Sunday, 20 April 2008

Connor's Football

Connor had his first football game last Sunday.. Here is a photo of Connor in his uniform.. We haven't got his proper shorts yet but we should get them soon. They played Capricorn Coast and unfortunately they lost 4-2 but they all had fun.. They don't really keep score at this age and as far as Connor is concerned they always win. lol
Love this photo of him running .. it turned out quite well I think.

Connor did a fair bit of standing around during the game with Greg and I yelling 'run Connor run'. When I asked him after why he wasn't running he said 'I was watching to see if they scored' So we had to explain that he had to actually help his team score and stop the other team from scoring..not just watch.. lol..
Connor got tackled twice and both times got up crying.. After the second time he came running off to us and said ' I don't wanna play anymore cause every time the other team tackle me they hurt me!' The First aid officer had to come over and get him and take him back to where he was supposed to be.. Luckily it was only a few minutes before the end of the game so he just sat off after that.
He played again this morning and it was much better.. he got tackled once ..and no tears and really got in and tried to tackle etc. You could see the improvement in all the boys though we did still have a few running the wrong way and getting themselves all confused.. It really is funny to watch.. Anyway.. nearly time for dinner and then hopefully some scrapping.. so will chat soon..


Well I am finally getting to upload the latest Scrapbooking lo's. Sorry there is so many but it has been a while.. Falling behind on my plan for one a week but keep hoping to find the time, energy and inclination to get stuck in and catch up! Hope you like them!

Love this photo of Connor climbing the ladder.. can't turn your back for a second! and used up some of my very old stash of stuff!

This Lo was created for me by the lovely Susan (Smiles1965) in a LO Swap last year.. I added the little photo of the Daycare centre and journalled underneath it.. She did such a gorgeous job!

Taken at a family Christening.. Four Generations.

One for the 21st Party maybe

I love this photo of Connor and my very pregnant belly. and have to say I am very pleased with how this lo turned out.. Love that new Grungeboard swirl.

Was motivated to do these Easter lo's by a weekly challenge on the Boxx.. unfortunately couldn't upload at the time but glad I got them done..

Another weekly challenge.. to do a wedding photo.. This wasn't the best quality photo I had but I love the expressions on their faces.. It was fun getting a little girly too!

This is a canvas done for me by the most gorgeous Foxxy Mumma, DG, (Leeann) off the Boxx.. She created this for me and I just love it! Such a talented lady..

And this was the lo she created for me in her scraps to scrap challenge.. You send her your photo and scraps and she creates a lo for you.. I had no clue what to do with these photos so was glad to let her have em.. and as I expected they came back perfect!.. she also sent me a rak of a heap of gorgeous scrap stash... I felt so spoilt and after having had an absolutely shocking week or two it was a wonderful surprise.. I really do feel so very lucky to have met such wonderful ladies on the Boxx!!!

Well I have prob bombarded you with enough of my lo's for now.. Hopefully now I can upload so easily I won't need to wait any more.. and Hopefully I will create some more soon to share.. That is my aim for tonight! cross fingers!!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Hi everyone.. well as usual it has been flat out around here. Hopefully I am getting my Internet sorted so I can upload piccies and update more often! I could only hope! Well Connor lost his first tooth at the end of last month and the second one about a week later.. Unfortunately he thinks he swallowed the first one drinking milk at school so we had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and she was nice enough to leave him $2 anyway.. and some fairy dust. We also wrote and asked her if we could keep the second one.. so it is now safe and sound in his first tooth box.

Here is a piccie of his first gap..

On teeth we all went to the dentist this week. I ended up with two fillings and Greg had to get a tooth pulled.. He had a tooth ache for a week.. Luckily we already had the appt.. It is a great relief.. and he brought out the tooth to show the boys.. too gross.. He has had this last week off.. but between toothaches and lots of other things.. we have managed to do very little!.. Oh well.. hopefully we can get some stuff done in the July Hols.

Brodie has got himself a new bike.. and doesn't he loove it. He gets Connor to push him around the garage.. It is soo funny to watch. He goes out there puts on his helmet and waits for someone to push him. We took them all to the park last weekend and Declan insisted on having his Hippopotinus strapped to his bike.. so Connor decided to do the same with the Polar bear..

Well I need to go now and get stuff done so I will sign off at that.. Still have photos to download from Connor's first football game this morning.. as well a photo taken with Hi 5 .. But will fill you in asap. Also would like to update some of my scrapbooking too.. Well hope you are all well and will chat soon xx


Finally I seem to be able to upload here are some from a while back!

First Connor's first Disco.. He had a great time and was dressed as a builder..

The Ears and tail I made for the boys... Declan insisted he be a sleeping puppy.. I have since made some tiger ones too so will upload them when I get a chance!

Well its a start.. will upload more as I get time.. now I can actually upload!!