you can spare a dollar than it would be appreciated but there is no pressure.. If you click on the link below it should take you to his online sponsorship page.. If you have any probs than please give me a yell..

Thanks and chat soon!

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