Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some scrappin Layouts..

Yep.. I have actually done some scrappin.. not much... but So I thought I would share..
This is Brodie's class pic for Daycare..

And his individual Pics.. I used Moi's Sketch off the Boxx. As you can see Brodes does not like to smile for the photographer.. I don't know why.. He was so excited when I took Oh well.

This is a layout I did using one of Sheree's Intermediate classes on the Boxx.. I decided to do one with Dad and I.. one of the few nice pics I have of us.. When I feel up to I want to write how I saw him so the boys will have some idea how I felt when they get older.. left space to slip the journallin under the scalloped paper..

Finally finished the layout I started when I went to the Boxx retreat.. This is our Niece Katie.. a few years I used the gorgeous Janine's Sketch and flowers off the Boxx.. Love it Janine..

And I also got this layout finished from the Boxx retreat.. finally did a layout with a wedding
Well that is it for now.. I hope you like them.. Hopefully I will some more soon.... Just gotta get scrappin!

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