Wednesday, 29 April 2009

April and Easter

Hi all.. I know it has been a while but things have been very busy around here. Here are a couple of cute pics from the beginning of the month.

Declan wanted to sleep with Brodie one night.. First time ever.. aren't they
And what happens when a 2 1/2 yr old gets his hands on a bottle of clag glue...

This!! .. and a patio painted with Lucky it was only clag so washed out..pmsl He is such a ratbag!

Over Easter Dad came down and we went camping at Cooee Bay with Mick, Jodie and the kids.. We ended up staying in the Poinciana Caravan Park and got a great little spot near all the facilities and no neighbours..

We got there Friday morning and Jodie and I took the kids for a swim in the pool while the boys got started on setting up camp. Only prob is it was freezing.. of course being Easter and a camping trip planned it had been overcast for a few days. There was no way I was getting But the kids had a paddle in the shallower bits.. Nutters!

We then went and spent a living fortune on some seafood. My goodness they hike the price up for Easter! But we had a lovely lunch and plenty to cook for

I was lucky enough that Debbie from the Boxx..came through from Brissie and stopped in and saw us with Ash and the kids on Friday Arvo... It was fantastic to see her again.

We absolutely cacked ourselves when Dad set his tent up.. He had brought himself a u beaut stretcher.. only problem was.. it didn't fit into the bed properly..pmsl.. Couldn't help myself taking this pic while he had an afternoon nap!!

Note both his head and feet are sticking out the main Luckily the fly covered him for the rain..pmsl

On Saturday Mick, Greg, Jodes and the Boys went off to the beach.. again.. it was too cold so they didn't last long.. Meantime I took Dad to the Doctor's as he wasn't feeling real well.. We then all went off to the local shopping centre.. where the boys were very excited to see the Easter Bunny handing out
Of course afternoon naps were in order then wee took the kids fishing down the Causeway.. They loved it. Connor was very proud of himself catching the first little fish and had the hugest grin. Mind you I think Jodie's expression almost beats his when she caught I think Declan had more fun playing with the baby prawns in the bait Which is typical of Declan.. Poppy had given Brodie a little rod and tackle box.. he was very impressed.. and wouldn't let that box go. He loved sitting with Poppy fishing but hasn't quite got the concept that you can't catch a fish if you don't leave the hook in the Jack also caught a little fish.. Nothing to keep for dinner.. lol.. but the kids absolutely loved it.

On Easter Sunday at about 6 am, I woke to see 3 little boys standing at the the tent door trying to see what the Easter Bunny had left They were under strict instructions that they weren't allowed out until everyone woke up.. Jack and Kyle are not as early risers as our ratbags so Jodie woke them up.. lol.. she felt sorry for my boys looking longingly out the tent. pmsl

The boys then checked out the eggs and gifts the Easter Bunny had left them. Our boys got a Dinosaur plastic mug with an Easter egg in it .. plus some little eggs. Then they went on an egg hunt to find all the little eggs the Bunny had dropped.. they were very impressed with their haul.

Gil, Annette and the kids came out later and despite the rain we had a lovely day chatting, eating and a few Luckily it dried up that afternoon so we could all go to the Causeway fishing again. No luck with the fish this time but it was a lovely afternoon.. I had great fun taking photos and playing with my camera.

Of course it then had to rain properly on Monday morning as we tried to pack up camp.. so everything and everyone got soaked.. Was def ready for a hot shower and an afternoon nap when we got home.

Tuesday the boys went bowling for Michael G's Birthday and had an absolute ball.. of course Connor has now put in his order for a Bowling party for his birthday. Dad spent the morning with Annette, Gil, Elaine and Mick. He seemed to be feeling better than he had in ages.. then of course I already updated you on his trip to hospital on Wednesday. and the following few days..

He was transported back to Mackay on the weekend and had some tests and scans done on Monday.. It seems that he had a stroke a few weeks earlier when he lost his peripheral vision. A minor one thankfully but it is still bleeding so of course it leaves him at high risk of another. They think the temp was caused from his Bile duct not working properly. He is back home with Shane and Sue now and we went to see him last weekend.. He is so not well.. It is horrible to see such an independent stubborn old mule reduced to relying on others and barely being able to walk properly. Cancer is such a cruel disease.

We don't think he will make it back down here again so the plan is to head up there every few weeks to see him. The good thing about going up last weekend was that my brother Brett came down from Cairns. It was good to catch up with him again and the boys love seeing their uncles.

We also had news recently that a good friend of ours from Toowoomba is also battling Cancer. And the Weekend Dad was in hospital he was put in as well for emergency surgery. Thankfully he is doing a lot better now. But it was touch and go for a while. And he was diagnosed less than 2 mths ago.. It was so scary..

Anyway I have prob bored you enough.. This weekend we actually have a weekend at home.. so it will be good to catch up on some work.. and some sleep. Greg has finally finished his Uni Assignment so he is looking forward to some early nights.

