Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Just a quick note to wish all our family, friends, and all you lovely blog readers.. A very wonderful Christmas. We hope you and all your families keep safe and happy and that Santa is very generous!!! My brothers and their families arrived today and Granny arrives tomorrow night. So we will have a busy one here...

Unfortunately the boys have had a tummy bug for the last couple of days so I am so hoping that they are all better by Christmas and they don't pass it on anyone else!

So hopefully I will be back on here to update not too long after Christmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sooo tired!

Well remember how I said I was glad the school hols were here...I may just have to rethink that..lol.. I love that I don't have to get up and rush around every morning.. but if these boys don't stop trying to kill each other and driving Poppy and I mad I may just run away..pmsl

Anyway so what have we been up to.. Well Poppy has done a lot of shopping.. in other words he escapes to the shopping centre nearly every day as his patience with the boys is kinda wearing thin..lol.. Mind you I wish I could join him!!

The boys have been playing with friends, trashing the house and generally being themselves..lol.. We went and saw the Christmas lights around Rocky last night. I must say I miss the gorgeous displays of Toowoomba. There are a couple of nice ones here.. and a lovely street.. but nothing compared to what we would go and see in Highfields and Toowoomba.. Oh well the boys enjoy it. And ours are getting bigger each year...lol..

We had a Street Christmas Party last Friday night.. It actually turned out to be a good night.. First time we had most of our neighbours in nearly 2 years. Hopefully it might be the start of me feeling a bit more like I belong here. temporarily..pmsl..

I have finally finished Rachel's Website. For those that don't know Rach is a friend of mine up here who is getting back into her photography after having had the kids.. and so I have spent a 'little' while setting up a website for her. Check it out and let me know what you think.. all suggestions gratefully accepted..lol..

I also think I have finally finished my Christmas cards and shopping.. just got all the wrapping and posting to do now. Have decided though that next year I will be sending most of my cards out by email..looking at the amount of resources I use I think I need to do the environment a favour..lol..

Anyway.. the kids are starting to get narky at each other so I had better go and feed them..

Chat soon..

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Well I have done it.. I have finally caught p with all the event that have been happening around here.. so thought while I was on a role I would add a bit of extra info for the rellies..

Connor.. Well Connor is very excited to be going into grade 1 next year.. and to be on holidays..lol.. Though I think he will miss school fairly quickly.. He is such a ratbag.. one minute he is polite and helpful the next he is as bad as a moody teenager..lol.. Oh and if looks could kill..lol.. He is also getting very good at delegating.. When his friends are over he take to passing off his jobs to them very quickly.. something we will have to watch..lol..

Declan.. Has only one more week at Daycare and then next year he starts Kindy 3 days a week.. I have ot admit I can't wait.. lol.. does that make me a bad mum..hmm.. He is getting rather annoying stirring the pot then whinging when things don't go his way.. Is that middle child syndrome?? lol.. I am hoping he will come into his own at Kindy next year.. Being around kids his own age.. He is rather small and the big boys have a tendency to pick on him. Which then seems to make him pick on smaller kids..

Brodie.. Also has only one week left at daycare until Jan.. There goes my sanity..lol.. He is talking really well at the moment.. and is as stubborn as a mule.. lol.. Ask him to do something and he will argue with you for over 15 min.. until he has enough and gives in ..lol.. No being his fav word. Generally if he doesn't do as he is told I put him into his room until he does.. When you ask him if he is ready he will answer no.. sooo many times.. and I have then had him say yes.. Walk out of his room, look at me and say no!. Back in he goes..lol. If it wasn't so damn frustrating it would be cute..lol..

They are all getting so tall.. except Declan lol.. I'm afraid he has really inherited my genes..lol.. Brodie is nearly as big as he is..

They love having all their friends over and Brodie has got Declan's fascination for frogs.. Whenever he sees one he has to say 'Hello Fwog". It is amazing how much his vocabulary has improved recently.

As I said before Greg has been flat out.. and I must say so have I.. We have our last week at Playgroup this week. then I get 3 weeks to recompose myself ready for next year. I have also been organising the Secret Santa on the Boxx, with 47 people.. and trying to keep up with the hundred other things I have on the go at the moment..

My friend Rachel has started her own photography business.. so I am setting up a website for her.. lol.. Now that has been fun.. I have no clue what I am doing..but I am getting there.. I must admit it has been fun figuring it all out.. I will put up a link when I get it all finished.. hopefully soon..

We will be staying home this Christmas, all my family will be coming here.. Dad has already started overflowing my house with food..

It will be fantastic. Mum is even coming up.. It will be the first time in prob 20 odd years that Mum, Dad and all three of us kids will be together for Xmas.. And the first time all the grandkids will be together.. I can't wait..

