Monday, 13 July 2009

Welcome Zoe Marie

We have a new Niece! .. Matt (Greg's Bro) and his wife Jo welcomed their second little girl on Thursday 9th July.. How cute is she!!! Unfortunately they live in WA so we have to wait for a cuddle..

What a proud big sister Sienna is!

Congratulations Matt and Jo.. she is just beautiful.. and we so can't wait to meet her.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some scrappin Layouts..

Yep.. I have actually done some scrappin.. not much... but So I thought I would share..
This is Brodie's class pic for Daycare..

And his individual Pics.. I used Moi's Sketch off the Boxx. As you can see Brodes does not like to smile for the photographer.. I don't know why.. He was so excited when I took Oh well.

This is a layout I did using one of Sheree's Intermediate classes on the Boxx.. I decided to do one with Dad and I.. one of the few nice pics I have of us.. When I feel up to I want to write how I saw him so the boys will have some idea how I felt when they get older.. left space to slip the journallin under the scalloped paper..

Finally finished the layout I started when I went to the Boxx retreat.. This is our Niece Katie.. a few years I used the gorgeous Janine's Sketch and flowers off the Boxx.. Love it Janine..

And I also got this layout finished from the Boxx retreat.. finally did a layout with a wedding
Well that is it for now.. I hope you like them.. Hopefully I will some more soon.... Just gotta get scrappin!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ok so what's been happening.... is hectic as usual.. And yep it is the school hols...Woohoo.. they go back next week.. lol.. Does that make me a bad Bit of excitement in the family at the moment.. Greg's Brother Matt and his wife Jo have had a little baby girl today.. Zoe Marie.. So can't wait to meet her. And yep .. that means we still have the only male grandchildren on both

We are getting back to normal kinda after losing Dad.. the boys still get a bit upset lately but Brodie is the big surprise.. I really didn't think he understood it at all.. but he got really upset for the first time one night a week ago and kept crying for Poppy at bedtime... and the other day he asked Daddy where he was going.. When Greg said to work he replied.. 'no Daddy you going to heaven to see Poppy..' We could not convince him that Greg was going to It is amazing what goes through their little minds.. It is sad..but I am glad in a way that he is missing Poppy.. Being so young I was worried Poppy would be no more than a blip on the radar.. But we talk to them all the time about him so hopefully we can keep the memories alive.

We got Connor's first report card at the end of term 2. He did quite well but we need to work on his effort... surprise surprise.. he is too easily Luckily he is smart so is still quite well advanced academically.

Declan is doing well at Kindy.. and his kindy teacher tells me he is quite smart.. again he also needs to work on his social skills..All her comments bring memories of Connor in Kindy crashing We have been babysitting the Kindy chickens over the school holidays.. Unfortunately the boys have not treated them very well.. so it has been quite a learning curve for them.. they need to understand that what they do affects animals as well..

It has been very busy over the holidays. I had Tanya's Tupperware Baby shower at the beginning of the hols.. she only has a couple of weeks to go.. so excited I am going to have another bubba to play and that night we had our Mum's night out for Playgroup. It is so nice to get out with just the girls and relax

We have made some lovely new friends through Playgroup. Dylan and Carien have moved here from South Africa and have 2 gorgeous little boys. They came over for Dinner and Movie night and we had a great time.. after we got the kids to crash.. and crash they we had lots of fun playing the Wii..

After having lunch with Gil and Annette, we took the kids to see the armed forces display they put on in town.. They do it every year when the Americans etc come to town for a training operation. The boys loved it they got to pretend to drive big trucks.. see a Caribou fly over.. See camels and cavalry horses.. get their faces painted and ask a million and one questions of the soldiers. Rach, Adrian and the kids and Dylan, Carien and the boys came too.. It was a great arvo. And It was Sam's first birthday as well.. He is getting sooo big.. and soo cute!

Tom then came over for a sleepover.. the boys loved it.. and Rach and I got to play around with my slide scanner that arvo.. yeah it got some slides of Dad's I need to do.
We have been to the parks both last week and this week with playgroup which the boys enjoyed..
And the girls came over on Wed and I actually scrapped..woohoo.. Will upload pics another day.. I have got another person Carien is now going to start coming over every Wednesday to scrap with me.. and on a sad note I am losing a wonderful friend to the big smoke soon. Tanya, Chris, Michael and Talissa will be moving to Brisbane in a few weeks. I am soo gonna miss them..
Anyway.. I think I have caught up.. It is late and I am getting tired. so I am gonna sign off now. I hope you are all well.. and haven't fallen asleep after another of my looong
Love to all xx

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