Friday, 20 June 2008

Weekend in Brissie!!

Well was hoping to put this up sooner but I been sick most of this week.. Had a buggar of a flu on Monday and Tuesday.. Greg then got Gastro on Monday Night.. Wed we were both OK and the I got gastro Wed night and Thursday.. Couldn't believe it.. First time I missed Playgroup all year.. and it was the Mini Trains excursion.. Greg dropped Declan off at Playgroup anyway and all the lovely ladies there looked after him for us and he took Brodie to work.. had a teleconference and said Brodes sat on his lap the whole time as good as gold.. See they can be good Anyway feeling better now, which is good and volunteered at Bingo for the school tonight.. that was interesting. People are very funny creatures anyway.. back to last weekend..

Had a great time!!! Kylie was the only one I hadn't met yet and she was just gorgeous.. I am soo lucky to have met such a great bunch of girls... We had a blast.. and behaved.. relatively.. and we even scrapped... and I got the pics to prove it.. lol.. Well I was lucky enough to have Jodes and Kylie scrap for me.. They hadn't brought any pics to scrap so Jodes offered to do some of mine.. then I was kinda trying to steal some of Kylie's creativity when I was basically told to buggar off and she did it for me.. lol.. I am sooo lucky I now have a Jodes and a Kylie original to add to my Susan and DG originals.. getting a bit of a collection! lol.. And I am about to do a photo swap so soon I will have a Shona original too.. I am lucky they are all so talented and their work is just gorgeous..

Elise and Jodes earnt new nicknames on the weekend too.. Betty and Effie.. now if you want to know why you may have to ask them.. otherwise they may just kill me!! pmsl!! We had to share double beds and I slept with the beautiful Jodes.. Now that was an With the two of us in a bed we really needed a king But we had a ball.. a noisy, windy, chatty, hysterical time.. with lots of shopping, scrapping, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.. and I for one can't wait until next time! I mean come on .. what more could a girl want!!

Anyway enough rambling.. here are some pics of the gorgeous girls!!
My pics aren't the best but I am hoping Elise might send me copies of hers as hers looked better.. hint hint.. and I will be sending discs out as soon as I get a chance to get organised girls!!

My Roomies - Kylie, Elise, Me, Jodes and Tam

The lovely Peta came to do a bit of scrap shopping with us.. It was great to finally meet her as well.

Jodes and Kylie doing my scrapping.. what a score.. go away for a weekend and come home with two double lo's!!

Jodes Creation!! Connor and Greg making Connor's special box! and thanks Tam for the gorgeous stickers and buttons the girls used!!

Kylie's Creation - Connor and Declan helping Greg build our sandpit in Highfields.. sigh.. I do miss it so!!

A big thank you to the girls for doing these and to Tam for the stickers and buttons they used and also to Tam and Elise for letting us use all their tools.

I didn't realise the girls took these pics.. but I am glad they did.. I love em!!

Jodes and Tam

Jodes and Kylie

Jodes and Elise..

Seeing a pattern here.. can tell who was the ratbag can't ya!! lol

Well that's all the pics I will put up for now from the weekend .. got a few more but I have been told I am not allowed to put them anywhere in the public

Finally took a pic of the little goldfish I made Connor when I made Declan's Owl.. so thought I would stick it up too..

I hope you have all had a better week than I have and that you have great weekend planned. Chat soon!!


Tam said...

OMFG....Jodes, what was with the self portraits.....SCARY! All the rest are great photo mate....proves we had a cack..Hope you are all feeling better...we have had head colds all round, hubby has it BAD...poor bugger, trying to do bussiness on the phone, with no voice...too funny!
Rest up, and enjoy your weekend...Love Tam xxxxx

Elise said...

Nice post Donna !!!! Shame about the pics of the chick in the stripey top!!!! LOL!!!

Thanks again for a great weekend and look forward to the next !
Glad you're feeling better now too!

Love E x

Kylie said...

Hey Donna

It was lovely to meet you also...I had a great weekend with you lovely ladies.....Hopefully I can make the next one......Look forward to getting those pics!!...Glad your feeling much better.

Take care
Kylie xx

Anonymous said...


It wasnt me who stole the camera it was Effie LOL!!!

I had a great weekend too, spending time with you girlies is always good for the soul.

Hope your feeling better chicky


Renee said...


You girls are crazy!!

Looks like you had a great time, and Im shocked to see that some scrapping did actually get done :P