Look after yourselves and your family.. Hope you all have a great long weekend! xxx

Friday, 17 April 2009


Hi all..
Just thought I would put up an update on my Dad. Dad came down to stay with us over Easter and we had a lovely time, (except the camping at Cooee Bay. Will put up some pics etc soon.
Anyway.. On Wed Dad got some sort of an infection. We called the ambulance about 6pm when we realised just how bad he was.. he was basically incoherent and the ambo's clocked his temp at 40.1. which is huge for a cancer patient. Typical dad.. he slept a lot during the day but I thought he was just recovering from he weekend and the visiting he did on Tues. Even when we called the ambos I had to threaten him to allow them to take him to hospital. Stubborn old mule.
Anyway his blood levels are very low and he has a bad infection. Luckily the antibiotics etc seem to have him nearly back to normal. He is still in Rocky hospital but they will be flying him up to Mackay as soon as the RFDS is available. At least he will have all his friends up there to visit him.
Greg has taken the boys up to see him but I haven't been able to see him since I left the hospital on Wed night. I have Tonsillitis! I knew I felt sick sitting at the hospital but what a bad time for it!! Especially as I had me tonsils out as a kid and the damn things have grown back!! Anyway I have been stuck in bed and I really don't ant to take the chance of passing any more bugs onto him. Hopefully I will be better soon and we will get up to Mackay to see him next weekend. The doctor here has told us it is prob a matter of weeks now. It really sux!.. And I just don't know how to explain it to my boys. They know Poppy is really sick but I just don't know whether to prepare them for him not being around or tell them when it happens.. I don't know..
Anyway I hope you and all your families are well. Will be back to put up Easter pics etc when I feel a bit better..
Donna x

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My latest Creations

Hi everyone.

Well it has been same old, same old around here. Brodie has a bit of a flu but he seems to be improving..

Connor is reading very well now and I am happy to say has been very good at school.

Meanwhile I am now getting the same comments from Declan's Kindy teachers as I used to get for Connor.. He's very smart but he loves to push the boundaries..Here we go again!! lol.. I don't know if I can go through all that again.. They must take after their

Greg is flat out studying and working as usual and I am as busy as ever with Playgroup etc..

Dad is coming down to see us over Easter and the school holidays.. He is not doing real well. He can no longer drive and has now moved in with my brother. His memory is going and I really don't know what to expect when I see him.. even though it has only been a month or so. It might be time we explain to the boys that Poppy is very sick. That is a conversation I am so not looking forward to.
Anyway.. I have finally got myself organised to upload the layouts etc I have done recently.. so here goes.
This is the tag I made for the retreat.. we had to make over 50 of them to hand to everyone.. If it hadn't been for my lovely friend Tanya I don't think I would've got them all done in time.. I am so lucky to have such great friends up here.

We had to make a name tag as well.. and this is what I came up with.. I love my little owl he is soo cute.

On retreat they gave us a few bits and pieces and set us challenges.. this is one that I did. I am really happy with all the challenges I did considering I didn't have photos so had to add them later. Love this pic of my little niece Sienna.. It suits perfectly.

This one we were given the front sheet of a pack of paper.. hence all the different patterns.. And we were given a number.. I converted my 0 to a bracket. Thanks Kathleen for that I love it. And I love this pic Rach took of my two Nieces at Christmas.

I also did another challenge lo.. but I haven't added the pic yet.. so will have to upload that one soon.

I also did two of the gorgeous Mardi's classes while I was on retreat..

Completely different to my usual style.. but I love the ideas she gave us.. So gonna try and use more material on my lo's. This pic was taken when Declan first met Marnie... Greg's Mum..

I love these pic's of Pa.. Greg's Dad.. on the tramp with the boys.. and they love playing with him. We did this layout as well in Mardi's first class.. She is such a talented lady.

In Mardi's second class we used shrinky dinks..yep.. remember the plastic pics you used to get in cereal packets.. then nag your mum to let you put them in the oven.. So they would shrink and thicken.. well it You can't see them very well but I had great fun making flowers and buttons. So much fun I had to do the actual layouts at home.. I spent all class

These pics are some of the few of me and the boys. Taken at Rydges Resort in Yeppoon when we went for Greg's Xmas party in 2007.

This was the second layout we did in that class.. I used photos I had taken of Greg and the boys when Connor needed some at Prep.. Took about 40 photos and there is a funny face in all of them.. that's my boys!!

I just wanted to say again a huge thanks to Mardi for sharing her talent with us. She is such a sweet, lovely lady.. and I am so glad I finally got the chance to meet her.

Ok .. I have made a couple of Birthday cards for some friends.. they are very simple..

Over the last 6 weeks I have also been doing a course with Sheree in the Boxx. I only have one lo left to do but here are the rest.. I do love them.. Again.. another very gorgeous talented lady I met at Retreat!

These were pics we took when a heap of us Boxx girls met up in Brissie at Southbank.. And got to spend time with my crazy Boxx friend DG.. Leeann is an absolute laugh with a heart of Gold.. And yep that is me at the top of the

Here is Poppy and Declan.. such a cute pic.. and a very special memory.

I did this lo to tell Connor how proud of him I was. Donating his pocket money at his own suggestion to the Vic Bushfire victims. The Journalling is attached to the d! and it pulls out from under the pic.

I love this pic of Greg and the boys I took at Tannum Sands.. It looks a bit dark on here.. but the look on Greg and Brodes faces is just gorgeous. And the boys love Daddy walking them through the water on his feet.

And last but not least of Sheree's classes.. This Declan's first go in the Jolly Jumper. The arrow at the top slides across and the journalling is attached to the red spotted paper at the bottom.

This is a double page spread I did for Tanya for her Birthday. I organised a few of our friends to do layouts for her. It was great fun going through all the photos, picking through all the memories of our friendship so far.

Last Saturday I went to Scrap 'nScrap to do one of Nicole's classes.. I do absolutely love the way this turned out. I may be repeating myself but I am soo lucky to have such talented, beautiful ladies to learn off. I intend to put this one upon my scrap room wall.. A once in lifetime photo..

Thank you again Nicole for giving me the perfect home for it.
Ok.. so have I bored you enough yet...

That's all for now.. hopefully I will get time to do some more scrappin soon.. but right now I have to go and remove 40 odd marshmallow bunnies I made for the boys to take to school etc tomorrow.. and need to make some more

Hope you are all well.. and if I don't talk to you before then have a very safe and happy Easter.. and please be careful on the roads!.

Donna xxxx