Sunday, 20 April 2008

Connor's Football

Connor had his first football game last Sunday.. Here is a photo of Connor in his uniform.. We haven't got his proper shorts yet but we should get them soon. They played Capricorn Coast and unfortunately they lost 4-2 but they all had fun.. They don't really keep score at this age and as far as Connor is concerned they always win. lol
Love this photo of him running .. it turned out quite well I think.

Connor did a fair bit of standing around during the game with Greg and I yelling 'run Connor run'. When I asked him after why he wasn't running he said 'I was watching to see if they scored' So we had to explain that he had to actually help his team score and stop the other team from scoring..not just watch.. lol..
Connor got tackled twice and both times got up crying.. After the second time he came running off to us and said ' I don't wanna play anymore cause every time the other team tackle me they hurt me!' The First aid officer had to come over and get him and take him back to where he was supposed to be.. Luckily it was only a few minutes before the end of the game so he just sat off after that.
He played again this morning and it was much better.. he got tackled once ..and no tears and really got in and tried to tackle etc. You could see the improvement in all the boys though we did still have a few running the wrong way and getting themselves all confused.. It really is funny to watch.. Anyway.. nearly time for dinner and then hopefully some scrapping.. so will chat soon..

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