Ok.. well it is late.. and still got heaps to do.. Chat soon!

Some creations

Well I haven't had much time to scrap lately but here are a couple of things I haven't put up yet..

Jodie's Secret Santa Present. We did a little Secret Santa between a few of us girls.. and this is what I came up with for Jodie.. On one side is her family.. and the other is our weekend at Stanage Bay..

A lo I managed to get done for a cybercrop challenge. We had to do a monochromatic lo.. which is my first one.. lol.. I also got to use some of
Petrina's yummy Chipboard

And this is one I did for a BOY Challenge.. again I used some of Petrina's Chippies and also used one of the owls I have made plus other felt and beading thingies I have created.. Petrina even put these two lo's up on her blog.

I think this was another BOY.. I did this on Declan's little obsessions with various days and numbers..
These are the covered notebooks I did for Connor's teachers for Christmas. I decorated the front then found a little poem and put Connor's pic with it. Laminated it and stuck it inside the front cover.. they can either leave them there or pull the off to use as a bookmark..

Anyway.. that's all I've managed to do over the last couple of months.. I did send some other felt and beaded thingies away to a couple of girls today.. but of course I forgot to take a pic..lol.. Was just so glad to finally get them posted.. Hope you scrappers out there are getting more done than I am!.

School is over!

Well school is done for this year.. and I must say I am glad.. Connor is just exhausted at the moment.. They had their final Mass on Friday morning and then we got to take them all home after it had finished.. A few of the girls brought the kids over for a play.

Joe and Zoe had Joe's Christmas party on Fri night so we babysat the kids.. As usual the kids had an absolute ball.. As it was easier the kids stayed for the night.. Zoe also came back here to sleep while Joe went home as he hadn't got much sleep the night before due to a work call out. Of course the boys wouldn't go to sleep..lol.. So they were all very tired on Sat Morning.

Poppy also came down on Friday.. he will be here now until New Years Day when he heads off to Melbourne. The boys are so happy to have him here..

This weekend we have managed to clean out the garage and the Patio.. and I am still working on the house. pmsl.. A never ending job!.

We were hoping to go to Fire in the sky last night but unfortunately the kids were all too tired and cranky.. hopefully next year!

Connor's School Christmas Party

On Wednesday Connor had his Christmas party at school.. It was great it was on a Wednesday as I could go without the other two..They had a great time playing in the water to start, Santa came and gave them all a book each and then they had lots of yummy treats to eat.. we of course had to make our Reindeer biccies.

Christmas Tree

Well we finally got the tree up.. I was sorting it all out while Greg and the boys put it up.. I would like to say we had fun.. the boys did.. but I just want to know why, when I look forward to doing this with the boys for ages.. and then they much up, fight, whine.. etc.. and it is just too stressful..
Are we the only ones like that??!!

Will put up a nice pic later of it all decorated etc..


Well as most of you will know Movember was a fundraising effort to raise money for Men's issues, depression, prostate Cancer that type of thing.. Well Greg decided to get involved and organised for a few of the guys at work to join in.. They did really well raising $1,800.00 for the cause.. He even cooked Morning tea himself to take to work for a fundraiser as I was sick. Yep.. after all these years.. I have finally taught him to bake..lol.. And he did so well that he now has been told he has to make my walnut slice more often..pmsl.. see you can train them.. eventually..pmsl.
Anyway.. I also gave during Movember.. cause I had to put up with the scraggly, itchy Mo all month..lol.. yuk!!! And he kept getting told he he looked like a porno star..lol.. Not attractive at all.. I was so glad when the 1st of Dec came along.
He is becoming a bit of a publicity tart my hubby.. He was in the paper for the fires and Movember.. Suncorp is running regular 1/2 page adds each fortnight with his mug in it.. He was interviwed on the ABC Radio and in thir website.. You just can't escape him..lol..

He has been kept very busy lately at work.. as usual.. and trying to keep up with things at home.. We did manage to get the lights up for Xmas, so I will put a pic up when I get a chance to take a good one..

Connor's Presentation Night

Last Thursday Connor's School had their Presentation Night.. The Prepies were very excited because they got to sing some carols early on in the evening.. Unfortunately the pics I took of Connor singing were not very good so I am hoping to find some better ones.. but I did take a couple outside before we started.
Connor and Michael all dressed in their Chrissie Gear.
Declan of course also had to wear a Christmas hat and wanted a pic with Talissa.. he is turning into a real camera hog...lol..

Courtney was great distracting the kids.. Declan just loves her!
Unfortunately we didn't stay long after Connor's song as Brodie and Declan were getting very bored and annoying.. Oh well maybe next year!