Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I need a Holiday!!!

Hi all,

Despite what some of the Boxx girls may say (you know who you are!!) I do update when I can.. lol!! It just seems that there is always something going on around here! and I haven't been feeling 100% lately so have not had the energy or inclination to get on here when I shoulda .. anyway so what's been happening.. Well I have finally got to upload some pic's from when my brother and his family came to visit a couple of weeks ago.. Here is Shane, Sue and Sammy coming to cheer on Connor at Footy..

I love his attitude.. after the game Connor came running off saying 'guess what'.. ' Both teams won.. isn't that great!' So glad they don't keep score on these And here are my two beautiful Nieces ..


and Sammy being attacked by Declan!

Last week we also had the St Joeys sports day.. The Preppies played some ball games and also had some 60 mtr running races. They all got a matter where they came.. After Connor got his he came rushing over to me saying "Mummy, I never expected to win!!" It was soo cute.. I had to explain that he didn't actually win..but he got ribbon for doing really well.. He actually came last I think.. but he doesn't need to know I just keep telling him he did really well!! A little white fib never hurt anyone.. did it!! lol

Here is a pic of Kyle, Michael and Connor with their ribbons.. Kyle got first in his race. hence the blue ribbon..

They all had a great morning and then Connor got to go back to the school on a big bus and I picked him up from there.. They had the afternoon off cause they were all very tired!

Here is a lo I finished this week.. Brodie loves Chippies and this day we were at the park with friends and everytime the older boys dropped a twistie Brodie was there to scoop it up before we could stop him.. Lucky for him young Marnix was dropping heaps! The Monster pic I found online.. someone had made it but I couldn't go back and find it again to ask if I could use it.. So I hope I don't get in trouble..It was just too cute.

Ok so what else have I been up to.. well we did our sausage sizzle last weekend to raise money for playgroup.. and it was a great success.. Dad came down to help cook and despite the rain!!.. we did really well.. sold heaps and had a lot of fun doing it.. We had lots of help from the fantastic Mum's.. We are really soo very lucky to have such a great bunch of Gals..

And today is the Rocky Show day.. Luckily no rain today so off we went. The boys had a ball.. They played the clowns and ducks and Daddy won Declan a Camel in the rifle range. Went on a few rides and Mummy and Daddy both had a go on the Dodgems with them. Of course the highlight was the show bags.. We got Brodie a Thomas one, Declan got Hot wheels and Connor got TMNT.. They are all really impressed with their hauls.. Connor had to pay for half of his as well. Big boy with his own wallet and money to spend. All Declan wanted was a little cute animal.. as usual.. and as we couldn't find one in the show bags he was very impressed when he won a little puppy at the clowns.. By Lunch I think Mummy and Daddy were the most worn out .. though Brodie was stuffed as well.. but they were well behaved and had a great time.. All I can say is I'm glad it is only once a year.. I don't think the finances could handle it more often.. We really didn't do that much and spent a fortune.. The boys will have to start saving now for when they are bigger and really want to do a lot of things! Anyway here is a pic of Greg and the boys having fun on the teacups.. Daddy was soo

hmm have I lost ya well last but not least here is a couple of pics I just couldn't resist putting up from May..

Brodie having a bubble bath!

Declan and Murphy having a cuddle in bed.. He never sleeps with them but he does like to go in every now and then before they are asleep for a pat..

OK well that's me for today.. hope I didn't bore you too much.. gotta go and do the Playgroup newsletter, type a few letters and other fun playgroup Also need to clean my office.. what a mess... Oh a Mother's work is never done.. hope you are all well..


tam (boxx) said...

Hey there least you blog!!!!!!1

Gorgeous pics, the boys are growing soooo fast...cant wait til next weekend...catch you soon mate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Nice to read up on your recent news Donna. Great photos and I love how your blog updates are all typed in different coloured fonts, a very pretty idea:)

I didn't know you had a pet cat. We do too, another thing that we have in common.

Have a fantastic week end and keep smiling xxoo

From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Ceecee said...

Hi Donna! Thought I'd check out your have so many adorable photos on here, have enjoyed looking at them. Sorry to read you're not feeling well lately. xx