Sunday, 13 April 2008


Hi everyone.. well as usual it has been flat out around here. Hopefully I am getting my Internet sorted so I can upload piccies and update more often! I could only hope! Well Connor lost his first tooth at the end of last month and the second one about a week later.. Unfortunately he thinks he swallowed the first one drinking milk at school so we had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and she was nice enough to leave him $2 anyway.. and some fairy dust. We also wrote and asked her if we could keep the second one.. so it is now safe and sound in his first tooth box.

Here is a piccie of his first gap..

On teeth we all went to the dentist this week. I ended up with two fillings and Greg had to get a tooth pulled.. He had a tooth ache for a week.. Luckily we already had the appt.. It is a great relief.. and he brought out the tooth to show the boys.. too gross.. He has had this last week off.. but between toothaches and lots of other things.. we have managed to do very little!.. Oh well.. hopefully we can get some stuff done in the July Hols.

Brodie has got himself a new bike.. and doesn't he loove it. He gets Connor to push him around the garage.. It is soo funny to watch. He goes out there puts on his helmet and waits for someone to push him. We took them all to the park last weekend and Declan insisted on having his Hippopotinus strapped to his bike.. so Connor decided to do the same with the Polar bear..

Well I need to go now and get stuff done so I will sign off at that.. Still have photos to download from Connor's first football game this morning.. as well a photo taken with Hi 5 .. But will fill you in asap. Also would like to update some of my scrapbooking too.. Well hope you are all well and will chat soon xx

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