Thursday, 26 June 2008

A New Addiction!!

Well my favourite and only Forum is moved.. The Scrapboxx is now just the Boxx and it is too cool... Problem is I've been spending too much time playing on there and not enough time scrapping.. lol.. But I am gonna be good tonight .. I am going to do some Playgroup stuff and get it out of the way and then I can scrap on the weekend guilt free.. sorta.. lol. There is a fishing expo on at Emu Park.. Maybe I can convince Greg to take the boys without me.. Cause despite what they may think I can think of better things to

Declan has been a bit crook this week. I am fairly sure he has that stomach bug going around that is causing cramps.. Luckily no vomiting or anything..just cramps.. which he is feeling mainly at night.. so of course both he and I are exhausted at the moment.. The only thing that seems to help is a hot pack.. so he comes in at all hours.. "this not warm any more Mummy!!" Oh I hope he gets over it soon.. for his and my sake..It doesn't seem to be that bad cause when he is distracted during the day it doesn't worry him as much.. I guess that is a blessing..

Connor had his Jump Rope for Heart on Tuesday.. He had a great time and did well.. and thank you to all of our lovely friends and family who sponsored him.. He was so excited everytime I told him he had more money.. He ended up raising about $253- all up, and the school raised over $10,000. so it went really well.. I am soo sorry I haven't rung a lot of you personally to thank you.. this last couple of weeks has been a shocker for lack of sleep and illness.. I just seem to be chasing my tail all day.. And Tori.. Please ring me when you get a chance.. I know I am supposed to and I am the slackest friend... but whenever I think of it it is too late or you are at work.. if you call me I have to talk.. and it feels like forever since we have had a chat.. and that goes for anyone else too..I have been soo slack at ringing lately.. I just never seem to think of it at the right time.. so please forgive me.. and call me.. I promise it is not that I don't want to talk to you!!

Anyway.. enough for tonight.. Better get this playgroup stuff done. Amanda was away today so I had better make sure I have done it all right before she gets cranky with me!!.. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..


Tam said...

Hey you...It looks like you have been having a great play at THE BOXX!
Have a great weekend...see you soon{ish}

Nicole said...

it's a little addictive that forum. ekkkk

hubby had those stomach craps for about a week, drove me insane.

Hope your little man is ok now