Sunday, 7 December 2008


Well as most of you will know Movember was a fundraising effort to raise money for Men's issues, depression, prostate Cancer that type of thing.. Well Greg decided to get involved and organised for a few of the guys at work to join in.. They did really well raising $1,800.00 for the cause.. He even cooked Morning tea himself to take to work for a fundraiser as I was sick. Yep.. after all these years.. I have finally taught him to And he did so well that he now has been told he has to make my walnut slice more often..pmsl.. see you can train them.. eventually..pmsl.
Anyway.. I also gave during Movember.. cause I had to put up with the scraggly, itchy Mo all yuk!!! And he kept getting told he he looked like a porno Not attractive at all.. I was so glad when the 1st of Dec came along.
He is becoming a bit of a publicity tart my hubby.. He was in the paper for the fires and Movember.. Suncorp is running regular 1/2 page adds each fortnight with his mug in it.. He was interviwed on the ABC Radio and in thir website.. You just can't escape

He has been kept very busy lately at work.. as usual.. and trying to keep up with things at home.. We did manage to get the lights up for Xmas, so I will put a pic up when I get a chance to take a good one..

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