Friday, 17 April 2009


Hi all..
Just thought I would put up an update on my Dad. Dad came down to stay with us over Easter and we had a lovely time, (except the camping at Cooee Bay. Will put up some pics etc soon.
Anyway.. On Wed Dad got some sort of an infection. We called the ambulance about 6pm when we realised just how bad he was.. he was basically incoherent and the ambo's clocked his temp at 40.1. which is huge for a cancer patient. Typical dad.. he slept a lot during the day but I thought he was just recovering from he weekend and the visiting he did on Tues. Even when we called the ambos I had to threaten him to allow them to take him to hospital. Stubborn old mule.
Anyway his blood levels are very low and he has a bad infection. Luckily the antibiotics etc seem to have him nearly back to normal. He is still in Rocky hospital but they will be flying him up to Mackay as soon as the RFDS is available. At least he will have all his friends up there to visit him.
Greg has taken the boys up to see him but I haven't been able to see him since I left the hospital on Wed night. I have Tonsillitis! I knew I felt sick sitting at the hospital but what a bad time for it!! Especially as I had me tonsils out as a kid and the damn things have grown back!! Anyway I have been stuck in bed and I really don't ant to take the chance of passing any more bugs onto him. Hopefully I will be better soon and we will get up to Mackay to see him next weekend. The doctor here has told us it is prob a matter of weeks now. It really sux!.. And I just don't know how to explain it to my boys. They know Poppy is really sick but I just don't know whether to prepare them for him not being around or tell them when it happens.. I don't know..
Anyway I hope you and all your families are well. Will be back to put up Easter pics etc when I feel a bit better..
Donna x


mjsphoto6 said...

oh sweets... i am soooooo feeling for you right now, on so many different levels...
i hope that your time with your dad is what you need, and that you remember to cherish to special times... it sometimes is so easy to be caught in the last days, that it overshadows the wonderful moments in your lives!!!

thinking of you as always...
love m xx

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Hi Donna, I come on over to tell you what a great job you are doing with the RAK list, then I read your post. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through difficult times at the moment. Thank goodness for scrapbooking cause you can document all the wonderful times you have shared. My heart feels for you, keep strong.
HUGE hugs,
Irene :)

Tara Ward said...

My thoughts and wishes go out to you Donna during this heartbreaking time. ((((Hugs))) to you!
Tara xx