Sunday, 7 December 2008

School is over!

Well school is done for this year.. and I must say I am glad.. Connor is just exhausted at the moment.. They had their final Mass on Friday morning and then we got to take them all home after it had finished.. A few of the girls brought the kids over for a play.

Joe and Zoe had Joe's Christmas party on Fri night so we babysat the kids.. As usual the kids had an absolute ball.. As it was easier the kids stayed for the night.. Zoe also came back here to sleep while Joe went home as he hadn't got much sleep the night before due to a work call out. Of course the boys wouldn't go to So they were all very tired on Sat Morning.

Poppy also came down on Friday.. he will be here now until New Years Day when he heads off to Melbourne. The boys are so happy to have him here..

This weekend we have managed to clean out the garage and the Patio.. and I am still working on the house. pmsl.. A never ending job!.

We were hoping to go to Fire in the sky last night but unfortunately the kids were all too tired and cranky.. hopefully next year!

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